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Summary: Tea's hopes of being with Yami are hopeless. Brad Phoenix, an American exchange student, develops a crush on the beautiful brunette. Will Tea accept Brad's love, even if he is dense and a bit goofy?

Pairings: Tea x Brad, Yugi x Ryou and Seto x Yami

On October 30th at school, the gang kept on talking about what they were going to wear for Halloween. Joey kept on nagging how about he wanted to dress up as Nicholas Wolfwood from Trigun. Despite the discussion of costumes, Brad was leaning back against the walls, having his eyes closed and thinking about Tea. The junior had made a big impact on his life. Normally the kids would be scared of the okami-jin's canine fangs, semi-pointed ears, and sharp nails. However, when Tea came into his life, he knew she was freaked out at first but instantly got over it and saw him as an individual.

"Hey Brad. Earth to Brad, this is Duke calling." Duke waved his hand in front of the freshman's face.

"Man, he's a heavy sleeper than us Joey." Tristan commented in awe.

"Yeah, it takes something loud like your snoring to wake me up." Joey agreed.

Tristan glared at the blonde pup but decided to let the comment slide. Tea had walked into the classroom and noticed the three boys trying to wake up her young boyfriend. She chuckled and shook her head, thinking it was somewhat funny. 'I guess I better show them how it's done' she thought and walked up to the young boy. The strong brunette leaned in and placed a kiss on the okami boy's right cheek. Brad's eyelids instantly opened and his purple eyes made eye contact with the girl's light blue orbs. He had a cheesy grin on his face when it came to her.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty, did you enjoy yourself?" Tea teased playfully.

"I guess you could say that." Brad winked.

"So that's how it's done." Tristan said aloud and looked at his two friends.

Duke and Joey backed away from the pointy haired junior, knowing what he was thinking. Tristan had a confused expression on his face and shrugged as he decided to take his seat.

"So, what did you decide to go as for Halloween?" Brad asked.

"I decided to go as the Dark Magician Girl." Tea replied, taking her seat.

"I might go as Jin Kazama from the Tekken games." Brad explained, glancing at Tea's muscular physique. 'Wow, she's been going at it all right' he thought.

As Halloween came by, everyone met up outside dressed up in their costumes. Joey was dressed up as Nicholas Wolfwood, Yugi as the Dark Magician, Ryou as Van Fanel from Escaflowne, Duke as Robin from Teen Titans, Tristan as the Cyber Commander, Tea as the Dark Magician Girl, and Brad as Jin Kazama in his alternate outfit from Tekken 4.

"Wow, you look awesome as a buffed up version of the Dark Magician Girl, Tea." Joey complimented.

"Thanks Joey. I would say the same for your Wolfwood outfit." Tea smiled.

"Enough with the chit-chat. I'm here to get some candy and wanna get started." Tristan reminded.

"Okay, keep your pants on..." Brad said and noticed Tristan's pants were down, "… Literally."

Tristan noticed this and quickly pulled up his pants. They're first stop was a house a few miles away from Game Shop. After three hours of Trick or Treating, the gang hung out at Brad's big house and ate their candy as the main food. Now it was time to move onto the black haired freshman's presents. Duke, of course, gave Brad his latest version of Dungeon Dice Monsters. Joey and Tristan got Brad a Playstation 2 and a few games. Ryou's present that of an angel figure. Yugi gave the now fifteen year old okami boy his own Duel Monsters deck based on wolves. Tea had promised to give Brad a present once the others and they did.

"So Tea, what did you get me?" Brad asked anxiously.

"Calm down, my pet wolf. You'll see." Tea winked and went upstairs to the bathroom.

"I hope it's something good." Brad said aloud and closed his eyes.

Tea reached the bathroom and closed the door. The brunette slowly started to strip off her costume, revealing another outfit she had on. She wore a black spaghetti string tank top where the strings were orange and had a pumpkin in the middle. She also had on a black thong where the strings were also orange. 'Now this is Halloween spirit' she thought, smiling slightly. Tea opened the door and came back down the stairs.

"You can look now." Tea said.

Brad opened his eyes and glanced at Tea. He couldn't help but smile, not because of her muscular body but the outfit she wore and the colors matched perfectly which represented his birthday.

"You look beautiful." Brad said softly, watching Tea walk down the stairs.

"Brad… you have no idea how much you mean to me." the older girl walked up to the okami boy, "… most people I dated found me annoying because of my friendship speeches. I don't blame them but I can't help it. When you came into my life, I always thought you were an annoying goofball but… your more than that, you're a sweet and loving boy who's always willing to stick by his friend's side."

"Tea… you're not annoying. When I first met you, I instantly formed a crush on you and couldn't help but find you beautiful. Your full of character and that's what I like about you." Brad explained.

"Really? Is that what you thought of me?" Tea asked, shocked to find out someone would instantly like her for her character.

