The Snake Charmer


The Second Installment


The Silver Snakes Trilogy

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Chapter One: Tests and Trials

Serena Gracin walked confidently through the corridors of Crystal Empires, flanked by an army of lawyers, her heels clicking firmly against the marble floor. Serena led the way up the elevator to the executive floor where her opponent, Lord Thriarfield, and her friend Seiya were already at each other's throats. The atmosphere was thick with tension when she along with her lawyers waltzed into the room toting various briefcases and files. She smiled warmly at Seiya who returned it then shot Lord Thriarfield a superior glance.

"Good evening Lord Thriarfield." Serena greeted him extending her hand cordially, which Thriarfield promptly shook, squeezing her hand unnecessarily hard as if to prove his power, but Serena just widened her smile as her grip matched his before squeezing even hard as if to crack his fingers. Lord Thriarfield removed his hand shakily from hers, surprised at the amount of strength she possessed.

"Gentlemen, we all know why we are here, let's not waste anymore time by bickering over it." Serena began as the gentlemen began to settle themselves at the conference table in the center of the room, Serena's lawyers along with Seiya on one side, Lord Thriarfield and his lawyers on the other.

"I have government documents here with me proving my identity as Serena Gracin and as the rightful daughter and inheritor of all my father's possessions, Alexander Gracin. Crystal Empires is rightfully my father's corporation and should be handed back over to my from Lord Thriarfield." Serena stated smoothly looking at the different men in turn. Her aqua eyes were serious and focused as she combed over her opponents. Thriarfield's face immediately grew red and he raised himself out of his seat sputtering.

"You have no right to come and claim rights over my company, your father left it to me before he died since I was his second in command and I have all rights to every aspect of Crystal Empires." Thriarfield protested angrily slamming his fist against the glass covering on the wooden table.

"Really Lord Thriarfield? I guess you haven't heard, my father isn't really dead, in fact, he is very much alive." Serena said sweetly. "Of course you already know that since he left his company publicly in your charge although secretly he was still calling all the shots. Don't even try to protest it, the government of the United States already has a full report of the incidents that occurred over the last few months and I have their full support in taking over my father's company." Serena said evenly, putting out her hand to halt Lord Thriarfield's protests. She motioned to one of her lawyers who quickly pulled out a few slips of paper that had the presidential seal on the top. Serena handed the papers to Thriarfield who read them in silence, a look of defeat falling across his pudgy figure, his graying brown hair sticking to his forehead with slight perspiration.

"There is no way we can fight this, Sir." One of his lawyers unsuccessfully whispered in his ear. "She has been given the decree from the president."

Lord Thriarfield hung his head for a moment, his brown eyes cast down to the floor before looking up into Serena's smug face.

"It seems to me Ms. Gracin that you have beaten me. I will not give you anymore grief on this topic, I only ask that you compensate my losses as I will be now kicked out on the street with no job or pay." He said sullenly. Serena nodded her head, her platinum blond hair bobbing slightly as it hung loosely around her face.

"I need you to officially sign over the rights to me." Serena said pushing a document and a pen in front of Thriarfield. He quickly signed his loopy signature and turned towards his men.

"Gentleman, I feel it is time for us to take our leave." He said dejectedly, getting up from his seat and leaving the room, his lawyers trailing behind him. Serena blew out the air she had been holding in and turned to Seiya who drew her into a comforting hug.

"Congratulations Ms. Gracin." He said a teasing lint in his voice when he said her name causing Serena to laugh merrily.

"Thanks, I wasn't expecting that to go so well." Serena admitted stepping away from the friendly embrace. "I was expecting threats and suing and all sorts of legal battles."

"Well it is kind of hard to follow up on those things when your opponent has the support of the United States government and the President." Seiya answered with a smile.

"True, true. Still, I feel we haven't seen the last of Lord Thriarfield." Serena said shaking her head.

"Have any clue as to what you are going to do with Crystal Empires?" Seiya asked.

"Not exactly, I'm going to put Darien in charge of all the scientific stuff. I know Amy and him enjoy working together, but I get the feeling Amy is getting tired of not being the only genius around." Serena said with a grin.

"Can I make a suggestion?" Seiya requested.

"Of course, you don't even need to ask." Serena replied.

