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What would happen if Eiri Yuki and Shuichi never met in the park but, met a

diffurent way? will they still fall in love, or hate each other?

Rated: M+ (FOR Rape, lang, lust, gunshots,Some OOC, maybe more ?

Yuki+Touma, Yuki+Shuichi, Shuichi+Hiro+K, Fugi saki+Tatsuya+ Taki Aizawa?

Sorry i may go back and forth with the pov?

Sorry i'm new at this

Eiri : "Idiot!Can't even spell right!"

TammyLove: SLAP! I hit Eiri on the head for that!"

'Damn Eiri Yuki! So I misspelled diffurent'... "He is a cold hearted bastard

Shuichi : "Whaa haa! "

push's me away and put's his arms around Eiri's body and glanced at me and said,

"Noo!...No one touches my lover but me!"

Eiri : give a big smirk and turn his head so Shuichi doesn't see! And says "Baka! My Shuichi!"

He thows round shineing darts at me!

TammyLove: 'Where did he them from?' "Oww that hurts" as one hits my head

Sweat drops! I got too go! I start runing enjoy the story!




' thoughts'



Eiri's POV)

''It's been a Long Time since that day

I still remember how I was Betrayed by who I thought too be my best and chairitest friend

and menture!

It was a nice day in the park in New York

I went to go see Yuki there, after I had seen Touma

I thought 'Yuki Mite have some more story's for me too read' So I ran faster

"When I got there he was sitting by a tree. I stoped and say hello to him, But it came out as "Yuu-ki!"

I was a little emberisted by the way I called out to him

"I sat down next too him while trying to slow my breathing I told him "sorry! and sighed"

Then he laughed puts his book down glances toward his hand on my head to push some locks of hair from my face, and forgave me!

But then he asked me

He asked me too come with him too a secret quite area where I could read his story's!

'At that time I was 15 .'

Since I wanted to be a writer I said. "ok!" and I smiled at him

He took my hand, and we walked away from the park

That's when I noticed we were getting farther away! "I asked where are we going Sensai?"

He didn't say anything I got scared!

I started too struggle "Yuki-san!" "Yuki! "Please let me go!"

I pulled and pulled the next thing I saw was a hand with a white fabric cover my mouth

'I was scared soScared!'

I awoke a Little while later to find I was in a building

It looked old from what I could see from the room I was in

I was sitting on a old couch and I stood up as soon as I could

When I heard a door squeak open! 'It was Yuki!'

I Watched him come closer and Closer!

If I didn't see the lust in his face, the eerie smile, his strange voice,

and the hard touches from his hands, and his wet cold lips

'I...I would still have called him my friend!'

"But he! he had betrayed me!"

I heard the same door open and closed hard I heard foot steps getting closer, to me & Yuki-san

'I was hoping it was someone to help me!'

Yuki still had his lips on mine, while he slid his right hand down to my cock of my pants, caresting my member in order to make me get hot and aroused for sex

As I glanced up I saw two men hovering behind Yuki-san, One of them spook out toYuki with a deep voice "Yo Yuki! Save some for us man, that is why you told us to meet here of all pleaces!

When Yuki removied his lip slowly from mine, all I could do was gasp and paint asYuki still carested my memberYuki turned to the two on lookers and said,

"Well I had to do somthing to keep me entertained why I waited For you two!

I felt Yuki had let go of my member so he could get up off of the floor

I looked at Yuki Kawizawa and asked "Yuki-san Help me please!"

"Let me go! I- I won't tell any body not even Tohma-san!" Please Sensai! Don't do this!"

And all he did was smiled, and laugh then said: "NO!" Then he steped a sided and said: "All Yours!" And For Ten dollers! Gave me to the Two men...

"Heh He he yeah me first! The tall guy said. "You are my Bich now"

'I was scared! I ... I needed too get away some how!'

I saw them come closer! and closer!

And seen Yuki chuckle and taken in what he saw happening to me!

"All I thought of was how too get away? Then I saw the gun in one of the guys side part of the pants. I Thought If I can reach it! I mite be able too Scare them and get away!'

But before I knew it one of the two men grabed my hands holding them down over my head! While the other was trying too take my pants off!

I started too cry "NO" but was crushed by hard lips!

"Umm... this kid taste good!" He pressed harder into my lips!

I was shocked and "gaspsed for air" when he moved his lips towards my hips,

Then he unhooked the top button and unziped my zipper to my pants!

He reached in too see if I was hard

"FUCK" I can't wait, I'm going to fuck the kid now!

