The Matriarch

(Matriarch means female ruler or dominant female: p)

Character profile

Name- lady Meiley Sadierah Croft

Gender- female

Age- 16-17

Bit beats- Rahki

Family- none both her parents are dead she lives with her care taker and a close family friend who is about her age

Hair- long dark purple hair that comes down past her waist and has a fringe that comes down to her eyebrows as well as two parts of hair that come down the sides of her face and stop at shoulder length.

Eyes- green

Likes- Kai, being with friends, beyblading, rahki, supernatural ect, chocolate ice cream, toying with people, the colour purple, black and blue

Dislikes- dreaming, her past, being touched, being submerged in water, talking about herself, the colour pink,

Background- she is English/Egyptian and a noble by blood, she has won the world beyblading championships twice before she turned 12, she has inherited everything of her father and mother including many of her hidden family secrets. Can't tell you any more or I'll spoil the story;

Chapter 1 troubled mind

Its just before dawn the cool night air is slowly fading to form the morning dew, and the waves are lightly crashing onto the shore.

A time when most people are sleeping their pleasant dreams a troubled teen sits alone staring at the salt water before him.

His name is Kai Hiwatari. He is a17 year old from Russia but has been living in Japan since he left the abby he grew up in when he was only a young kid.

(all characters are wearing what they wore in G-rev)

Kai used to belong to the BBA revolution in his last battle he had EVER!. Even though he won the battle against Brooklyn he had to sacrificed his partner and most loyal companion Dranzer in order to win. He new he had done what needed to be done it was for the future of beyblading but still he couldn't help feeling this emptiness inside him, a dark empty hole in his heart fills his mind with depressing thoughts about his lost friend dranzer and every day he felt more and more consumed by the depression in his mind.

Its been 3 months since my victory against Brooklyn, 3 long months, Kai sat up placing one hand on the ground and the other on his knee. Sighing he looked down at his old launcher in his hands he didn't know why he kept it with him all he new was that it was to hard for him to let go, the urge to battle and to compete against the strongest the blading world had to offer, to battle Tyson again is something he would kill for,

But everyday he reminds himself that his chance to defeat Tyson has gone.

I have nothing now my blading days are over, my bit beast is gone forever and there's nothing that can be done about it, I just have to accept it but why is it so hard to let go.

Feeling the cold stab of regret and loss hit his chest once again he buried his forehead in his hands and waited for the pain to merely stop, but no matter what he try's his mind always seems to get the better of him

The once cool level headed beyblader was reduced to nothing in his mind and soul

His friends and former team mates new that Kai was depressed but there attempts to cheer him up only brought more memories into his already overwhelmed mind.

At first everything was fine and Kai didn't seem to be so sad about the loss of his dranzer, but then the weeks passed and more and more kids were getting back into the beyblading spirit

Tyson, Ray, Max and the other bladers were always practising together and Kai as usual sat by the side lines knowing that even though he wanted to join in and feel the sensation of the sport he loved, he couldn't. he remembers all the battles he had fought, his team was always behind him even if he lost the battle which wasn't often, his team would still accept him because he was their friend and they new that he was a great blader no matter what odds were.

Realising that he had been day dreaming of the past he had taken for granted, he felt that almost instantly the pain of his depression came flooding back. Mentally kicking himself for letting his happy moment disappear, he lay back down on the grass with his arms and legs spread apart slightly and gazed up into the sky.

The stars where still out as it was still really early in the morning the dark of the night was slowly being pushed back by the new day coming

He liked dawn its was the peace and quiet that he must have enjoyed the most and no matter how bad his mood was the rising sun always made him feel safe and warm just like an old friend.

Kai new his friends would be awake in a few hours he had agreed to meet everyone at Tyson's house at around 10 for a BBQ it was only going to be a little get together some members from other blading teams were gonna be there as well, he wasn't exactly sure who but he couldn't care less he new a bey battle was inevitable with Tyson around. And he sure as hell didn't want to just sit there watching them have a good time and try to get him to use some lame second hand blade to try and lift his spirits, all Kai ever said to them when they tried that was " no blade could ever replace my dranzer" and walk off.

It seemed like an eternity that Kai lay staring into the sky looking for a way to live again blading was his way of life and now all he was, was an empty human shell sitting on the grass next to the shore a lifeless figure with little hope for any chance to fill the hole in his heart

All I want is dranzer back, Kai thought as a short smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth " people always want what they can't have" he said quietly realising how desperate he sounded, Kai now sitting up to face the sun that should be about to rise any moment.

Breathed in the fresh morning air and gazed out at the sea. he was to absorbed in his own thoughts to notice a pair of brilliant green eyes eagerly watching him.

He hadn't heard the stranger creep closer to him.

Kai's heart nearly skipped a beat when he heard a sophisticated female voice say

"I had a feeling I would find you here" Kai was alarmed that he hadn't sensed the presence of another person,

'who the hell has the nerve to sneak up on me' kai thought as he spun around fast in a defensive mode.

He squinted his eyes in a cold death glare, but seeing the figure standing before him made his eyes go wide in disbelief.

Lost for words he let his mouth open and his body just seemed to stop working

"good morning Kai"