"I suggest you test the security at the corporation. Even though Crystal Empires isn't as active as it was a couple months ago, there is still valuable research information that many terrorist organizations and companies that would love to get their hands on." Seiya warned. Serena flashed him a reassuring smile and began walking with him out of the room.

"Don't worry, I already have someone on it."

The moon hung low in the night sky, illuminating the glass structure of Crystal Empires as a figure smoothly darted across the parking lot unnoticed by cameras and guards alike. Dressed in sleek black leather, the figure blended in with the liquid night sky. Sneaking to the section of the building that had the lowest ceiling available to land on, the figure pulled out a small gun and aimed to the top of the building before pulling the trigger, sending a thick strand of rope sailing through the air and efficiently lodged the end hook around the edge of the ceiling, two stories up. Tugging hard on the rope to make sure it was secure, the figure unlocked the reel on the gun, which began to rewind the rope, pulling the sleek figure up the side of the building, it's feet running up the side of the glass walls.

When the figure reached the top of the roof, it grasped the edges and easily pulled itself over the wall and landed smoothly on the surface of the roof. Pulling out a circular piece of metal, the figure placed it on the glass ceiling and pressed a small black button on the side of the metal, which triggered a red laser, which cut a hole in the glass big enough for the figure to slide through. Using the same rope gun, the figure secured it against the side of the wall, changing the direction of the hook before gently lowering itself into the building. Pressing the reel button, the figure let go of the gun and watched as it rewound itself back up to the edge of the roof's wall.

Slipping out of the room, the figure walked swiftly down the hallway, destination the elevator at the end of the corridor. The sound of footsteps approaching caused the figure to dash into a nearby room and halted its breathing as a security guard passed by oblivious to the intruder. As soon as the guard was clear from sight, the figure hurried down the rest of the hallway and pulled out a security card, running it through the elevator card slot, activating the device and waited impatiently for it to arrive.

"Come on you stupid elevator" the figure spoke aloud, a soft feminine voice ringing through the hallway. She looked around the hall to make sure no more guards were coming as she waited impatiently for the elevator to show. When the elevator arrived on the floor, she quickly stepped in a pushed the button to the executive level.

Mal Steffens sat staring blankly at the security monitors praying that something interesting would happen to take away his boredom. He didn't care if one of the coffee machines tipped over, anything to make the night more entertaining. The security alarm went off to his right, the light to the elevator lighting up on the screen board and he immediately switched to the elevator came which revealed a lithe black clad figure standing in the elevator, watching the numbers light up on the floor board.

"Nate, there is an intruder in the building heading up to the executive floors, activate immediate shut down of elevator on all floors." Mal said pressing the talk button on his headset.

"For real Mal? You're not just joking around are you?" Nate's rich voice flooded through the headset along with his uncertainty.

"Positive, now just do it." Mal barked irritably. A few minutes later he watched in the camera as the elevator stopped causing the figure to look up in annoyance as if trying to see what had happened. Apparently it spotted the camera and quickly punched it, shattering the glass and cutting off the transmission. Cursing under his breath, Mal quickly got out of his chair.

"Elevator halt done." Nate reported.

"Yeah I saw, the intruder killed the camera, I'm going to investigate the elevator, what floor did you stop it on?" Mal asked.

"One floor below the executive level." Nate replied.

"Great, thanks." Mal replied before taking off into a run towards the stairs, determined to catch the intruder.

"What the?" the woman said as the elevator abruptly halted mid ascent. "Great, this is just great." She said irritated and kicked the elevator walls before looking up towards the control panel. Noticing a hidden camera, she swiftly punched it, breaking it and looked around for options.

Looking back at the ceiling she noticed that the top of the elevator had a locked hatch. Pulling out a knife, she expertly wedged it between the door and proceeded to pry open the hatch despite the lock. Grasping the top, she pulled herself up onto the top of the elevator. Peering up the shaft she noticed that she was one floor below the last level, the executive level. Grabbing onto the elevator's thick cables, she carefully climbed up the thick rubber cable until she reached the doorway of the executive floor. Swinging her body, she jumped to the doorway and grabbed the sides to keep from falling back down the shaft. Using her knife, she once again pried open a door and stepped carefully through, the metal doors sliding shut once her force was gone.

