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What would happen if Eiri Yuki and Shuichi never met in the park but, met

a diffrent way? will they still fall in love, or hate each other?

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Trust & Revenge!

(Last time)

He looked down and saw a book the teenage kid droped and picked it up To Eiri's surprize it was one of the books he wrote called Time. Tears flowed from his eyes as for the pain and from knowing he failed to protect the kid He brought the book closer into a hug.

" I..I'm sorry Shuichi!" (sniff,sniff ) I'm so very sorry(sniff)."

He couldn't keep back the tears from falling when he closed his eyes. He pictured the kid's face, body, and voice pleading for help! As he glanced up,

he swore when he found Shuichi, he would protect him and seek revenge on who took him.

He didn't notice the two men behind him untill someone hit him hard on the back of his neck, he heard someone say " I think I got one of the petty thugs and I think his friends had roughed him up a bit."

"Maybe he can give us some info on where they took Shu-chan?"

Eiri-san fell forward with a thud, the last thing he heard was a gun click in his face.



Eiri's POV)

'I didn't know how long I was out but I was awaken by two voices that was arguing about what to do with me I felt that I was binded in a chair with my hands tied behind me and my mouth was taped.'

'I tried to loosen my rope to no avail they were tightly done I tried to see who was talkingbut to my surprizemy eyes were blurry from the blood from when Cain punched me in the face twice.'

'Then one pair of feet begain walk towards me as though he know I was a wake.'

'I close my eyes from my dizziness I felt when I was straining my eyes to see.'

'As I sat there the foot steps stopped next to my chair, I felt someone lean over my shoulder and I felt a cold tip of a gun being tapped against my head.'

( end pov)


Hey Wakeywakey eggs and bakey "If " you don't wakey I'll put a bullet though your head

" K wait!"

"I don't think you threating him with a gun is go to get Shuichi-chan back any time soon?"

"I know you think it is but do you think he will talk when he is dead!"

"Also for some reason this doesn't seem right, not knowing what happened back there."

"Let me take a try and see if we can get some where?"

K looked up too his friend with a smirk,

So what do you have in mind?

' K heard a low moan from their prisoner, He slides his hand down to the man's head, lifted his head up by his hair to see him face to face.'

Then he place the other hand over the tape on his mouth and ripped it off the man's lips.

# "OOOWWW! "

Wha -What the hell is your problem! And who the fuck are you pointing that gun at!

Eiri was really pissed off at his attackers and at himself for letting this happen.

Eiri felt the blood on his lip, he sucked some blood from it and spit it at the blond. ( bad move)

K took his hand and wiped the blood from his check, anger building inside took over.

He took the back end of his gun and slapped the man hard across his face twice.

' K felt two hands grab for the gun, and slid the gun out of his hand.

" Damn it K, what the hell are you doing?" his friend said in shock of what Mr. K was doing.

"Are you trying to kill the guy!" Because that is what it looks likes to me!''

"We are supposed to get info on where Shuichi was taken to, not to kill him.

' K looked at his friend, then at the guy in the chair with a new bruse on his check.

He tilt his head back and put his left hand behind his head as he laugh the anger away.

" HA Ha ha! Oopps! Sorry man I guest I lost all my self-control.

K glanced at his red headed friend and saw how dispointed he was with this situation.

" Sigh Man- o- man what am I going to do with you?" said K's friend as he shook his head.

The red headed man put his left hand on K shoulder, " K go sit by the window and let me take care of this.

K turned back to his friend and got close to his face,

" If you need me you know where to find me" said K as he smiled at his friend.

He starts to walk away then turns, " Hiro if it helps us, you can use any of my lovely toys on the table.

' Hearing this Eiri opened his eye's and tried to get a better look at the room.'

It was furnished with a love seat against the left blue wall , a T.V. in front of it.

As he scanned the room more, it had laced white curtains and a sliding window on a balcony near the front doorHe looked to his right and saw a painting on the wall of a swan, with a lake in the backround.

Then he realized he was in a hotel.

' Eiri desided to look at the small long table next to where he was sitting, he couldn't believe what was on it...