He pulled my pants and boxers off, Unzip his pants and loosens his member out of his boxers then pulls down his clothes half way too his ankels

I tried to struggle out of the other man's grip but it was to late...

"That man was having his way with me, as he entered inside me! He was hurting me as I cried!

The other man was still holding my hands down and told the other it was his turn. but they started too argue and my hands got looser! I took the chance and some how grab the gun!


By the time I realize what happen, I shot all of the men including Yuki!

'I...I was still in shock from being raped!'

"I was raped!" I said as I shaked Tears spilled down my cheeks

I didn't see Touma run in the room! As he grabed the gun out of my hand and huged me, I cried and cried to what he had said to me. "I - Its ok I'm here don't look I will take care of you,

"Your safe Eiri!" Your safe, and I will take care of this don't worry

"After that he told me, when I left him that morning he put a tracker on me and also because he was worried for my safety

Since I alway got into trouble with kids my age and older he needed too find me in time, but he didn't think Yuki would have done this

At that point of time I didn't remember all that happen too me "Until I met him



"Yes him! A young pink haired guy how turn my life up-side-down!"

'That Moron!' The day I met him I was walking down town Tokyo

I had too go do an interveiw that day and I stoped by a book store

Lucky I had my sun glasses on and a dark hair wig on none of people there recognized me

'Which was good!' I thought

As I walked in a young man bumped into me in a hury!

(end of pov.)


"OWWWEE! HEY!hey! Asshole watch where your going!" Shuichi said "Didn't you see me walken in here? Or did you have your nose stuck down in that book on the ground there!"

"BAKA!" Eiri said too the young kid "iratatedly moaned" While trying to get up

"What kind of Idiot runs too a book store like this and thinks it's ok to do that?

Or do you like to hit people and hurt your self! "You damn brat"

As he stood up he forgot his book that was on the ground still!

He sighed and when he bent down to grab it

His sun glasses fell from his face with a clank!

A piece of glass fell out of it Eiri was shocked and mad

'If it was'nt for the damned brat running into me,

My glasses would not have broke! and I would be at my interveiw by now!'

" Damn it all!" He said ''And he got my suit dirty too!''

As he grab the book and his glasses he got a chance too look at the kids face

"WOW" ' This kid is not bad looking!' He saw the kid had long pink hair that came to his shoulder blades on his back and his hair was cut short in the face,

and he had very beautiful purple eyes like a doll.

The young kid was wearing a purple and blue striped tank top and a pair of black shorts that came to his knees, and had a small pair of sneakers. Eiri he thought:

'If this kid kept his mouth shut! I would think he was a woman'

But he didn't wont too admited it to him Eiri smirked and was amused

As Eiri looked up

Shuichi had step back a little and was shocked too see a gorgeous face and golden eyes staring at him!

What Eiri looked like to Shuichi was a tall man with brown dark hair that came to his bottom of his neck. A Tiger yellow golden eyes if looks could kill , his eyes could draw you in and scare you too death as well as suave your soulHe had a earing stub in his left ear, he was dressed in a black business suit with a white under shirt, a red long tie, and a pair of dress shoes

Shuichi thought 'Was he going too a funeral?'

It took him a little while to get over the shock,

Then both said"Sorry" In a low voice as they looked at each other

Blush came over Shuichi face then Eiri started to laugh at this "Baka! Ha ha ha!"

Shuichi got mad at this and walked up too him and slapped him on the right side of his face! Eiri touched his face where the young kid hit him

"Damn it! Why the hell did you hit me? Damn kid"

Shuichi didn't give him an answer.

Thenhe turned around crossed his arms and gave him a mad look

All of a sudden tears fell down from his eyes,

Yuki looked at kids face and saw the tears and thought 'Damn this brat is so cute when he is mad' "Godwhat am I thinking!'' He shouted out loud as he looked up towards the sky!"

Yuki tilted his head down, to look at the kid's face and saw he stoped crying

He thought: 'This kid would be fun to tease,

anyway I got too go my interveiw I have no time for this mess'

He staired at the kid and said to him, "Have a nice life kid'

And with that walked away from the book store, but still got to hear the young kid say

"I am not a baka, and I am not a kid!

My name is Shuichi Shindou, and don't you Forget it!"

'What a brat that kid was I ran into today?' Thought Eiri.

He had figurd he better hurry too the the interview before his editor throw a book at his head!

As he started to turn the corner, he thought he saw someone in the ally way across the street but ignored it as he kept on going

What he didn't realize is someone was watching him and the youg kid he met

Across the street a man was whatching the book store and saw the two men patically a pink hair man


Taki Aizawa Pov.)

"Um mm mm! I think I see my next victimThat pink haired kid over there!"

