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Oh yeah before I forget night terrors are like nightmares but 10 times worse. It's a condition commonly found in children but in some cases it carries out through adulthood. Basically in a persons deep sleep they experience a traumatic nightmare that they believe is real. People suffering from night terrors often scream with there eyes wide open in there sleep but to others it looks like there awake and terrified beyond reason.

Patients often wake up confused, crying, screaming and sometimes paralysed for an extended period of time. Some adult patients have been known to flip there KING SIZE beds over during there night terrors and crash through shut glass doors in desperation to run away all in there sleep. It's supposed to be so terrifying adults a rendered afraid of the dark and are afraid to sleep at night ect oO;

Authors note- the pronunciation of Meily's name is my-lee not may lee

I did my research… ON WITH THE FIC!1

Chapter 8 Rahki in the flesh

"I have frequent night terrors, sometimes very violent ones. And that's an experimental drug that's supposed to help me with them" she gave him a very serious glare and extended her hand.

Kai took the hint and gave back her pills which she took from him gratefully.

"I have heard of night terrors before, but I don't get how they are different from any other nightmare"

Meiley had expected him not to know much about it not many people did even people who suffer from night terrors didn't know that night terrors were a form of sleep paralysis.

"its hard to explain with nightmares people actually know there dreaming and are able to wake up easily, but a night terror is much deeper in your subconscious and feels real, like all the terrifying things I see and happen to me are happening for real" Meiley gripped her pills a little tighter but then suddenly remembered something.

"Also Kai there are a couple of rules when I have a night terror. You have to remember that I'm like a frightened child and yelling and shouting at me to wake up will only make things worse, and I have been known to sleep walk so don't ever sneak up on me or run after me coz you'll only scare me more and mi might attack you again"

Kai still thought these night terrors were nothing more then amplified nightmares but he nodded and simply went along with it.

"So what exactly does this experimental drug do" Kai said looking at the bottle in her hand.

Meiley looked at the label then back at Kai "it relieves me of stress kinda like an antidepressant, but it also temporarily relaxes my muscles to stop me from hurting myself in my sleep, I remember this one time I thought there was an evil figure of myself in the mirror so I smashed it to pieces and I woke up with cuts and blood all over me so I don't really want a repeat of that" she said to him casually, Kai on the other hand was a little freaked that she was capable of doing something like that in her sleep.

"Umm right" he said a little nervously cocking an eyebrow at her.

"you shouldn't worry about my night terrors at the moment I haven't had one in a little while and I haven't smashed anything since then so you can relax" she joked at the end.

She smiled at him again and put her pills back in her bag, she flopped back down on the bean bag and pulled out a very decorated wooden box.

"Remember this" she said facing Kai with a grin. He studied the object for a moment then he remembered her giving it to him the day she left the abby 8 years ago.

"yeah I forgot I had that" he said moving closer to Meiley. He took a seat next to Meiley and placed a protective arm around her. She opened the box revealing her little treasures from her stay in Russia they spent hours rummaging through photos and figurines remembering the significance of everything they found.

It was now 11 at night the box and all it's contents had been spilled all over the floor around the couple. Kai had fallen asleep with Meiley resting on his shoulder.

Meiley patently waited for Kai to drift of to sleep. The moment she felt his breathing become slow and steady her eyes shot open. She slowly turned her head to face Kai 'he looks so peaceful when he sleeps' she thought to herself admiring his soft features.

She leaned into him and laid a soft kiss on his forehead then gently wriggled out of his possession. She tip toed out of his room and quietly closed the door behind her. she jerked her head upward after she heard a bumping noise come from the direction of her room.

She stared down at the dark hallway and noticed that she could see everything in it, it was still dark but somehow everything she saw was highlighted 'I can see in the dark now hmm gee nothing fishy going on here' she thought as she headed down the dark hallway and into her room.

"oh Rahki" she said in a loud whisper peering through the door silently. She looked around the room looking for signs of movement but nothing happened.

Meiley knew better she waltz over to her bed reached for her beyblade on the night stand and peered at the bit chip. It was black but she could see the smoky movement in the blade instantly she new her bit beast was not in the blade but she wasn't worried because she could sense Rahki's presence in the room.