2- 45 miller metter pistols, a hunting knife, a needle with some kind of weird colored liquid, duck tape, spiked wire, hand granade, liquor of some kind, hand cuffs, a feather, a vibrating sex toy and "A whip!"

'What kind of shit do they think they are going to use on me!'

There... is no way they I am gonig to let them use any of that shit on me!'

And whats with the whip!' Eiri thought.

' Eiri tryed again to get free, Then he spotted the book that Shuichi drop on the table as well.'

He looked up at the red headed man hoping he had more sence and will be convinced who he was.

He took the chance to try to talk to him...

"Hey you! The red head, What is your name again?

'The man turned around to face their prisoner and pulled a chair in front of him but out of reach if he gets free.'

He sat in the chair with the back of the chair againist his stomach and his back facing the table behind him.

" None of your business unless you can tell me where Shuichi is!"

" And what is your deal! " We need to know what happen!" said Hiro.

'Damn it, I have no time for guessing games!' Eiri thought as he was getting more and more pissed off.

"Ok I will tell you butyou need to know who you have tied up here, other wise nothing will get done."

" First I need to know your name."

I don't think you want me to call you Hey you or Red head or any other name I can think of."

" Sigh" Fine, but if I tell you my name, You need to give me some answers to the questions I ask you.

"fine", anything to get this over with,"

"So what is your name?" Eiri asked with a little sarcasm.

" My name is Hiro and this guy over by the window is MrK-san" as he pointed to his friend.

"We are friends of Shuichi Shindo, and I was going to pick up Shu-chan today."

Hiro continued telling him what lead them to him...



'Hiro was on his way to pick up Shuichi and K-san after he was done work.'

He was runing late today! Hiro works in a Tokyo pub as a Bartender He loves it!

He has worked there for two and a half years He also respects his boss.

His boss Mike, lets him and his friends hang out when he isn't working, as long as K leaves he guns with the bouncer at the door The last time...

K tried too shoot his customers after he got so drunk, and had a fight with one person! Shuichi.

' Shuichi always had a taste for stage Every time when Shuichi came to the pub, he ask Mike if he can

stand on the stage and play a song or two that he made with his friend Hiro.

When Hiro had time he would go on stage and play his guitar with Shuichi.

As they were tunning there stuff, Shuichi's sister called and asked her brother if he can go to the book store and buy the newest book called Time by Eiri Yuki.

' Shuichi hesitated at first, then told his little sister ok When he got off the phone, he asked Hiro if he can take him to the book store and came pick him up, when he was done working Hiro said he would if and only if Shuichi gets him the Legendary Golden pastry fish The fish with hot strawberry filling.

The Tokyo news said it will be sold by the Tokyo Bay Book Store!

And the man selling these between ( 9:30 am. - 3:00 pm.)

( Tokyo Bay is the book store is where Shuichi was taken from)

' When I drop him off a block away, it was 12:50 pm. in the After noon.

I told him not to talk to strangers or get lost in the books and not to forget my Golden fish pastry

If you don't their will be consequences. Hiro said sternly.

As Shuichi exit K's car, Hiro told Shuichi he will pick him up after work.

When K and Hiro left... K told Hiro to take the car after he stops a gun shop two blocks from the book store. And to come get him first since they both know how Shuichi spend's a lot of time in a book store looking for new ideas for his songs, as well read some good books he likes.

And after K got out, Hiro left to go drive to work.

(end Flashback.)


"And after I came back to the store Thats when we found you beat-up shouting Shuichi's name, but K-san...

told me he seen two guys beat you up and you let them take him as if at the last minite change your mind,

And the others took it out on you" Hiro said as he was feeling guilty, of how late he got there.

Helean back a little to look at the guy and notice a little blond hanging in the front of his head.

Before Hiro could say anything, K walked back to Hiro and stood next to him.

"Now, answer My question Who are you?" Hiro asked with determination.

" Fine, But if you damned basturds tell someone who I am." He looked Hiro in the eyes.

" You wont see the light of day" Eiri said boldly.

" See that book you have on the table?

"Pick it up an look in the back of the book, you will see who I am." Eiri told him with his prize winning smirk.

Hiro did what he said to do, but when he opened the book, the photo that was in the book look nothing like the guy they had, and the name under the picture had the name Yuki , Eiri.

