The Snake Charmer


The Second Installment


The Silver Snakes Trilogy

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Chapter Three: Tempers Teem Temptations

Mal Steffens was about to shoot himself. Seriously. He was this close to pulling his Browning 9 millimeter out of his gun holster, placing it against his temple and blowing his brains out. Hey, if he were dead than he wouldn't have to deal with all the stress threatening to kill him anyways. It felt as if a huge weight was on his shoulders and was cutting off his air supply. At least he'd be able to say he was responsible for his own death instead of stress. That would be just pathetic. He groaned and shifted uncomfortably in his chair. It was made of scratchy material and currently one of the bars from the frame was poking up his butt. Very uncomfortable. With a sigh he brought up two fingers and gently massaged his right temple while leaning his head against the palm. Today had not been a good day.

First of all, he was sent a memo telling him that Crystal Empires was now under new management. They didn't even have the decency to explain to him what happened or who the new management was. Then he gets another memo detailing that he's will no longer be head of security and that it has been given to some jerk off whose never stepped into the building in his life. If that wasn't bad enough, this jerk off was coming to inspect the facilities and the guards sometime today in the very near future. Just to add a little cherry to this pile of sweet goodness, the alarm system that they had installed after the weird break in last week isn't finished and won't work right plus a couple of the men quit because they felt they weren't being paid enough. Now he had to get a new, working security alarm and train new guards. Life is not beautiful.

"Hey, Mal," Nate's voice flooded into his intercom.

"Yes, Nate?" he asked irritably through clenched teeth.

"Uh, the new head of security is, um, here," Nate, replied hesitantly.

"What?" Mal yelled, his slate eyes growing wide and sitting up straight into his chair.

"Yeah, and kinda already went up too so — "

Mal didn't hear the rest of Nate's sentence because the door to his office burst open drowning out the words. Mal pivoted around in his office chair with a concealed look of horror. A tall, sandy blond haired man walked cheerfully into his office and waved hello. His blue eyes were bright and seemed to be taking in the runt of space that Mal referred to as his dun – office. With hands shoved in the front pockets of his blue jeans, the man leaned back against the doorframe and stared expectantly at Mal.

'So this is the guy who's taking my job,' Mal thought, bitterly. 'He doesn't look like anything special. Must be sleeping with the head honcho.'

Mal stood up from his chair and crossed the room sticking out a hand for the man to shake.

"My name's Mal," he said, formally. "I am – was, the head of security here."

"Andrew," the man replied with a smile, pumping his hand enthusiastically.

"Well, now that you're here I guess I could show you how things run," Mal decided. Before he could begin explaining a light feminine voice interrupted him.

"Sorry I'm late. My heel snapped in the hallway so I had to fix it and then I was running to catch up with Andrew so I'm a little out of breath."

Mal just stared blankly at her. Her cornflower blue eyes were crinkled in the corners and her full lips were curved in a frown. She currently glowering at a black heel she was holding in her hand. Disgusted, she threw the shoe with impeccable aim into the trashcan by his desk with a resounding ring of clanking metal.

"Right, so I see you've already met, Andrew. He's going to replace one of the positions you have open for guards." She was slipping the other heel off now and tossed that one in the trash as well. With a satisfied smirk, she turned her attention to Mal.

"You!" she said in shock, her eyelids fluttering wide open. Her mouth gaped slightly as she stared at him. Then her lips curved into a smile that he wasn't quite sure he liked.

"How interesting," she purred.

"Mina," Andrew groaned, exasperated. "Stop staring at the security man like he's a plump piece of steak."

"What?" Mina balked, snapping her head to her right. "I was not!"

"You were too. Is that a little bit of drool I see?"

"Shut-up, Drew," she growled. "Or you're fired."

Andrew rolled his eyes and did nothing to hide the grin that appeared on his face. "You can't fire me. I was assigned to this job specifically by Serena."

"You're so annoying."

"Ah, but you love me," he smirked. Mina's glared simmered and her eyes softened.

"Maybe," she replied, with a wink.