"hey Rahki is there any particular reason why I can see in the dark now or is there some kind of cats eye epidemic going around" she placed her blade beside her and fumbled around in the bag and pulled out a bottle of pills she opened it and swallowed one and placed it on her bed side table.

She raised her arms up around the back of her head and relaxed on the bed, finally a voice was heard in the darkness "well excuse me for looking out for you m lady, but you were freaking out in the dark and THEN you tackled Dranzers master Kai. I'm only trying to help you" a female voice was heard all around the room as if it were coming from the walls.

"I can handle myself" said Meiley turning on her side in a huff.

"Whatever you say" was the telepathic reply from her bit beast who had come out of the shadows and formed at the end of the bed.

The moon light and lightening out side shone a silver lining in the room revealing Rahki in her true form. Staring at Meiley at the end of her bed was a cat like creature nearly eight feet tall. The creatures large white wings were neatly tucked in framing its jet black body, Meiley's bit beast was unlike any other it had an agile body with black fur and vibrant purple markings similar to that of a tiger.

Its ears were tall and pointed with purple tuffs on the ends same with the end of the tail. Her front paws were dragon like just like hands with nine inch nails attached to them her hind legs were normal cat paws but they were the size of saucers.

The silver out lining the cat like bit beast disappeared and all that could be seen were two bright green eyes glowing in the dark just like Meiley's had done before.

In a matter of seconds the cat creature came towards Meiley and shrunk to the size of a dog, the wings disappeared and soon she took the form of a black cat the size of a Labrador with tall pointy ears. The newly transformed bit beast could almost pass as a small jaguar if it weren't for the fact that it was a lot skinnier and the tips of its tail and ears were bright purple.

Rahki gracefully jumped on to the bed, she silently walked across the cushiony surface and stopped at Meiley's head.

"Why are you not staying with Kai tonight?" said Rahki in a soft voice, she lay down next to Meiley so that there foreheads were touching.

Meiley sighed "I needed to take my medication and…" "And" Rahki prompted

"I don't know I just felt like I needed to be alone" said Meiley in a low voice and not looking her bit beast in the eye. "hmmm your afraid you will have a night terror and possibly hurt him aren't you!" Rahki was nobody's fool if any one could understand what went on in Meiley's mind it would be her. Even before the accident they had a strong bond and were inseparable.

"is it that obvious or did you read my mind to figure that out" Meiley said as she jerked her head up to meet Rahki's gaze scepticism glinting in her eye.

Rahki shifted her eyes around the room implying the answer to Meiley "I empathised with you thank you very much…and yes I did read your mind but its not like I didn't know what was going on in that head of yours anyway we're connected remember" said Rahki justifying her answer with a nod.

"yeah, yeah" Meiley said in a bored tone, Rahki sighed and snuggled in closer to her soft black fur was warm and comforting Meiley couldn't help but stroke the fine hairs on the bit beasts head.

Her actions drew a soft purr from Rahki embracing the human girl's gentle touch.

"You know I think Kai will miss you next to him when he wakes up" came Rahki's telepathic voice, Meiley chuckled and thought about what Rahki said, "I'm already comfy here so what's the point" she said with a slight tinge of guilt in her voice, her instincts were telling her she wants to be with Kai but her brain was telling her no.

Rahki shot up and started to jump all over the bed making the mattress squeak "Rahki. That. Is. Very. Annoying" said Meiley through Rahki's constant jumping.

"Are you comfy now?" said the bit beast sarcastic tone "NO" shouted Meiley, she grabbed one of her pillows and through it at Rahki making her stop jumping over the bed "why are you being so persistent" said Meiley in frustration glaring daggers at Rahki.

Rahki looked at Meiley with content eyes, Meiley calmed down as Rahki's mood became more serious 'because he can help you in more ways then I can' thought Rahki, her gaze bore deeply into Meiley's pain filled eye's"I have my reasons" she stated simply.

Meiley was not one to argue with her bit beast she was as wise as she was playful and they respected each other.

Meiley smiled faintly and stroked her bit beast one last time before she left for Kai's room.

Rahki watched her leave she was concerned for her but she could already feel a change in Meiley and she new that Kai was the cause of it 'that girl needs you Kai' she thought looking in the direction of his room sending her thoughts into his dreams.

