House, MD Fanfic Chapter I As Cameron pulled away from House's driveway, she felt the tears start to well-up behind her eyes. Was this what she wanted? It may not have been the right thing to do, but it was a way out. An escape. She had not thought to escape before, and just five minutes ago it seemed like the perfect thing to do… but now it felt very wrong.

As she contemplated this, the tears started to roll out of the corner of her eyes, down her face and onto her plain blue jacket, making a tiny circle of saltwater. She tried to flinch them away, but it was useless. There were just too many of them.

She pulled off the road and let them come, one right after another, until she was absolutely sobbing. Cameron sniffled. Get a hold of yourself, Allison, she yelled in her head. It's just a job, dammit. But she knew it was more than that. A whole lot more.

It was House; she had fallen for him. How, she didn't know. Cameron had originally been infatuated with him; she knew he was a lonely man and she could make it better for him. But it evolved into a love that she couldn't stand. And she knew he felt it, too, he just wasn't about to say anything.

The tears finally thinned out. Drying her eyes with her sleeve, and pulled her car back onto the road, out into the cool night air.

Gregory House stood in that exact same spot, looking that exact same way, for exactly 3 minutes after Cameron left. He was in some kind of diminutive shock, he figured. But he couldn't deny it; Cameron had left. She had left the hospital, left the doctors and left him. Forever. Forever?

That can't happen, House thought to himself. It just can't happen.

As House hobbled into the hospital the next day, he hobbled with a principle in his step. He didn't stop by to get his case load or scedual for the day at the desk, even though Ms. Miranda leaped up and said, "Dr. House?" He just ignored her.

The elevator was too long. He pounded on the buttons a few times in hopes to speed it up, but it was useless. "Jesus!" He said loudly. When the doors opened, they revealed Lisa Cuddy, who stared at House with that infamouse cocked-head-and-raised-eyebrow stare. She stood next to him and pressed the button for the 5th floor.

"Having an argument with yourself?"

"NO. My cane was just talking to me." Good one, House, he thought to himself.

"Oh. Well, it's good to know you've got a friend. Oh wait…. Inanimate objects don't count."

House smiled sourly but kept quiet. He didn't want to waste his time with Cuddy, who, for some reason, was in a good mood today.

"What, no comeback? I expected more from…" House cut her off.

"I feel a migraine coming on just from being around you."

Before she could say something about House's own aura, the elevator binged and stopped on the 4th floor. Greg House left Cuddy with out any good bye and went straight to Cameron's old office.

Just as he thought, Cameron hadn't cleaned it out yet. Sure, the door was locked. No biggie.

House pulled a bobby pin out of his pocked. (He kept it there for cases such as this.) And placed it in the lock carefully. He jiggled it around until there was a clicking sound. He tried the handle; the door swung open easily. Score, House thought. It actually worked. All those James Bond movie paid off.

The office was more of a mess that House's own. Medical Magazines were piled up by the side of the desk, and there were stick notes covering the top of the desk and around the computer monitor. Some said personal notes, and others had things like symptoms and medicines on them. House looked through a few, but moved on. He had forgotten he was there on a mission.

The desk drawers had keyholes on them, meaning they required one. Again, the bobby pin worked. He dug through two draws with no success, finding only books, spare coffee mugs, and tampons. As soon as he realized what they were, he dropped them, as if they had slimy ooze on them and he didn't want to get any on him.

His back hurt, so he sat up straight and noticed a bookcase. There were encyclopedias, notepads and a pocket dictionary. A pocket dictionary? Cameron did not strike House as a woman nerdy enough to carry a pocket dictionary. But, nobody's perfect.

There was also a picture frame- the picture in it was obviously old, judging by the outfits worn by the occupants of the photograph. He looked carefully at the woman, and realized it must be Cameron, with some man he had never seen before. Ohhhhh… House thought. This is the guy. Brian. He picked up the frame and studied it for a while. Allison and Brian were holding hands, and Brian was looking straight at the camera, but Allison…was looking at Brian, with an far off look in her eyes, like everything was perfect in her little world. Normally, House would have snorted and moved on, but today, it was different. He continute to look at the photograph…at Cameron. That is, until he heard a tap on the glass.

House jumped and scrambled to put the picture back, but it was only Wilson, giving him the strangest look. House grabbed his cane and opened the door, motioning for him to come in.

"It doesn't really matter if I'm in here or not, the walls are glass."

"Shut up. What are you doing?" House pretended to busy himself by organizing some of the post- it notes, but they kept sticking together. Frustrated, he gave up.

"This isn't you're office." Wilson rose an eyebrow.

"Don't do the Cuddy eyebrow raise!"

"What? It works, doesn't it?"

House didn't respond.

"This isn't your office."

"Thanks, I'll make a note of that."

"But it is Cameron's."

"No!" House said, sarcastically. He checked the nameplate on the front of the desk. "Gosh, you're right!"

"Why are you raiding Cameron's office?"

"Raiding is something Indiana Jones does."

"And you're no Indiana Jones."

"Right, he can walk right. And he has a bull whip- I don't."

"House, what the hell are you doing in Cameron's office."

House paused. "I'm looking…. for a book I lent her."


"So? It's none of you're business." House continued to look for the designated item.

"None of my business! You're the one going through Cameron's drawers!"

"Tampons are on the bottom, left."


"James, I'm busy looking for my book. Leave."

Wilson rolled his eyes and left. House could finally look in peace.

After a half an hour, House found what he was looking for. Hopefully. He un-velcrowed the strap and opened the leather brown book. Yes! Her planner!

He quickly flipped to the current week and read what it said.

Thursday: 9:00- 7:00 am, work

Friday: 9:00- 5:00 am, work

8:00-? Party at Hannah's House

(There were a couple lines drawn through 'work', as if Cameron had done it in a rage far beyond contemplation by normal human beings. Little did House know, this was not the case.)

Saturday: 10:00- 11:30 pm, Work out Stewart's Gym

4:00- 6:00 am, General Hospital NEW EPISODE!

House snapped the planner shut. That was all he needed to know.

(But just incase, he put the planner in his pocket. He wasn't a stalker; he had a plan.)

Hobbling out of the office, he made his way down the hallway. House turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. Cameron was headed his way. Limping as fast as he could, he retreated back down the hallway he had just come from and got in the elevator. House madly pressed buttons, and the doors closed just as Cameron unlocked her office. Her head whipped around and she caught a glance of House just for a second, but she did see that his striking blue eyes were boring right through her, practically burning a hole in the wall behind her. She took some breaths and proceeded into her office. It was as messy as ever, but when she turned to see Brian's picture and say hello, she found it to be turned face down, and not on the shelf she had left it on. She didn't think much of it, but in the back of her mind, tiny wheels were turning. Cameron didn't know what was coming for her, or rather, WHO was coming for her, but House sure did.