Card-Techor Karu

What happens after Sakura captures all the Clow Cards; eventually grows up and has children? And what if everybody forgot about the legacy of the Clow cards and sets their sights on the future, where technology rules the Earth? This is set many generations after the present day and much has changed… And it's also about Karu-Lin, Sakura's great, great grandson, who dreams of a time when much of the Earth was untouched by technology and unknown to him; he will be a legendary hero beyond his time- he will be... The Card-Techtor. Meet the futuristic generation of the Cardcaptors in the changed Earth…

Karu Lin: Sakura and Li Showron's descendant. A brash, auburn-haired, courageous boy with a kind personality, he doesn't always mean what he says- most of the time. He may be rough on the outside (like Li) but inside, he's a real softie when it comes to helping people (Like Sakura). His best friends are Chesham (a boy), Richie Choy (a girl) and Zachuay (another boy).

Talyon Desoon: Madison Taylor's descendant. A shy, insecure girl in Karu's school, she has the power to see the past and the consequences it has on the future. She has an old fashioned way of viewing things and it makes people write her off as 'weird'. But she is a great consoler and she has knowledge. She likes photos and reading fashion magazines. She has very few friends and this makes her melancholy. She has unknown powers.

Mai Ralen: Meilin's descendant. Her dad left her when she was just a baby. Wonders about her past, she is usually dreamy and naïve. She was born in Euro-Asia (the future Asiatic world) and she has liked Karu since she had first met him at school. Knows the ancient martial arts and is a technological genius. Not only that, she is also popular with people, much to the jealousy of Talyon.

Leo Deoreno: Descendant of Eriol Moon. He watches over Karu and his team as he progresses to recapture all the Clow and Sakura cards. He is one of Talyon's few friends and is distant and mysterious to others. He likes to joke.

Robo-Kero: Still the same cuddly, cake-loving Kero from when Sakura captured the Clow cards, but he had a totally cool transformation into a robotic figure! When he transforms, he becomes Robo-Keroberos!

Sakura's Spirit: Released from her Clow Key when Karu wears it, she often guides Karu into the right decisions. Is in the form of her 10 year old self. Only her descendant, Karu, can actually see her and talk to her. She is mentioned in the local legend of Todae (future Tomeda) as an ancient heroine.