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Summery: A story of love loss pain and revenge, how far will Remus go to find his true love? Slash which is a male&male relationship. If you do not like do not read. Major spoilers for OotP and spoilers for PoA & GoF

A/N: My first fic and I hope you like it.

Chapter 7

"Stop!" Remus froze at Airitech's word his heart was racing; sweat was beading on his skin. He was breathing heavily; he did not like the interruption. If he was going to do this he wanted to do it now and get it over with. He was afraid his conscious would take over and he would not be able to commit to the act and he would lose his chance to get Sirius back. His hand was trembling still holding the dagger over Bella's heart.

"If I need to kill her in order to get Sirius back I will. She is the reason he is gone, she doesn't have an ounce of good in her she deserves to die." Remus looked at Airitech waiting for her command to continue.

Airitech watched Remus. She could see the resolve etched upon his face. He would kill Bella, as he should she was an enemy. She knew that this act would cost him. He had never harmed another. Even in his wolf form she knew he took every precaution for the safety of others. He had a purity about him and killing Bella would taint that. She also knew he would do anything for his lost mate. However she did not want to cause Remus to lose that purity. She saw the love he held in his heart and could tell he was loved in return. He had summoned her. She thought she had been forgotten yet, he had awoken her. He was a werewolf one of her kin and as such was asking a boon from her.

"No I will not ask you to strike the fatal blow."

"No, I have to get Sirius back! I said I would and I will." Remus turned his gaze from Airitech to Bella. He looked her squarely in the eye and moved the dagger to her heart.

"I said no! I will not have you take her life." She watched as Remus' expression filled with defeat and despair. Airitech smiled at him. "Do not worry my child I will return Sirius to you. He is much more than just your mate, he has much left to offer. I will return him and take her in his place. She can spend the rest of eternity wandering among the lost and truly come to grips with the term suffering."

Remus could not believe what he heard. He was getting Sirius back and Bella was being sentenced to a life of suffering. He vaguely registered Bella's screams of protest. He opened his mouth to thank Airitech but he could not find the words. He just stood there with his mouth open. Airitech walked over to him and smiled.

"My child I hope you never have to take another's life. I want you to never have to experience that and certainly not by my request." She looked into his amber eyes and saw how grateful he was. She leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips.

"Never forget who you are."

And before Remus could tell her his gratitude she was gone. She was gone along with the wolf and Bella. Silence filled the air. His heart was pounding so hard, his eyes scanned the clearing hoping to find Sirius. It seemed an eternity had passed and he was starting to lose hope when he noticed a shadow among the trees.

"Sirius is that you?"


Remus searched to find the source of Sirius' voice. He saw Sirius emerge from the trees and ran towards him. He had so many questions to ask Sirius but he simply caught his

face in both hands and kissed him. Sirius let out a half-sob, half-moan, and his hands tightened on Remus' robes. For a few moments Remus thought he was dreaming again. He was lost in the scent and warmth of his mate. All he could see or breathe was Sirius.

Sirius pulled out of the embrace and looked at Remus.

"What happened? How did I get back? Are you ok and how is Harry?"

Remus was unsure if he should tell him the truth but knew he could not lie. Sirius could always tell when he wasn't telling the truth. He took a deep breath and proceeded to tell Sirius the previous day's events all the while chewing on his bottom lip.

"Remus what were you thinking? How could you have done that? You used dark magic. You sold your blood to Mr. Borgin. You captured Bella and intended to kill her. You were going to kill another even if it was Bella. Did you think about what you would do if it had not worked? What if you get caught?"

Remus decided to end Sirius' questions with a kiss. He did not want the kiss to end. He thought he would never again feel these lips, feel the warmth of Sirius' body.

"I did what I had to get you back, Sirius. I was lost without you and would have done anything to get you back. If that had meant killing Bella I would have. In a heartbeat, I can not imagine living without you."

Sirius considered what had just been said.

"I can't blame you one bit. I would have done the exact same thing, in a heartbeat." Sirius smiled and drew Remus closer. He couldn't believe what Remus had done for him. He had rescued him from death. Whatever the consequences they would face them together. He was never going to leave Remus again.

"Let's go home luv we have to make up for lost time." With a wink and a smile he put his arm around Remus and they walked towards the trees. They were going home.

The End