Mal shifted his shoes uncomfortably on the marbled floor. His movements caught Mina's attention.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" she gasped. "I forgot you were there."

"No problem," he answered.

"She does that a lot," Andrew said in a loud whisper. "It goes with the whole blond hair thing."

"Andrew!" Mina smacked him playfully on the shoulder. "Go outside while I talk to him. You're distracting me."

"That's because you find me irresistibly hot and you can't keep your eyes off," Andrew teased.

Mina stuck her hands on her hip and glared evilly. "Don't make me call Serena and tell her what really happened to her Viper while she was on her honeymoon."

"Okay, okay, I'm gone," Andrew said, putting his hands up in surrender and walked out the door. His head popped back in. "Really, Mina, denial doesn't solve the problem."


Mal could hear his booming laughter echoing down the hallway as he avoided Mina's swat and ran away. Her eyes were sparkling with amusement when she turned her attention back to him.

"He's an idiot," she said simply. Mina moved a few steps and settled herself in his chair. She leaned back and stretched her feet out onto his desk. "Well isn't this a nice little surprise."

Mal leaned back against the wall. "Who are you?"

"I'm Mina," she answered breezily. "I'm you're new commanding officer."

He balked. "You're the new head of security? I got demoted for a woman?"

"Hey," she said sharply, pulling her feet off the desk, her blue eyes beginning to blaze. "If I remember correctly it was you who let an unidentified stranger roam about the building, steal something and get away scotch free."

"But that was you!" he protested. Mina shook her honey blond locks.

"Doesn't matter who it was. The point is an intruder was able to get in and out of Crystal Empires. That isn't efficient security."

"Look, I don't know who you think you are that you can just waltz in here and start mocking me, lady," Mal replied angrily, "but I suggest that you give me a little more credit and respect."

She threw him a cold look. "I only give respect only when it is deserved. The only thing you deserve is a good spanking for your complete lack of respect for my authority."

"Would you like to do the honors?" he asked coolly. "Except I'm not too keen on the idea of getting drool on me."

Mina's mouth dropped open and her eyes bugged. "I cannot believe you just said that to me!"

"You were asking for it," Mal sneered.

"Look, I didn't want this job," she growled, standing up and shoving a finger into his chest. "The only reason I'm doing this is because Serena asked me too so when I'm done here you can have your stupid job back and I'll no longer have to deal with you. But, until then, you will do exactly as I say, is that clear?"

"Crystal," he muttered.

"Good, I want a full debriefing report on my desk by the end of the day," she ordered.

"What! That'll take me hours to do!"

"Then I suggest you start working on it." With that she flipped back her hair and stormed out of his office.

"Having a little trouble with your new employees?" Andrew asked when she stomped past him. He was outside in the hallway leaning against a wall with a grin on his face.

Mina sniffed and turned up her nose. "He's completely deplorable.

"I didn't think he was so bad," Andrew disagreed.

"You weren't talking to him by yourself," Mina countered. "He wanted me to spank him!"

Andrew chuckled. "Now why on earth would he want that?"

Mina glowered at him. "For your information any man would kill to have me spank them."

"Yeah, while I get it for free," he grinned.

"You're impossible," she groaned.

"I've gotten worse."

Mina rolled her eyes.

"Seriously though," Andrew said. "Make sure he keeps his hands off. I don't want my goods spoiled."

"Your goods?" she repeated, raising an eyebrow.

"My ridiculously good looking and completely sexy goods," he added.

"I like the sound of that," Mina purred, curling her fingers around his collar and pulling him closer.

"Does this mean I get a spanking now?" Andrew asked, innocently.

"Ugh, do you ever stop?" she frowned.

Andrew shook his head and beamed. "Nope."

"Well I think you should seriously consider it. You're gonna give me a migraine."

"Now, now, dear," he scolded her playfully. "Where would the fun be in that?"

Andrew pulled her in his arms and dropped a kiss to the top of her head. "Be a good little girl and play nicely with the big boys, okay?"

"Fine," she grumbled.

"I have to get back to the Den. I promised Darien I'd train with him today."

