I thought of this in like 5 miutes and well I kinda messed around with a song and presto oh and just somthing to enjoy while I finish my other fic The Switch enjoy.

Sitting by the river with some strange new friends

stay out today and out tomorrow

we know it'll be untill the eeend

and we're walking along the path that we all chose

searching for jewels and fighting battles

I can't resist the day, no I can't resist the day

and Sango screams out and it's no pose

cause when she fights she goes and goes

and veer through the night on an inside joke

and I'm so excited I've barely spoken

and she's so so pretty and she's so strong

and I'm not as clever as a girl like her

summer's all in here, summer's ending soon

it's all right and it's nice not to be so alone

but I'll hold on to the secrets in Sacred Well

maybe i'm a little bit over my head and I come undone at the things he said

and he's so cute in his bright red haori

we were all so happyand we all got hurt

betrayel and death struck us all

and I miss the smell of gasoline in the summer heat

it's all too much for me, it's all too much for me

it's alright and it's nice not to be so alone

but I hold on to the secrets, in Sacred Well

maybe you were all faster than me

I gave up so easily

and maybe somethings were never meant to be

I feel so far from where I've been

so I go and I will not be back here again

and I'll hold on to the secrets of Sacred Well

I put my injuries all in a bind

but in my heart it's just the 5 of us and Sacred Well

you, maybe you'll remember me

but my memories will never fade

Sacred Well

Sacred Well

Sacred Well

-The End-