"That good now one last push" Said the Dr. to that gave one last push as Dr. took the baby in into the blanket as it cried its first breath. "Its hearth baby boy Ms. Inverse I still can believe triples very rare for your kind. So what are you going to name them?" dr. asked

"How about Brittany Liana for my Blond black spotted headed oldest and for the wild children" pointing at the fighting red black spotted haired girl with red eyes. "How's Ranko Lina for the girl." pointing at blue eyed red black spotted haired boy. "And Ran…"

"MA" chorused the two girls and boy looking up at their mother smiling as only

Babies can. "Ok then." Laughing Ms. Inverse said "Ranma Luna it is."

Later that night

"Did you get them back Xellos" asked Ms. Inverse to the 'OLD' family friend

Xellos replayed "Damn I sorry but we only could get Ranko back the woman got away with Ranma and your ex got Brittany I Sorry CRYNA."

(AN) What do you think so for good Idea bad please tell? But know this is my first attempt at writing a story for people to read that I'm will to let people read.