"Don't get to tired," Mina warned. "I have big plans for you."

"Yes, ma'am!" Andrew grinned.

"Now get out of here before I decided to make you help break in my new office," Mina ordered with a wink. Andrew swatted her playfully on the rear before taking his leave. Mina's lips quirked at the corners as she sashayed down the hallway and headed to her office.

The waves gently lapped against her foot as she squished her toes deeper into the wet sand. White foam clung to the grains as the water receded back to the ocean. Gulls squawked in the distance as they dove in and out of the surf grabbing bits of crab. Serena pushed her sunglasses back up the bridge of her nose before turning the next page in her book. Her brown eyes, however, were not directed at the words printed there, but were skimming over the top and watching a white beach house a couple hundred yards down. The cool ocean breeze gently kicked up the tangle of brown curls that were draped across her neck tickling her skin.

"Look how big my butt is now!" Lita's sultry voice broke into her concentration. Serena lowered her book a few inches and peered over at her friend. Lita's skin was light brown and her short black hair was pushed back behind her ears. Currently she was admiring her new features that she acquired when she put on her holographic disguise.

"I always wanted to have some junk in the trunk," she chuckled. Raye snorted next to her and lifted her head off of her orange and pink striped towel. Her red one piece was styled so that all her curves were revealed through creative cuts in the cloth and accentuated her raven black hair and hazel eyes. In one hand she grasped a binocular unit while the other was clinging to a Cosmo magazine.

"You getting anything, Viper?" she asked, rolling to her side to look at her leader.

"Not yet," Serena murmured, returning to her observation. Raye lifted the binoculars to her eyes and skimmed over the property.

"I counted earlier about six guards roaming the perimeter," she reported. "I'll bet my Diablo that it's at least doubled during the night watch."

"I got the same," Serena confirmed. "There are also two snipers, one on each house adjacent to the main one. I'm assuming Miguel bought out the neighboring ones to control security more efficiently."

"That's actually a pretty smart idea," Lita remarked. "Hell, if I had the kind of money he did, I'd buy out the whole block and host my own block parties."

"Viper, there's a jeep coming down the beach," Raye warned, and hid her binoculars in her beach bag. Serena nodded and laid down on her back, placing the open book over her face to block out the sun. Too any bystander, the three women would look like normal tourist vacationing on the beach and relaxing under the sun.

The droning noise of an engine running got louder as a forest green jeep neared their location. It sped along the white sand, kicking up waves of it in its wake. Shouts of anger could be heard as the jeep sprayed tanning vacationers and getting sand in unpleasant places. Raye watched out of the corner of her eye as the jeep neared. There were two men total in the jeep. The driver appeared to have brown and was fairly young while the other passenger hair a couple shades lighter. As they drove by the passenger caught a glimpse of the girls and leaned in to say something to the driver. A couple seconds later the jeep had made a u-turn and was now heading back in their direction.

"Heads up. I think the jeep is coming for a visit." Raye spoke out of the corner of her pursed lips.

"Hello, ladies," a masculine voice greeted them. Serena slipped the book off of her face and rolled over. Raye buried her face disinterestedly into her magazine while Lita propped her head on her hands and drew lazy circles in the sand.

"Hey, boys," Lita answered, her dark brown eyes sweeping over each man in turn. The driver was pretty cute with light brown hair that was gathered in a low ponytail and dangled a little past his shoulders.

"Basking in the sun I see," the man spoke again. Lita shifted her eyes to the speaker. He had iced blond hair with bright green eyes and a cute dimple that showed with the smirk he was wearing. "It's not everyday we come across such a fine display of beauty." His eyes roamed over the girls and stopped on Lita's voluptuous backside. She bit her lip in order to keep from grinning.

"Oh, please," Raye drawled, her face still buried in her magazine. "Spare me. You're on a beach for god's sakes. There are half naked whores prancing around everywhere. Go hit on someone else who might actually think your advances aren't pathetic."

The brunette raised his eyebrows and cracked a grin displaying a nice set of straight, white teeth. The speaker's eyes shot wide and his jaw dropped slightly.

