Karu felt as though he was about to explode with amazement. He glanced cautiously at the claimed feminine robotic being...
"But how could this be? Chelsea, you were supposed to be long gone. I'm Karu." The lady sighed nogliastically, almost as if she regretted telling him this information. "Are you telling me the truth, and how did you know Brendan?" He reinsisted questioning her, "Just tell me whether Sakura knew you were like this." Karu almost shouted, it was unbelievable that this lady... knew of his great grandmother after so long. Was it possible that she had stumbled onto this black-market scheme?
"Alright, what is my ancestor afraid of?" challenged Karu, he had to make sure.

"Ghosts and supernatural things," Chelsea replied cooly. Yep, she was telling the truth. Should he trust her with what he was about to learn? Chelsea could have valuble information, but he must proceed with caution. There was no telling when Brendan would awake from his consciousness. Maybe her ancedote would tell him things he wouldn't otherwise know from Robo-Kero. Besides, the robot kept some things away from his ears.

"It's a long story... It all began shortly after your Sakura started high-school," Chelsea began haltingly. "It was a fine spring morning, the air was crisp and the wind smelt of ripeness and such cleaness. Sakura and Rita were all telling each other jokes when it happened. We were caught unaware, I was so shocked at the event that time seemed to stop. A stray moment of fate intevened as a dark vehicle approached from the skies. This was unlike any other machine we had ever seen, it glistened with a metallic sheen and purred with a vengance of firepower. The vehicle was not like anything we ever saw, it hovered above the ground of its own accord. This happened all too soon. It aimed at us and I intercepted the resulting beam... But Sakura saved me, sort of... I never knew until then that she was gifted at magic. But the damage had been done," She turned away.

"The person on the vehicle later told us that he had come from the time-period of 'Larruti'. His name was Brendan, he offered peace but at a price. He told us that my friend's lives would be spared - but only if he could gain the Clow Cards illegally to sell on the black-market... When Sakura refused and declined his offer, he threw a tantrum and yelled at her, saying that he would in the 'far-fetched' future be waiting for 'a change of mind'... Or so he said." "Of course, Sakura never changed her mind but several months later everything had changed for the worst. And there was nothing anyone could do about it. Don't ask." Her expression was cryptic as she studied Karu, wondering whether he was truly Sakura's descendant. He had the same coloured hair as his father, but a youthful yet stocky body complimented his form. Karu Lin's mouth was hanging open at this recount.

A drab image of horror was starting to form in his mind, almost as clear as day... He could swear that the machine was similar to his own, but darker and more sinister. Shaking away his thoughts, the image soon vanished. But how did she get here, she mentioned not knowing his anscetor had magic... Somehow he must get out of this awful place, Karu stared up at the bare ceiling, a frayed rope hung from it swinging gently. First he must get back his deck of Clow-Cards...

"Chelsea. I know Brendan is gonna rue this event, but please allow me to achieve this?" The amber eyes begged the lady.
"Well, as long as Brendan is not awake, I'm not under his control. You see, neural connections. So against his will, it's okay for me to disobey when he's not online. Besides I thought you are legendary descendant of my dear friend Sakura?" she teased him slightly. Karu nodded rather stiffly, he stretched out his hand to receive the cards... "Don't trick me," he warned Chelsea.
"You have my word, Karu." Chelsea promised, "I trust that you know how to get out." The CardTector chuckled at this...
"That's difficult: rocket power!" Karu shouted, commanding his Aero-skates to flare up