Meiley quietly walked into Kai's room again, Kai was all curled up on the bean bag trying to keep himself warm 'he's so cute' she thought smiling to herself

She grabbed the blanket from the end of his bed and threw it over Kai and herself.

She snuggled in close offering him her warmth which he gladly accepted.

Kai wrapped his arms around her and twisted around until he was in a comfortable position under her chin. "Were did you go?" he said half asleep, "bathroom" she lied but it was a plausible excuse. Meiley tangled her legs with Kai's and drifted of to sleep.

This time Kai stayed awake he recalled a female voice tell him 'that girl needs you Kai' the words played over in his mind, he dismissed the weird dream but decided to keep an eye on Meiley if she was in danger he would know soon enough. And with that he too drifted of to sleep.

Kai woke up the next morning to find that his head was moving but not of its own will, he then realised that Meiley does a lot of moving around in her sleep. She had somehow managed to roll over onto her back with Kai on top over stomach.

He looked over his shoulder utterly amazed at how peaceful she looked. Her shirt had risen up through the night allowing Kai to see half of her dragon shaped scar. He traced his fingers over its smooth surface, he felt a burning sensation at the back of his head like someone was watching him.

Instinctively Kai looked toward the door expecting to see someone standing there but found no one. Suddenly he could see movement through the gap under the door four shadows leached out from under the door, they were thin shadows and looked as though they belonged to some kind of animal but he didn't own any pets.

"What are you looking at?" said Meiley through a yawn. Kai snapped his head back to Meiley who was stretching out on the bean bag a thought crossed his mind and he looked at the gap under the door again but the shadows were gone 'I must be seeing things…but I could have sworn I saw legs' he thought feeling slightly uneasy.

(im gonna flash-forward here it is now a few days before school goes back)

What was left of the holidays soon passed, it was spent mostly making friends and beyblading. Meiley had become one of the group and frequently hung out with Hillary and Mariah manly teasing the boys and shopping and of course the usual girl talk.

Occasionally Meiley would go off on her own saying she had stuff to take care of, she would often bring home boxes but never told of what was in them.

The others had noticed that Kai had considerably softened especially around Mieley but whenever they questioned their relationship the pair of them became defensive and icy.

It is a few days before school and Mariah and Hillary have taken Meiley shopping. Its midday the giant shopping centre is crowded with people mostly teens getting last minute school supplies and having a general shop around.

"Hey Mie have you got yourself a school bag yet" Mariah chirped and came bounding toward them with a shake in her hands, she was in a very bright and bubbly mood she adored shopping it was her favourite past time.

"ahhhh no, I probably should get one though, the bag I got now is far too small for all these text books I have" said Meiley adjusting the shoulder strap of her bag.

"hey guys check it out" Hillary tilted her head in the direction she was looking, the others followed her lead and looked into a crowd of people "its her" said Mariah bitterly crossing her arms and staring at he spot Hillary pointed out.

Meiley couldn't see what it was they were looking at it was obviously a person but which one "guys who we are looking at" she said trying to look over the crowd of people searching for someone who stuck out.

Hillary looked at Meiley then finally realised that she wouldn't know the person they were staring at yet because she hadn't even started school yet "you wouldn't know her…yet you see that girl with the long curly blonde hair leaning next to the juice bar" "yeah" "well she's like the queen of all super bitches at our school" Hillary said almost struggling to find words to describe the blonde girl.

"Her names Clair Hamilton she's like the Paris Hilton of our generation except her parents don't own hotels her mums a senator and her dad owns a number of Millon dollar businesses, so she is totally rich" Mariah spoke up but in a low whisper so Clair wouldn't here her name.

"She is the biggest and bitchiest slut ever to have existed she has it in for me and Mariah big time but she usually doesn't try anything until we're alone if we are with the guys usually she just try's to flirt with Kai, she has the biggest crush on him" said Hillary adding more info to there conversation.

They had Meiley's immediate attention when they said Kai's name she already didn't like this girl even before Kai was mentioned "so on the hole this 'Clair' is a total twat" she stated clearly. Hillary and Mariah looked a little puzzled at her choice of words.

"uh what's a twat?" said a confused Hillary casting odd glances at Mariah who confirmed her confusion as well.

"you know what a prep is right" Meiley waited for there response and they nodded "well a twat is basically the same thing twat's just an English term for it I find it far more insulting and accurate" "ooohhhh" said Hillary and Mariah in unison.