'The brown haired man looks good too but he looks like a plain day man like all the other people I see come in and out of the store 'I think that pink haired guy over there will bring me some money!' Heh heh Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Fugi saki!" ''Yes!"

''I won't you too get the pink hair kid for me ,but don't draw a crowd too youok!

Oh and take a cupple of guys just in case the kid gives you a hard time and if you need more I will personaly send more I gave him a bottle and a white rag to use

IF he gives my boy's a hard time use this too put him too sleep,"HA HA HA! "

I watched them leave and I smiled knowing I will have that kid bring me some good money! I run a strip club on the side and I buy and sell men & women too people who order for play dates

In other words sex for money

"As long I get paid they can do all they want for a day''

'And I have some ruff customers that hurt or kill my goods, but I always find new ones Ha ha ha!

I also have customers who ask for guys and ladys with pink hair, But I think this guy can pass for both" I have another job as a singer by day I sing for the N-G Company, and by night a am the boss of my club

I looked too see Fugi tell the two guys where they should be in case it go down wrong Cain, the tall guy with long blond hair, blue eyes, green tank top, and blue jeans, and black sneakers was told too stand in the allyway so the kid can't get away when he tries to run!

Then he told Mahsa a heavy built man with dark short black hair cut above the neck line, gray/green eyes, a scar on his left cheek from a fight

A tan tee shirt with a short brown vest out lined with cotton, dark black shorts,

and tan snickers, to go stand next to the building out of sight and act like nothing is going on He did as he was told and waited for the sign for him too come and help. "1 hour... 2 hours... 3 hours... Damn when is this kid going too come out!"

I finally saw the kid coming out, but at the same time I saw the same blond guy coming down the street. ''If they are going too get the guy for me they better do it soon''

(end of pov)


("Shuichi's pov.)

'I had found a book I wanted to buyHis sister asked him too buy a book called "Time by: Eiri YukiI looked all over the place in the store, it tool 3 hours but I finaly! found it!" I looked inside too see what my sister liked about the Arthur?

WOW! he has a lot of books he wrote

"There is a photo in here humm he looks hot! But,...he looks familiar to me? But where ?

(I don't think I met him? I think it is just my imagination"But those eyes...

Slam: UGHH Not again!"

"Are you ok? " He asked me

I look up and saw a kid that had green short hair, brown eyes, a black collar around his neck, had a black short tee shirt, a pair of sports gloves, dark blue shorts, and

a pair of shoes

I asked him all kinds of questions like:

"Who are you? How old are you? And why did you bump into me for?

He was silent at first Then" My name is Fugi

I am 17 yrs." (Two younger then me!) "WOW"

"I'm not done!" He said too me

"Sorry my fault." I said too him. "Go on!

"The reason I bumped in to you is I am a friend of your mom" She told me to tell you she was going to the hospital!" "Why!" I asked "Your sister is there, and she asked me too pick you up!"

I was in shock

"Usaully my sister or mom call's me! (But I think I can trust him.)

I said,"Ok!" And I started to walk out the door...

( End of pov)


Shuichi asked..."Fugi where is the car?

"Down here! as he pointed to the allyway

"Umm are you sure?"

"Yes! It's across the street!

(Shuichi was worried about his sister that didn't see a guy standing there.)

" Oh um... excuse me!" Just then Fugi gave the single.

And Cain grabbed Shuichi by the waist, and he started too struggle "No! No! No! Help me! Somebody help ME!"

" No! Let me go! Hiro, K, Anybody!"

Shuichi started too cry and struggle more

"Ahh Fugi he won't stop moving so I can put the rag over his mouth!" said Cain.

"Then let me do it why you hold him!" said Fugi.


Eiri Yuki was happy too get the interveiw over with. "Now I CAN GET SOME R+R" for the rest of the day. "If I see that Damn brat again!

"I will gave him a piece of my mind!

'He made me late for my meeting and my editor told me since I was late,

I have to give her a gift and a new book by next month'

"Damn that stuped Brat!"

Eiri-san was passing by the bookstore when...

"No! No! No! Help me! Somebody help ME!"

" No! Let me go! Hiro, K, Anybody!"

Eiri-san decided to check out who was screaming! ''It sounded so familer''

"What's... Going... On ... Here...!"

"And what are you two trying to do too him?"

Eiri said. (With a loud and dangerous voice)"

Eiri-san ran into the ally way and hits the tall guy and he released Shuichi!

"Run go get out of here! "NOW! "


Well I hope you like my story! There is more too come!

will Shuichi get help? or will he help Yuki defend the atackers?

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