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Shadow Guardian

Return of the Shadow Wars Part 3

The final battle before A new life

The guardian struggled to stay awake, as his body screamed from fatigue. He felt the dark shadow seep slowly out of their prison. Gathering his energy he forced the doors back to their place, but he was thrown roughly against the wall. Shaking his head he quickly jumped out of the way as the one of the escaped shadows lashed out at him. He stood panting watching his surroundings wearily, cursing under his breathe.

He was too weak from trying to close the doors; fighting those shadows in his condition would prove to be more difficult then usual. He was painfully brought back out of his thoughts, as a shadow successfully slashed his sides with its claws. Holding a hand to his bleeding wound, he sends out an attack destroying the shadow.

Flash back

Yugi rolled on the ground, avoiding the upcoming attack. Looking at his left he saw an attack being hurtled toward Joey as well, who was too busy ordering the red eyes to attack to notice. Running toward Joey he pushed him out of the way, as he felt the creatures' claw scratching the surface of his skin. He felt himself hitting the ground, as a groan escaped his lips. Joey gave him a worried look, but Yugi shook his head indicating that he was alright. He suddenly felt a wave of nausea hit him and found himself on his knees, as he lost conciseness.

End of flash back

Yugi sighed thankful that he was immune to the poison in the shadows claw this time.

The following few minutes Yugi continued to send one attack after the other. Panting he slid against the wall, his vision was blurry he fought to stay consciences. Slowly he tried to take a step. Stopping as he heard someone chuckling, the laugh held so much darkness and evil that he couldn't help but growl at the source.

"My, it's rude to growl young Guardian"

''I would think that we weren't friends anymore''

''We where never friends you foul beast'', Yugi snapped back angrily.

"Tsk and I thought we had developed a deeper relationship then me being considered as a foul beast. Tell me Guardian who is the real enemy here, if you haven't noticed we are both victims here." He answered back grimly.

The Guardian snapped back angrily ''you are certainly not the victim here, or have you forgotten the lives you had destroyed when you were free, especially Drake you used him you used him.''

''That's where you're wrong; tell me Guardian how were we both created. Isn't it by the hands of the Gods?''

"I was a result of their war, and they condemned you for their mistakes. I feel no remorse towards my previous actions; the hands of the gods are more bloodied than mine. As for what I did to your friend, well all is fair in love and war."

Love the word echoed through his mind as he stared at the doors where the reason that he was entrapped in this realm lay. He almost forgot what emotions felt like he could only feel anger and sadness coarse through his veins. A memory suddenly swapped through his mind.

flash back

Yugi please don't go" she shouted out holding his hand she had almost lost in him the attack a few days ago and she didn't want to loose him again. She felt tears fall from her eyes as she stared at the ground to avoid looking at the fiery gaze in his eyes. She felt that if he walked out of the door she will never see him again. Yugi, Seto and the others agreed that this would be the final showdown the creature must not be allowed to dwell in their realm any longer.

Her thoughts were broken as she felt herself being drawn into a kiss. The kiss was soft and held many promises. He lifted her chin and made her look into his eyes and mouthed that he will be back. Giving her a last kiss he turned around and left.

Placing her hand on her lips she couldn't divert her eyes away from him as he left. She could feel her heart break as she heard his steps growing dimmer. She was afraid to be alone she had already lost Yami she didn't want to loose Yugi to. That look was the same Yami had in his eyes during the final duel between him and Yugis had seen the wistful look in his eyes as he turned away from Yugis.

She gasped as she realized what that look meant. Could it be she wondered silently but surprisingly she didn't feel jealous, moving toward the window she felt herself smile she knew that Yami would watch over Yugi no matter what, that didn't mean she couldn't still hold Yugi in her heart.

Yugi sighed as he closed the doors he smiled softly remembering his other half, Yami had taught him so much. He could still sense his darkness it gave him the strength and comfort he needed to go on. He wasn't afraid to die; he was prepared to give up his life to save everyone. With determination he headed out to find the others.

'Yami,' shaking his head he slowly remembered his other half.

He missed him so much; it was a void that even Anzu wasn't able to fill. A true smile formed on his lips for the first time since he accepted his position as a guardian over the tomb, his darkness was the only thing that made him truly smile next to Anzu.

He suddenly felt a shadow nearby, cursing in allowing the monster to distract him he was knocked across the room. Coughing the blood that collected in his mouth, wiping his hand across his mouth he snarled and attacked the upcoming shadow.

The room was soon scorched with shadow magic, Yugi fought on desperately trying to close the doors that had reopened before it was too late. But the numbers of shadows where rapidly increasing, he tried to call out to the Dark Magician but it was too risky he had to give his full concentration following the shadows movement.