"oh crap I think she's looking at us" Hillary said in a low and depressing tone, sure enough Clair had seen them she smirked at her friends and strutted on over closely followed by her sluty looking friends.

"hey girls" Clair said with fake innocence and walked over flicking her hair 'such a twat' Meiley thought resisting the urge to roll her eyes but promptly gave in. "so who's your friend" said Clair in an annoying tone. She looked Meiley up and down judging her by her appearance.

Hillary and Mariah were looking a little uncomfortable 'perhaps this girl is more intimidating then she seems' Meiley thought as she glanced over at her friends "I'm Meiley" she said casually.

Clair cocked her eyebrows "Meiley cool name I'm Clair Hamilton my dad owns Hamilton enterprises so you may have heard of me" she said combing a strand of long curly hair out of her face,

Meiley's dominant side began to rise she stood at her full hight and looked down open Clair and smirked "Hamilton enterprises…can't say I've heard of it" said Meiley smugly.

Clair looked offended but she wouldn't dare show it, she didn't know anything about this new girl and she wasn't about to give her the upper hand but even so Clair couldn't help but feel like she was being challenged by the way Meiley was standing.

Finally after an awkward moments silence Hillary spoke up "Meiley's new around here she wouldn't know anyone" she said defensively, she placed a hand on her hip feeling ready for a challenge.

"ohh" is all that came from Clair's mouth, Meiley crossed her arms giving the gesture that she was done with this conversation but Clair didn't take the hint "so were are you from" said Clair twirling a lock of her hair around her finger.

From Clair's judgment she was assuming that Meiley was just a common suburban chick nothing special but she had a certain quality about her that had caught her interest. "England" stated Meiley simply Clair nodded "so were are you staying my dad owns a really fancy hotel around here you should totally check it out" she said in an attempt to make herself more superior.

Meiley figured Clair loved to use her father to gain respect and terrorise others.

Meiley was mentally laughing at Clair she was so fake it was almost embarrassing to watch. Meiley smirked at her she knew that what she was about to say next would get on Clair's nerves big time and stay there "actually I'm staying with an old friend of mine from Russia, you may have heard of him though he was one of the bladebreakers" said Meiley in false innocence, she watched Clair's eyes widen, satisfied with her initial reaction, Meiley decided she would leave Clair guessing and dreading that it was Kai.

"oh my look at the time we should get those bags now aye" said Meiley in fake honesty as she briefly looked at her watch then motion for the others to start walking away.

It took a moment for Hillary and Mariah to get what Meiley was saying "oh, OH yeah we gotta go for…that thing later nice talking to you Clair" said Mariah smugly then trio walked of leaving Clair behind stunned with images of Kai and Meiley together.

"ha ha ha ha ha that was great did you see her face" laughed out Hillary as she linked her arms together with Meiley and Mariah and strolled down the halls of the shop.

After spending a few hours wandering around the shop Meiley eventually bought a leather Emily the strange bag for school and called it quits for the day. She said good bye to Hillary and Mariah then made her way down the streets until she found the pathway to the deserted beach.

Meiley took her shoes off and walk bare foot in the sand. The beach was empty not a soul in site Meiley know felt safe enough too release Rahki in the open (so long as she was in her miniature form)

"hey Rahki the coast is clear you can come out if you wish" said Meiley, she found a well hidden spot around the corner where no passer byes could see them.

A blue light emanated from her blade, the smaller flesh version of Rahki immerged and took her place beside Meiley.

"you sure its safe for me to be out in the open m'lady" said Rahki, Meiley nodded.

"I kinda miss home" Meiley said stroking the tip of Rahki's head, "I know but we will return in the holidays yes?" said Rahki telepathically, Rahki sensed something troubling Meiley, this was a common feeing for Meiley but even so Rahki didn't like it one bit.

"what's on your mind you seem distant" said the bit beast in a calm tone, Meiley stopped stroking Rahki's head and looked at her with a smile on her face, a gesture that had caught Rahki by surprise.

"I was just wondering about Kai, he spoke to me the other day, he said strange stuff was happening to him around the house, he complains that he keeps on seeing and hearing things a couple of days ago he said he could have sworn he saw a panther in the hallway" Meiley gave Rahki a suspicious look, Rahki crouched down with a guilty look spread across her features.