"Yeah… during my childhood, my never had many friends because I was an okami-jin." Brad said and looked into Tea's crystal blue eyes, "However, that changed once you started talking to me. Sure, I was dense, a goofball, and somewhat stupid to you but you instantly accepted me as an individual." he smiled.

Tea instantly hugged Brad close to her and held him tight. For the first time, the brunette was happy that she found that special someone and glad it was the okami boy. His devotion, care, and humor for Tea were what made up for him as a good person. Even though they were two years apart from age, they were madly in love because of they feelings they had for one another. Brad allowed Tea to pull back and took his costume, only wearing a black t-shirt and red boxer shorts.

"So, where's my birthday present? Is it you?" Brad asked playfully and grinned as usual.

"You're a clever boy, aren't you?" Tea laughed.

"Hey, I'm not that dense." The black haired okami defended, blushing furiously.

Tea pushed Brad on the couch gently. She straddled his hips and leaned in to kiss the young boy's lips. The okami boy wrapped his arms around Tea's neck and let out a soft moan. Snaking both arms around Brad's waist, the brunette pressed her hips against his groin area. This caused Brad to whimper a bit and pressed back. Tea lifted Brad's shirt off, her hands roaming all over his strong and well-developed body. She pulled back from the kiss to catch her breath. After Tea caught her breath, she started to kiss down his body and stopped at his boxer shorts.

"May I?" Tea asked politely, wanting to make sure if it was all right with her young boyfriend.

"Be my guest." Brad answered with a smile.

"Let me just make myself comfortable." Tea said, tanking off her tank top and thong.

The brunette knelt on both knees, placing her hands on Brad's thighs and started to massage them. She leaned in and took in his erection whole. The okami-jin gasped slightly but once the older girl started to suck back and forth, he relaxed. Tea started to suck faster but kept it at a soothing pace. Brad arched his back and bucked his hips, feeling like he was going to come. The strong girl continued to suck even faster than usual and eventually the black haired okami boy came inside her mouth.

"God, that was intense." Brad panted.

"I'm sorry! If I went too fast I…" Tea was cut off by Brad's laughter.

"You kidding? I mean intense in a good way." Brad grinned.

"Good, I'm just making sure." Tea smiled, standing up, "You still want to continue this?"

Brad nodded seriously. The couple got their own condoms, making sure they didn't have their semen leaving diseases. Tea went to straddle Brad's hips again but she kept her butt lifted. She carefully placed her butt opening on the okami boy's erection. Brad cupped Tea's butt cheeks and moved his hips slowly, grunting a lot.

"Brad… fas… faster!" Tea managed to say.

The okami-jin did what the older girl told him to do. He moved his thrusts faster and Tea was keeping up with his thrusting. Brad started to increase his pace and his thrusts became more harder. This caused Tea to moan a few times but somehow maintained to be dominant over Brad. Brad once again came inside of Tea and allowed the strong brunette to pull off.

"Hope I didn't go too hard." Brad breathed heavily.

"No, you didn't." Tea assured with a smile.

"I think I'm up for another round," Brad licked his lips and looked into the brunette's light blue orbs, "if that's okay with you."

Tea couldn't help but laugh but nonetheless she nodded yes. Brad grinned like the wolf he was. Tea got on all fours and the young freshman got behind her. He entered with preparation and started to move at the same pace that made Tea feel in complete bliss. Brad leaned down on all fours and kissed Tea's lips with passion. Tea kissed back and slid her tounge inside the boy's mouth. Brad increased the pace ten times than he did before and noticed Tea was satisfied. He finally came inside her and pulled out.

"We need a shower." Brad suggested, both him and Tea covered in sweat.

"Yeah." Tea agreed, standing up and helped her boyfriend up.

The two went upstairs to the bathroom and went inside. Brad started the shower pulled the curtain. Tea gracefully stepped in and Brad went behind her. The tall brunette took the shampoo, pouring some of it into her hand and started to run in through Brad's wild black hair. She burst out laughing when she noticed the okami-jin grin and showed his canine fangs. It was like cleaning a dog in the bath. Brad leaned in and kissed Tea's cheek.

"Gush, I never knew how cute you could be." Tea managed to say through her laughs.

"Hey, it's my charm that works." Brad joked, causing Tea to laugh even more.

"Come here you." Tea smiled, pulling the okami-jin and hugged him.

Brad returned the hug and sniffed in the vanilla scent that was on Tea. She definitely smelt good as well. Soon the two got out of the shower, dried themselves off, and didn't bother to get dress. They were both in Brad's bed, underneath the covers snuggling close to each other and felt each other's warmth. Brad had his head rested against Tea large bosom.

"Brad, I love you." Tea said with sincere while petting Brad's hair.

"I love you even more." Brad grinned, nuzzling Tea's bosom.

"Good night, my silly okami." Tea smiled and kissed Brad's forehead.

The End

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