"Now, now, Jasmine," Serena scolded her. "Play nice with the little boys."

"Yeah," the speaker chimed in. "I was just being friendly and paying some compliments where they're definitely deserved."

"Why should I?" Raye asked, setting down her magazine and glaring at the blond. "You roll up here disturbing my peace with your corny clichéd remarks while kicking sand all over my towel and getting it in my hair. What makes you think I even want to be hit on in the first place?"

"Oh, I don't know, let me think about that for a moment," he replied sarcastically while placing a finger on his chin and tapping it. "Maybe because your wearing a very revealing and sexy bathing suit that basically consists of a few strings tied together in certain places and possibly the fact that you are readily displaying it all for the entire male beach population to drool at."

"What! I happen to be the only one wearing a one piece!"

"Yeah, a one piece with many holes in it," he pointed out coolly. "Besides you have more assets to cover." He looked pointedly at the cleavage bursting out of the top of her suit.

"You pompous cad!" Raye growled, her eyes blazing. "You think you're so cute with your all American looks that you can just waltz up to any girl and have them groveling at your feet. Well I've got news for you buddy. I think maybe you should reassert your own assets, or should I say, lack there of, before you go parading yourself around."

He opened his mouth to reply when a voice stopped him.

"Uh, Jay, maybe you should stop before you get yourself hurt," the driver suggested.

"For real," Lita chimed in. "As much fun as it would be to see Jasmine rip the balls off your friend there, I think its time for some introductions. Maybe even a little civilized conversation?"

"I'm Zack," he said with a smile. "My forward friend here is Jay."

"Jess," she replied sticking out her hand. "Jasmine you should know by now and the dark haired girl is Sarah."

"Pleasure to meet you all," Zack said jovially. Jay scoffed at the "pleasure" part and shot Raye a dark look. She ignored him and favored Zack with a bright smile.

"I know Jay may have ruined my chances of you all agreeing to this," Zack began, darting an annoyed look at his blond friend, "but there's gonna be a huge party tonight at the beach house we're staying in if you all want to come."

"Party?" Serena perked up. "Where?"

"The white beach house over there," Zack replied, pointing to the very house that they'd been watching. Serena restrained herself from getting up and giving Zack a big fat kiss and opted to just smile excitedly instead.

"That would be awesome!" she replied enthusiastically. "You guys up for a party?"

"Definitely," Lita agreed.

"Not if Eminem jr. is gonna be there," Raye scorned.

"I promise he won't bother you," Zack pleaded.

Raye thought for a moment. "Fine, but only because I think you're cute."

Jay's green eyes were smoldering now as he alternated hateful glances between Raye and Zack.

"See, Jay. I've told you time and time again that you gotta be smooth and the ladies will melt like butter," Zack said to his friend cockily.

"Shut-up, Zack," Jay muttered.

"Party starts at ten, ladies," Zack informed them as he followed Jay back to the jeep.

"We'll be there!" Lita called after them with a wave. Once they were gone she collapsed down on her towel. "Well I'll be."

"Couldn't have asked for a better set up," Serena agreed.

"I hope Jay is an illegal immigrant that we can deport," Raye grumbled, putting her magazine in her beach bag.

"Come on, Coral," Lita groaned. "Jay was a total hottie! In fact, he reminded me of this guy I used to date named Ken. Hot. Hot. Hot."

"Shut-up, Python," Raye snarled.

"Touchy, touchy." Lita waved a finger at Raye. "Someone's got a stick shoved up their ass."

"Yeah and its name is Jay."

Lita laughed and clapped Raye on the back. The threesome packed up their beach stuff and called it a day.

"Hey, Darien," Andrew greeted his lifelong friend warmly. Darien nodded his hello. He was leaning back against the right wall of the training arena and was twirling a blade against the ground.

"You know you probably shouldn't be doing that," Andrew said, looking blatantly at Darien's hands. "You know how Cho gets when you misuse her creations."

"And you worry too much," Darien put in.