He wanted to debunk the guy "HA Ha ha! this is supposed to be you!"

" Come on you are joking Right the guy in the picture has blond hair, Yellow pericing eyes, and the Arther of this book!" Hiro said with a little more decisiveness.

He even showed K-san the picture and the name, K did look and thinks it isn't him but yet, something does look formiler some how?

"If this is you Do you know the how many books you had made before this one? K asked.

Eiri give him a sterned look "You Basturd! "Of corse it's me you prick" Eiri was getting annoyed with the guy.

"sigh" Damn it to hell 23 Oh wait ! no it's 27.

Eiri didn't want to use his trump card, but the look on this guy's face told him this is not going to be easy to exsplain"Look I have contaces in my eyes, and my hair my hair is a wig.

Thats why I don't look like the picture!"

"If you still don't think it's me then call the N-G Pro building, and ask for Tohma Seguchi" Eiri said.

" Hiro are you sure we can trust him to tell us the truth?"

" I mean he could be lying to us just to stall for his friends."

K said as he put his left hand up to scrach his fingers though his hair, with a questionable look on his face.

"I don't trust this guy, he mite have seen Tohma's picture and arical in the Tokyo news papper."

" This man is the only one we got going to help Shu-chan, we need to trust him."

" Even if we can use the truth serum on him, I need to get him to trust us enough to help us get him back."

Hiro looked at the man in the chair, " Will you help us find him?"

'Eiri glanced up at them both as if they were going to do something, if he said no.'

"Yes, but first call Tohma for me and get me the fuck out of this chair Now!"

Hiro was unsure if he should let him off the chair yet.

Very well! What is the number? Hiro asked with hope to get down to the truth.

Thank you, Eiri said It is... ( 899) 456-7890 ( made-up this, if it's not? Please don't kill me!)

'Hope Tohma is in today, other wise I am screwed!'

Eiri thought as sweat drops of fell from his left eyebrow.


(A half an hour later.)

Hiro waited on the line for someone to answer getting more and more frustrated.

Then he heard a click.

"Hello! Tokyo N-G this is Sora speaking May I help you?" A sweet young woman's voice came.

"Yes, is Mr. Tohma Seguchi is in today? And I would like to talk to him."

"Hold on Please let me check for you, He mite be here still,

May I ask what business you have with Mr. Seguchi today?"

"Sure, tell him it's a life and death call." Hiro said as waited for the answer.

"Ok hold Please"

Sora had put the man on hold and called up stairs to the boss's office.

At that time Mr. Seguchi was having a discussion about adding a new band to N-G Company, with Sakano an new producer and employee who wants to show he can make it in the music world.

"Mr. Sakano, I know you are looking for a chance to work in my company. But to do that, you need to find a band that is better then my band ASK, as well as Nittle Grasper my former band.

"Y..Yes!" I under s..stand! "B..ut But I need a little more time!" ah...

"I foud a couple of good leads of where some good bands play, ok maybe a little more then a couple,

and I think they are real good? "But...

Go on, But what Sakano?" Tohma askedsighing impantiently.

But I- I need a little more time to see if they willingly preform for you" He said meakly.

buzz... buzz...Buzz...Tohma pushed the intercom to his office"Yes Miss Sora?"

"Sorry to interupt Sir but you have a call on line one The man said it is a life and death call."

"Thank you, I think it mite be a crank call, so please tell him I can not except any calls."

"Ok, I will tell him...

" Oh if Eiri-san calls, Please send him though."

"Thank you." Tohma pressed the butten off.

"One of theese days... I need to get a crank call checker! Tohma thought.

" Click, Sorry for putting you on hold, But Mr Seguchi is not excepting any calls."

Hiro told the man in the chair what woman said.

'I am going to kill Tohma as soon as I get free!' Eiri said to himself half growled. Eiri turned to Hiro."Hand me the phone by putting it against my face! " I am going to give Tohma a piece of my mind."

"Hello? Miss Sora? Please put Tohma on the phone for me!"

" Tell him it is his Brother-in-lawEiri." He said in his best charming voice.

" Of corse I will wait one secend, I will get him."

buzz...buzz...Buzz... click"Sorry to call you again But Mr. Eiri is on the phone."