A few hours later he was starting to feel the effects of the battle, fighting to keep his balance he erected a shield around himself. He had no choice the seals on the doors where weakening gathering the last of his strength he directed his powers following his life's' energy toward the wards. The shield collapsed and he drowsily felt himself being raised and pushed roughly against the wall.

Slowly opening his eyes he stared at the shadow awaiting his death, it was true that he was immortal, but his soul could still be ripped out of his body. He felt a wave of fear he wasn't looking forward to be engulfed in the dark shadows of the creatures' darkness. But he would not give the shadow beast the pleasure of seeing him cower in fear.

But the attack never came, he suddenly found himself sliding to the ground as he swam in out of conciseness; he narrowed his eyes trying to see who saved him. But all what he could see was a blur of purple robes.

"Dark Magician" he whispered as he lost conciseness.

He bends and picked up Yugi who had finally lost conciseness, from blood loss. The Dark Magician of Chaos destroyed the remaining shadows and left the tomb, both looked at the half dead guardian, his body was slowly shutting down. He would need month to heal and get rid of the poison in his body which was overwhelming his immune system.

They both knew that they didn't have a month the events of today proved that the seals where weakening terribly, the wards that Yugi had placed where only going to last for a short period of time before it weakens enough to allow some of the shadows minions to escape their dark prison and reek havoc.

"There is only one choice the Dark Magician of chaos we need to get the Pharaoh involved."

''He won't like this."

"He had protected him long enough Mahodo he can't do this on his own any longer he needs him. He can't gain his full powers without him, and you saw yourself he is loosing himself to the darkness. If he stays like this we will loose him forever."

The Dark Magician looked sadly at Yugi, and nodded following the Dark Magician of Chaos.

Yugi mean while was drifting in and out of his memories.

Flash back

Yugi stood in front of Drake covered in blood. ''This is it Drake if you back down I promise you a fair trial''.

''Trial, what fool do you take me for this world will be mine I will gain immortality and rule over you pitiful mortals''?

''Wake up from your dreams Drake do you really believe that he will share the world with you''

''You're the one who will meet his end'' with that he sent a wave of shadow magic toward Yugi.

Yugi quickly dodged it, and send a ball of shadow magic toward his opponent. They fought on desperately, blood splattered all over the ground as the two fought on. Yugi attacked him with his sword succeeding in blinding Drake right eye.

He stared back at Yugi in hatred he had tried to gain Yugi on his side, but the stubborn youth refused, he had even tried to bring him back from the path he was in.

He had considered Yugi as his only friend he was always scorned and pushed aside by others. But Yugi was different he had offered him friendship, but it was to late the hatred in his heart had grown beyond control.

He couldn't believe his luck when he had found the ancient scripts on his visit to Egypt; he had hid them trying to translate them on his own. He remembered the dark powers and promises of power that filtered his mind as the imprisoned shadow monster contacted him. That was the beginning to the long road of pain and suffering.

He continued on with his attacks watching Yugi intently, he knew that he had destroyed many peoples lives, but he was prepared to sacrifice anything to gain what he wanted but why was the shadow of doubt floating his mind. He silently cursed Yugi why that every time he looked into his eye doubt and sadness filled his soul.

Pushing the doubt from his mind he continued on with his assaults, taking a swing he gave Yugi a fatal wound and prepared to give Yugi the final blow. But he stopped as he heard someone scream Yugis' name. Turning around he saw Anzu running toward Yugi, he had met her on some occasions and had respected her loyalty to Yugi.

He felt a sudden feeling coarse through him was it jealousy he had always longed for someone to love and be loved in return .Looking down at his blood drenched sword he looked back at Yugi who was holding his side his eyes full of pain and fear as he stared at the Anzu who was coming closer.

Maybe he did deserve death he had betrayed the only person who had treated him equally. He knew that Yugi will try not to kill him and give him a chance. But it was too late no one will accept him after what he had done, and he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

Looking at Anzu direction he found a way that will force Yugi to finish him off, he looked toward Anzu and formed a ball of shadow magic, as he prepared to send it he felt a sword running through his chest. He gave a small smile to Yugi as he started drowning in the dark abyss; he was surprised to find only peace.

Yugi fell to the ground in pain the poison on the blade was overwhelming his systems which he could feel where slowly shutting down. He knew that he was dying, he wasn't afraid to die, his only regret that he couldn't keep the promise he made to Anzu.

Yugi heard a voice calling his name, struggling to stay awake he opened his eyes and met deep dark crimson.

To be continued…

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