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Rating: M just to be safe due to mature themes

Summery: A story of love loss pain and revenge, how far will Remus go to find his true love? Slash which is a male&male relationship. If you do not like do not read. Major spoilers for OotP and spoilers for PoA & GoF

A/N: My first fic and I hope you like it.

Amor vincit omnia

Remus Lupin was sitting in his favorite chair. Alone surrounded by darkness, the dials on the muggle radio were providing the room's only source of light. Remus preferred it this way, this way he could ignore the constant reminders of his loss. Everything in his home reminded him of Sirius. It's been a week since Bellatrix killed Sirius and sent him through the veil. A week ago everything ended for Remus. He wanted nothing more than to jump through the veil after Sirius; his life was forfeit without his mate. His light brown hair had grayed more this past week and his amber eyes were red and sore from tears. He lifted his glass and drained it, feeling the liquid burn its way down his throat, hoping the fire whiskey would numb his pain.

"…I can tell you my love for you will still be strong…"

Remus turned towards the radio sighed and changed the station.


"…my favorite dreams of you still wash ashore…"


"…Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling…"

"I hate the radio."

He turned the bloody nuisance off and sat back closing his eyes. All he could see were images of his love, a fresh wave of tears threatened to over take him.

Remus felt a hand run through his hair. He recognized the touch and leaned into it.

Warm soft lips touched his; he was drowning in the taste and smell that was clearly Sirius. He opened his eyes saw Sirius before him. Remus noticed a medallion hanging around Sirius' neck, three wolves and a woman wearing a wolf pelt adorned it. Remus reached out and touched the medallion; he quickly withdrew his hand when he felt the burn of silver.

"Why are you wearing that?" Sirius held it before Remus smiled and disappeared. Remus looked around the room trying to find Sirius but instead found Bellatrix. Remus sprang up from his chair and pulled out his wand, but he was too late. She had already cast a spell, and Remus was hit with a jet of red light and was thrown across the room.

Remus awoke with a start. His head hurt he was covered in sweat, his heart was racing. It took him a moment to realize it was just a dream. What a weird dream, it felt so real, Sirius' touch, that damned silver medallion. Remus looked at his hand and saw the imprint of three wolves and a woman wearing a wolf pelt burned into his flesh.

Remus chewed his lower lip and stared at the burn. Almost expecting it to come alive and answer his questions. What had happened? What did it mean? What was Sirius trying to tell him? What was with that blasted medallion? Why the hell was Bellatrix there? Was Sirius alive? He was shocked into sobriety. He stood up and walked into the kitchen and proceeded to brew a pot of Earl Grey tea. Tea would help; it would clear his mind and help him make sense of it all. When it was done he placed the pot on a tray along with a creamer and his favorite mug. He looked at the mug and couldn't help but smile. Sirius had gotten it for him back at Hogwarts. World's Greatest Teacher was scrawled on it; Sirius thought it was both amusing and fitting for Remus. Remus always drank from it. Remus took the tray and walked into his study. He placed the tray on his desk and sat down. He closed his eyes and replayed the dream, Sirius, medallion, wolves, woman dressed in wolf skin, disgusting really, Bellatrix and red light, Remus' breath hitched at the last memory… red light… red not killing green. Sirius was not hit by Avada Kedavra, not killed; hit by red, red a stunning spell. He was stunned! He was not dead when he went through the veil. Was he telling me he was still alive? Could he survive and if so for how long? Too many questions not enough answers. Remus needed to find out more about the veil. He poured a cup of tea; it was going to be a long night. He scanned the numerous books, and started to pull several out. If there is one thing Remus excels at its research. He was most at home with his nose deep inside a book.

"The veil is located in the Death chamber of the Department of Mysteries. No one who has passed through the veil has come back. Some claim to hear voices from behind the veil. Its origins are unknown. It is assumed to be a gateway from the dead to pass through. What magic it possesses is also unknown."

Well that's just bloody fucking helpful thought Remus. He took a sip of his tea and reached for another book. The stack of helpful books was getting smaller and smaller. He could not believe that his beloved books were letting him down, they never had before.

"The veil is located in the Death chamber of the Department of Mysteries. No one who has passed through the veil has come back. Some claim to hear voices from behind the veil. Its origins are unknown. It is assumed to be a gateway from the dead to pass through. What magic it possesses is also unknown."

"They didn't even bother to site the source, blatant plagiarism!" Remus took a deep breath to refocus his efforts. He picked up the last book. It contained pictures of the veil from every conceivable angle. His books let him down Remus could not understand how that was possible. He had always thought that any answer was to be found within their pages. He folded his arms on his desk and rested his chin on them, looking at the spread of useless pictures and useless books. This was a crazy idea anyway what was he hoping to find. Losing Sirius had made him nutters, having bizarre dreams and spending all night looking for who knows what. Sunlight was starting to fill the room. He stared at a picture of the archway, his bane, when suddenly he bolted upright. He gave the picture a closer inspection. He pointed his wand at the page and said 'augeo' and the picture was magnified. A smile crossed his face all was not lost yet. On the picture of the dais he could now clearly see a rune. This was promising he just had to figure out what culture used that rune and then maybe he could find out who that woman with the wolves is. Remus felt his spirits lift he just needed to hit the books again. How could he have ever thought books would fail him? After another pot of tea he found the rune. It was Idho, for the yew tree indicating change, life path, death, destiny, rebirth, reincarnation it was an Ogham symbol used by the Celts. Remus quickly searched the shelves and pulled out an old and dusty tome.

"The early Celts did not build temples in which to worship their deities, but held certain groves of trees to be sacred and worthy to be places of worship. Some trees were considered sacred themselves…"

Remus searched the desk for his buried quill and parchment.

"…There are only very few recorded archaeological discoveries which validate the sacrificial process…"

He grabbed another book.

"…The old Celts did practice human sacrifice. Mostly it was used as a convenient way to dispose of prisoners of war."

"Well did they practice human sacrifices or didn't they?" growled Remus.

"Cowardice was looked down upon. Choice of sexual orientation was liberal."

"An opened minded group that's good to know"

"The Celtic culture was NOT a historical culture - meaning it had no written history."

"Bloody hell, how am I to find anything without a written history!"

"They were simply supernatural, immortal or near immortal counterparts to humanity with the added power of magical abilities. They were subject to the same whims, desires, and jealousies as humans. They were not believed to normally intervene in man's affairs, but could be persuaded to do so by appropriate sacrifices and entreaties."

"The Otherworld of Celtic belief was the dwelling place of the gods and other supernatural beings. It was a place of feasting and joy. It was not a heaven, a reward such as some modern religions believe in, but a magical counterpart of the natural world which every person, regardless of behavior in life, would enter after death. The Otherworld was as real to the Celts as the natural world, and although humans did not normally visit it prior to their death, stories of such visits - or visits to the natural world by Otherworld folk, were accepted as valid."

Remus drifted off to sleep his nose in a book.