Tohma was surprized at first, then he thought he knew who it was earlyer was him.

As he reached for the phone, he thanked the receptionist, and sat down in his chair. He smiled as though his Eiri was sitting across from him and put the phone up to his ear. " Why hello Eiri, So nice to hear from you!" Tohma said so sweetly.

"STOP! the crap Tohma!" Eiri said angrely at how Tohma acted when he calls at times.

" Listen I am in trouble again and I need you to tell the guys who are holding me,

Who I am so they can let me go. Pluse I need a your help to fine some people to help look for a kid named...

But before Yuki could tell him the name,

Mr. K had took the phone away from Hiro's hand, and put it up to his ear.

"Ha ha! Hey MrSeguchi! How are yeah?

It's Mr. K! Is this guy, me and my friend have really Yuki, Eiri?" He said in his cheerfull voice.

"Um..."I am afraid so" Tohma said sadly upset that Eiri is in trouble again.

"Well this is interesting! Huh we were going to have some fun using the truth serum on him, but since he is telling the truth, I guest he can help us find my friend Shuichi."

" Oh by the way hows your wife doing?"

'Hiro & Eiri was shocked to know Mr. K-san knew the N-G President!'

" The last time I seen you was at an Art sale in Shemagine Art Gallery in down town Tokyo."

"And I seen you looking at Art picture of a vase with different flowers in it, and the lady who you introduced to me as your wife Mika asked you to buy the painting for your home." K said.

"Ah! Yes I think I remember now!" Tohma said as sweat drops start rolling down his forehead." You were the blond headed american man who brought thoose guns there,

after two men tried to robbed us, I mean As me & my wife walked out of the art Gallery."
So how did you get Eiri? Tohma asked courteously worried." Well... You see, we had found him in the ally behind the Tokyo Bay book store, And he was beaten up by some guys who took my friend Shuichi Shindo... And when me and my friend found him, We thought he was with them since he didn't tell us his name, So now he is tied up in a chair and giving us a hard time."

" I see well if you can...

please stop by my office with Eiri, and we can see what I can do about your so called friend."

He smiled as if he was going to get even with them for tying his Eiri up.

He had grined even more as he pitured the men tied up in a chair, and Eiri beating the hell out of them.

' this is going to be fun playing cat and mouse.' Tohma leaned back in his chair thinking how to get even with them as he waited for a response.

"OK! I will see you soon Mr. Tohma Click" K smiled as he looked over to Eiri, Yuki.

K-san put the phone down on the table and walked to Eiri-san who stared up at him.

He took his left hand and cuped Eiri's chine so he was looking strate at him,

You still didn't tell us what happend to Shuichi?

"Whatever, I tell you what I know, But it will be the short version."As he said with a wide grin.

Eiri told them what happen to Shuichi and him, and watched as the two men looked at him with shock!

(A/S..Sorry I didn't want to type the whole story!)

Eiri tore his head away, and "Damn it! Now, we don't have time for this shit!"

" Let me go now!" Eiri said as he struggled with the rope.

As he was doing this the chair fell back, his shuolders and head hit the floor.

K took the opportunity and took the hunting knife and cut the ropes, He stepted away as Eiri slowly got up.

Hiro watched as the man stood up glanced at K-san with a glare that said Kill, But before Hiro could say anything...Eiri lift up his fist and hit K-san in the mouth so hard that K flew back and land it shoulders first against the wall.

K-san looked up rubbing his chin, " My my That was a hard hit, What was that for?"

" Eiri grin as he leaned against the exit door since he was still hurt and tryed to catch his breath,

"That! was for you hitting me with this Damned gun!" (Some how Eiri grabed the gun K-san had on him.)

Eiri glanced over to Hiro, "Now" Why dont You, me, and the damned yankee over there, take a trip to the N-G Pro building."

Eiri pointed the gun toward the Hiro "Since I can't stand to long, I think you will help me leave safely."

He waved the gun for Hiro to come over to him, and his leaned against him with his arm wrapped over Hiro's neck. As he put the gun away, he glanced over the where K-san sat, " Lets go Yankee, unless you want to stay here?" He asked with a teasing smile.


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