Ok…this story is a pretty old idea but hopefully it'll be funny!

Hiei shivered in the cold. Grr, he forgot his cloak at Yukina's house. (A/N: NO, not like that! They weren't doing anything! I do NOT read or write incest! It's sick and wrong!) Oh well, another reason to go to Yukina's house. Lalala…

He walked up to Yukina's door and knocked. And knocked. And knocked again.

No one answered.

Oh well, he thought. Maybe no one's home. He was just going to get his cloak, so he went in anyway.

He walked down the hall to the kitchen and found his cloak. Putting it on, he walked back out when he heard a weird sound coming from a closed door. Curious, he walked up to it and was about to grab the doorknob when he heard voices inside. It sounded like Kuwabara and Yukina. Uh-oh…

If he is doing ANYTHING kinky with Yukina in there, Hiei thought, I will pummel him to the ground, gut him alive, and chop him into little twitching chunks.

Pressing his ear up to the door, he began to practice the art of eavesdropping. Hahaha…

"Ow, that hurt, Kuwabara."



"Is it coming out yet?"

"No. I think it's stuck in the hole or something."


"Why are we doing this again?"

"Because you asked me to."

His sister! His dear sweet innocent sister had asked the ugly idiot to…to…twitch…

"Tell me if any wet stuff comes out."


"Yes, I know Kazuma, but it's a natural part of the body. No need to be disgusted."


Little scuffling sounds. Then…

"Yukina, something wet is coming out…oh, God, the hole is BLEEDING!"

Twitch TWITCH twitch TWITCH…

"NOO! Owie, it hurts!"

"Sorry! I think the reason it's not coming out was because it was too wide…remember how you had a hard time getting it in?"

"Oh yea…that hurt…"

"What do you think we should do?"

"Maybe we should put something slimy on it…like lotion or something."


Little noises.


"Oh…this is…awkward. Oh yea. This is a REALLY awkward position."

By now, Hiei was on the floor convulsing and he was having a MAJOR seizure.

"Oh, it's slipping, it's almost out…GOT IT!"

"Yay! Wow, the hole is so…hard…and wet…"

"Well, if you don't put anything in for a while it it'll get soft and squishy and the hole might close up."

Hiei burst into the room, screaming, "Oh my GOD! WHAT IN SEVEN HELLS ARE YOU DOING? I'M STANDING AT YOU DOOR LISTENING TO THINGS LIKE 'OH, IT'S SO HARD' AND 'THE HOLE'S BLEEDING' AND-" He kept ranting as Kuwabara and Yukina looked at him with confused expressions on their faces.

"—AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I'M NOT EVEN GONNA ASK. I'M JUST GONNA GO GET SOME PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP!" And with that, Hiei jumped out the window, cackling maniacally. Yep, he's definitely lost it.

"That was certainly…interesting," said Kuwabara, holding up the earring that they had been trying to get out of Yukina's ear. "Anyway, Yukina, if you don't put the earring back then the hole will close up and you'll have to-"

The End.

Okay, that was sort of based on a real-life experience. I was trying to get my earrings out because it had already been six weeks, so the hole wasn't SUPPOSED to close. It took a real long time and then my ear started bleeding. Then I had to put it back in since the hole could close back up anyway even though it had been six weeks, but it wouldn't go back in. And it started bleeding again.

I might write a sequel about Yukina trying to get her earring back in, and then a sequel after that about Hiei going to the psychologist's office.

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