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Summary: Tea's hopes of being with Yami are hopeless. Brad Phoenix, an American exchange student, develops a crush on the beautiful brunette. Will Tea accept Brad's love, even if he is dense and a bit goofy?

Pairings: Tea x Brad. Slight Yugi x Ryou and Seto x Yami

It was a beautiful autumn day on October in Domino City, Japan. The 17 year old brunette, Tea Gardener, was walking down the sidewalk and stopped in front of the Domino High School. She sighed sadly, mainly because she always thought that her and Yami were meant to be but it turns out that the pharaoh started going out with his rival and the CEO, Seto Kaiba. 'I guess some things were never meant to be' Tea thought depressingly. She walked in the entrance and towards the doors.

Also outside of the school, a 14 year old American boy walked in the entrance and looked at the huge school. He had wild black hair with jagged bangs, his hair style was very similar to Bakura's except the hair stopped halfway to his neck, purple eyes, sharp claws, semi-pointy wolf ears that his hair covered, and stood about 5'8". He wore the blue school uniform; the jacket was open to reveal a red t-shirt with a silver wolf symbol on it, red fingerless gloves, and red sneakers with blue trimming. 'So this is my new high school? Looks pretty big alright' he thought, grinning as he showed his canine fangs. He adjusted the straps to his backpack and ran to the entrance like excited okami-jin he was.

In the school, Tea arrived in her homeroom, seeing Yugi and Ryou play a duel monsters game. She couldn't help but smile, thinking that the two looked so adorable together and that they were very close like brothers. She chuckled when she saw Ryou pout.

"This is the tenth time you beat me." Ryou pouted. He would never let such small things get to him but this… this was unacceptable.

"Come on, Ryou. You're still getting there and besides, you almost had me." Yugi smiled sweetly and placed his hand on his lover's hand.

"I suppose so." the British hikari gave a slight smile on his face.

Tea chuckled at Ryou's and took her seat. She glanced at her other friends, seeing Joey and Duke teaching Tristan how to play Duel Monsters. The pointy haired teen played the game before against Nezbitt in Noah's virtual reality world. The teacher walked in and went to her desk to get her paperwork done like always. Just then, the principal came into the class and made a gesture for the teacher to make him outside. She nodded and went outside. After a minute of hearing this, she came back in and cleared her thought.

"What's going on?" Tristan asked aloud.

"Don't know… but is it something important." Duke replied to Tristan.

"Whatever it is, it had better be good. Last time she said something important, it put me to sleep." Joey sighed and shook his head.

"Class, I want you all to meet our new exchange student from America." Mrs. Honda, the homeroom teacher announced.

Just then, Brad walked into the classroom, "Good day, fellow stud—Yah!" he exclaimed, tripping over his own shoelaces. He started to fall forward but stopped himself by placing one hand on the ground and turned his head, showing his prized grin.

"He's even goofier than you Joey." Duke teased.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever dice boy." Joey replied with his usual sarcasm.

"Wow, he kind of has Bakura's hair style." Yugi noted.

"Indeed." Ryou nodded in agreement.

Tea shook her head, 'Freshman, always trying to show off' she thought. The brunette sighed and decided to ignore the American okami.

"The names Brad Phoenix and it's an honor to be in Japan." Brad grinned and noticed Tea. His purple eyes widened, amazed by Tea beauty. 'Wow, she looks beautiful! Knowing her she's gonna be a really nice person and full of character' he thought in awe. Seeing a vacant desk next to the older girl, Brad walked up and took his seat next to Tea.

Tea's blue eyes gazed at Brad and shifted her body, "Oh, hi. I'm Tea Gardener… um, welcome to Domino High School." the brunette said kindly and showed a slight smile.

"Nice to meet you, Tea. Say, can you give me a tour around the school?" Brad asked, giving her big puppy eyes and smiled sweetly, showing his canine fangs once again.

"Sure, I'd be honored." Tea replied with a nervous chuckle. 'Oh great, not only is he a goofball, he has fangs. Now he REALLY scares me' she thought, frightened of the okami boy's appearance once she got a good view of his claws and fangs.

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