"That's strange," Andrew replied. "Usually that's you. Have you heard from Serena yet?"

Darien stopped his twirling. "Yeah, she called in last night. Gracin wasn't home. Apparently he's at some beach house in Barbados."

"Are they going down there?" Andrew asked.

"Yeah, they're already there actually," Darien replied. "Serena said something about staking out the place first before they move in."

Andrew nodded and walked over to the sword rack hanging on the wall. He reached up and pulled a long, thin sword with a triangular blade and bell shaped guard off the wall. He and Darien both favored the sabre style of fencing. Andrew lined up four meters away from Darien on a two meter wide piste. Darien lifted his weapon in an engarde position and tensed for the fight. The strip that they were going to fence on was fourteen meters in length.

"Engarde!" Andrew called out cheesily. He grinned sheepishly as Darien gave him an amused look. "What? It's fun to say."

Darien rolled his eyes and attacked swiftly, catching Andrew off guard. Andrew parried Darien's lunge, knocking his blade to the side and went for a low hit to Darien's knee. Darien skipped back to avoid the touch.

"How do you do it?" Darien asked as he thrust his blade toward Andrew's left shoulder.

"Do what?" Andrew questioned, blocking the shot.

"You know, not worry so much," Darien replied. "About Mina and all."

Andrew ducked down and swept his sword in a clean arc. It connected solidly with Darien's calf who grimaced and took a few steps back to rub his now aching muscle.

"Point for me!" Andrew said cheekily. "And to answer your question, I do worry about Mina. I worry about the fact that right now she is locked inside a stuffy building with a relatively handsome man."

"What?" Darien asked bewildered, ducking another swing of Andrew's sword.

"Mal, he's one of the head security guards," Andrew explained. "I think he has a thing for Mina although he hides it pretty well."

"Worried that he'll steal her away?" Darien wondered.

"Not particularly," Andrew admitted. "For one, I'm a sexy beast and Mina would need to be committed to an insane asylum if she broke up with me. Two, Mina and I aren't as serious as you and Serena. You guys are freakin' married. Mina and I are just having a good time right now."

"So there's nothing serious between you two?"

"I wouldn't say that I guess. I mean, you can't deny that she's completely gorgeous. Plus she's so freakin' cute when she's mad and her face scrunches up and her eyes get all bright and stuff. I really like her, Darien. We're just more casual about the whole thing I guess. I don't mind if she window shops just as long as she doesn't buy anything."

"I see," Darien answered, although it was plain to Andrew that he didn't.

"Never mind," Andrew said with a grin. He jumped in the air to avoid a low cut from Darien, but the tip of the blade scuff the tip of his shoes.

"Point," Darien said smugly. "What I was really asking about was worrying when Mina was on assignment."


"I should be in Barbados with her right now," Darien argued. "Protecting her."

"I don't know man, you've got one tough chick," Andrew replied. "Besides, you're still training. Serena can more than take care of herself."

"That's what she said," Darien moped. He viciously attacked Andrew's left flank and touch him on the hip and arm. "That makes it three to one."

"I can't believe I'm being beaten by a pansy like you," Andrew complained.

"Get used to it," Darien grinned. "I'm gonna beat you senseless."

"Bring it on, lover boy," Andrew mocked. The clashing of the swords echoed through the training arena as they parried and lunged. Often boisterous laughter and frustrated cursing broke through the concentrated silence. In the end, Andrew was on the flat of his back with Darien's sword at his throat.

"You cheated," he accused. "Tripping is not allowed in fencing, but that was one hell of a trick."

"Lita taught it to me," Darien explained, removing his sword and helping Andrew to his feet.

"Figures," he muttered. "That woman's a freakin' Amazon."

Darien grinned and clapped him on the back. "Come on. I'll buy you a drink and you can try and convince me that you're not jealous about this Mal guy."

"Hey, Darien?" Andrew said wrinkling his nose. "Can you take a shower first? You kinda of smell."

"Same to you."

"I don't smell I accentuate the atmosphere with natural scents."

"You're an idiot."

"Dutifully noted."

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