Grinning, she walked down the corridor towards the conference room, her feet noiseless against the marble floor. The sound of running below her alerted her attention to the fact that she had been discovered and was being pursued. Shrugging, she grasped the handle of the conference room and walked in, the guards couldn't get to the executive level anyways, the elevator was the only thing that accessed the level and they had shut it down.

Mal reached the doors at which the elevator stopped, resting his hands against the wall panting slightly as he tried to catch his breath. Using his key, he opened the door to the elevator and walked inside. When he discovered the intruder was gone he cursed and slammed his fist into the elevator wall causing the hatch to fall open again, hitting Mal roughly on the head. Wincing, Mal brought a hand to the back of his head and massaged it as he stared at the open hatch. Pulling himself through, one of the tightest squeezes ever, Mal proceeded to climb the cables and using his key, unlocked the executive floor and walked into the corridor.

Walking silently towards the open conference room, Mal drew his gun out of the halter and unlocked the safety. With a burst of speed, Mal ran into the room, gun raised and searching for the intruder. He found the person beside the desk and watched as it picked up the box that was resting on top.

"Hold it right there." Mal ordered training his gun on the figure. The intruder looked up and tilted its head to the side as if sizing him up before walking out from behind the desk, hands raised.

Mal blinked when the intruder moved away from the desk revealing large breasts and a curvaceous body outlined in sleek black leather. Swallowing, Mal motioned for the figure to move forward. The woman strolled towards him with a confident air holding the package mockingly. When she reached him, Mal reached one hand behind him to pull out a pair of handcuffs when the woman's foot lifted off the ground and kicked the gun expertly out of Mal's hands. Stunned for a moment, Mal regain his composure as the figure took off running towards the window on the left side of the room. Mal ran after her, watching from behind as she dove through the window, shattering the glass and rolling smoothing into a kneeling position on the roof of the floor below. Mal jumped through the window directly behind her, protecting his face with his hands to prevent cuts from the sharp glass edges.

Racing after her along the roof, Mal quickly closed the distance between them and tackled her as she ran. Growling, she fell to the ground, Mal landing on top of her back, feeling her firm backside rubbing into his groin. Ignoring his male tendencies, Mal rolled off the woman and pulled her up with him as he stood. She complied and turned to face him. Mal reached out and grasped the black mask covering her head and pulled it off quickly. Golden blond hair tumbled down from her head reaching the middle of her back, a few strands clinging to her lips and eye lashes. Her eyes stared back at him expectantly, bright blue orbs framed with long black lashes. Mal was stunned at her beauty causing her pink lips to curl into a smirk as she watched his reaction. Before he could protest, she shoved the package into his arms and sprinted the rest of the way to the edge of the roof. Pausing slightly at the top of the edge, she blew him a quick kiss and dove off.

Mal ran swiftly towards the edge and watched as she free fell down the side of the building, her body straight and her hands in a diving formation. A black parachute soon exploded out into the air and she glided smoothly to the ground. Mal stared blankly after her then looked down at the package she had placed in his hands. Opening the box, he reached in and felt a silky piece of clothe. Curious and puzzled as to what was so important in the box, he pulled in out and his face grew beet red when he looked at the object in his hands. His light blue eyes, almost the color of ice, darted over the edge of the roof again, as a soft night breeze ruffled his silvery hair. The item the intruder had gone through so much trouble to steal was held limply in his hand and Mal was puzzled as to the reason for the break in. Shaking his head, Mal looked back down at his hand cringing when his gaze fell on the black lace thong was that was dangling there as he wondered who exactly the beautiful woman was who got away.

The figure walked out of the parking lot of Crystal Empires as she pulled out a small silver device. Holding it up to her ear, she waited patiently as the number dialed.

"Hello?" a musical voice filtered into the cell phone.

"Security test completed Viper, results passing." The woman spoke in soft tones.

"Good. Excellent job, come home now Copperhead, we have lots to discuss."

There it is, the arrival of the first chapter to the sequel of A Viper's Poison. It's not much, but the action and delicious plot twists will be back as time progresses! As you read above this is the sequel to A Viper's Poison and is the second installment in the now Silver Snakes Trilogy. As I was developing this story so many ideas just filled my head, so many great plot twists and so forth that I needed to add another book so hence forth, there will be three books. I hope you enjoyed it, please review!