Meiley laughed lightly and continued "he asked me if I noticed anything I said I hadn't seen or heard anything but I couldn't get past the suspicious look he gave me" there was silence from Rahki, gazed up at Meiley eagerly.

"the thing is I'm considering letting Kai know about you but only what he needs to know like you are my bit beast and that we are connected bye a bond nothing about the matriarch issue what do you think?" Meiley faced Rahki with an expression that was totally lost for an answer.

Rahki sighed and thought about Meiley proposal "Kai is still adapting to the new Dranzer, she speaks to him in his sleep so it is only natural that he thinks strange things are happening…" Meiley cut Rahki off "what if those people come here to try and take me away again, shouldn't he know what's happening in my life if I'm going to live with him I can't help but think that not telling him anything is putting him in danger" she said worry in her voice.

"he will learn about us in time Meiley, and those people will not lay a finger on you, you wont let them and that goes for myself and Kai as well, but I do think it would be a good idea to tell Kai about our situation" Rahki spoke to Meiley in a comforting voice, which made her feel a lot better.

"ok" was Meiley's simple reply. And with that Rahki fused with her blade and Meiley made her way back home.

"where have you been" asked Kai the moment Meiley walked into the spacious living room, his sudden appearance made her jump a little.

"I went to the beach so sue me" she replied in protest, Kai shrugged and settled back down on the sofa listening to his mp3.

Meiley walked silently over to the sofa and took a seat next to Kai. She snuggled into his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist, Kai gave a small smile and placed a strong arm around her shoulders holding her close to him.

That afternoon's conversation with Rahki replayed through Meiley's head but she decided that she would not say anything just yet. "I met a girl who apparently goes to our school today" she said deciding she had, had enough of silence "her name was Clair" Kai chocked at the mention of her name he despised Clair she was always hitting on him and is the exact opposite of Meiley so there confrontation could not have gone well.

"what did she do?" he asked concerned that Clair might have done something if she new that Meiley was living with him, Meiley smiled cheekily "being the twat she is she tried to advertise herself in a way, I didn't buy it but in the end I won our little showdown and walked of leaving her speechless, I love messing with the minds of complete airheads she never stood a chance" said Meiley with self satisfaction.

Kai was impressed even Hillary was sometimes intimidated by Clair but Meiley was different she wasn't about to take any crap from Clair and he was glad. "what did you do" asked Kai out of curiosity and raised an eyebrow.

Meiley had a twinkle in her eye "that's my secret" she said and kissed the side of Kai's neck. Meiley hugged Kai and brought herself into a comfortable position bye his side.

She was just starting to feel settled went she was met with a massive surge of pain in her temple "AARRHH" she yelled in agony, Meiley moved away from Kai and placed a hand soothingly on her head in an attempt to kill the sudden headache.

Kai didn't know what to think a moment ago she was fine and now she is clutching her head obviously in pain.

"Meiley what's wrong?" he said a little panicky completely oblivious as to what was going on. Her reached for her but she pulled away, her head was pounding she slowly massaged her temples and the pain slowly evaporated.

She breathed a relieved sigh "that was weird" she said facing the floor afraid to move the slightest bit in case the pain returned. She had her fingers in a certain spot that relieved her of the pain a little trick she learned from a monk from a few years ago.

"What the hell just happened" said Kai, touching her back so lightly as though she would break. "it was just a headache…I think I should go to bed I feel kinda tired" Kai nodded and escorted her to her room.

Kai was a little worried he wanted to stay with her but Meiley insisted that she would be fine and that all she needed was some rest Kai left her bedroom and went to his own, sudden headaches her generally a bad sign for Meiley and she didn't want Kai to see her in pain again so she insist that he leave but come back in an hour or so to wake her up.

Meiley lay silent in her bed she took a few pain killers and some of her own medication 'it had to happen sooner or later Kai had better wake me up or I'm going to have another night terror, why else would I have such a sudden headache' thought Meiley before she drifted of to sleep.

An hour had passed and Kai had not come, he to had fallen asleep accidentally while he was listening to his music. It was dark and the mansion was as silent as the grave but not for long, Kai's eyes shot open and his heart was racing at a million miles per minute, a blood curdling scream pierced the atmosphere and filled his mind with dread.

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