JSA Brownstone, New York, NY. 11:22 AM.

Power Girl had changed out of uniform and into civilian attire. She was just about ready to go out the door when Jay Garrick, the Flash- the ORIGINAL Flash, stopped her.

"Where are you going in such a hurry, Karen?" the Flash asked her.

"I have to..." Power Girl hesitated. "I have to iron out a few problems with the reception."

"Really?" asked the Flash, some concern on his face. "Nothing too serious I hope?"

While the Flash was asking the question, Hawkgirl walked up to join him. She stood behind the Flash and smiled at Power Girl.

"No, Jay." Said Power Girl, surreptitiously keeping an eye on Hawkgirl. "Just a couple of things that need ironing out."

"Don't worry, Jay." said Hawkgirl in a chipper voice. "Kara's got it covered! No matter how LONG it takes, she'll make sure the job gets done!" Hawkgirl had a wicked smile on her face.

Power Girl could have killed Hawkgirl with the withering glance she gave her. But, Hawkgirl was unaffected as she smiled sweetly at Power Girl.

"Hawkgirl's right!" said the Flash, oblivious to the exchange going on. "You take as much time as you need to make sure everything goes off right."

Hawkgirl had to bite her lip to keep from laughing at Flash's unintentional turn of phrase.

"Okay." Power Girl said to the Flash.

When the Flash turned and went back into the study, Power Girl shot her hand out lightening quick and smacked Hawkgirl in the back of the head.

"Ow!" said Hawkgirl. "I was just trying to help!"

Power Girl closed the door behind her as she left.

"Poor Beetle!" said Hawkgirl to herself. "She must be high-maintenance!"

Centerline Diner, New York, NY. 12:10 PM.

"I coulda killed her!" said Kara.

Ted just smiled. "Kinda like talking about it in front of your dad?"

Kara looked down into her coffee. "I wouldn't know." she said quietly.

"Sorry." said Ted.

"That's okay." she said. "How can you miss something you-"

"DUCK!" said Ted as he shot his head down below the table. Kara reflexively did the same.

"What? What is it?" she asked as she looked at Ted from under the table.

"Fire, Ice, and Mary Marvel are walking in front of the diner!" said Ted.

Kara looked back over her chair. Sure enough, outside the diner, Kara could see the distinctive green and white (and the not-so-distinctive brown) hair of the trio. "And we're hiding from them why?" she asked.

"Because they don't know about us." said Ted.

"You didn't tell them?" asked Kara, a bit surprised.

"Look at the people I hang out with!" said Ted. "I love them like family, but, I don't want them knowing anything they can use against me!"

"Wow!" said Kara, clearly impressed. "I didn't think that kind of paranoia existed outside of the batcave!"

"You call it 'paranoia'. I call it 'saving myself from embarassing questions'."

"Am I an embarassment to you?" asked Kara, a slight note of hurt in her voice.

"No!" Ted looked at her squarely. "You are not an embarassment! Booster or Guy asking a lot of stupid questions is an embarassment."

Kara thought of Ted valiantly defending her "honor" and gave Ted a sweet smile. "Like 'are they real?'"

Ted raised an eyebrow and, with a half smile, said, "Something like that."

"Well, I'll tell you," she said with a smile, "Not only are they real, they're MAGNIFICENT!"

Ted and Kara laughed at that together. She looked over her chair and said, "I think it's safe to surface now."

Kara and Ted both sat up in their respective chairs.

"Soooo," said Ted, trying to get the conversation back on track. "You said you had a favor to ask?"

"Yeah." said Kara. "I need you to use some of that infamous 'Ted Kord charm' and get Dinah to show up at the reception."

Ted was confused. "I thought..."

Kara cut him off. "I told Ted Grant that she might show up at the reception."

Ted waited. "Any particular reason you told him that or do you just like throwing statements like that out there?"

Kara looked down at her coffee. "It was the only way I could get him to come. He has a soft spot for Dinah."

"A lot of guys have a soft spot for Dinah." said Ted. "It's the fishnets!"

"Ha ha." said Kara. "Ted used to teach her to fight."

"I know." said Ted (the Beetle one, not the 'Cat one). "No problem. Babs owes me a favor. I'll call it in. But you have to do me a favor in return!"

Kara raised an eyebrow. "A favor, huh? Sounds like something that might be fun!" she said as she reached accross the table and ran a finger over the back of Ted's hand.

Ted smiled back. "That depends on whether you think acting happy to see Booster sounds like fun."

"And why should I do that?" asked Kara, slightly disappointed in Ted's choice of favors.

"Because," explained Ted. "THAT was the only way I could convince Booster to come."

"Quite the pair of schemers, aren't we?" asked Kara.

"Plans are always popping up!" said Ted, as he felt a familiar toe run up his shin.

Joey Q's, East 40th Street, New York, NY. 12:45 AM

Joey Q's was a very fashionable boutique that catered to an exclusive clientele: fashion-conscious superheroines. Joey himself was a failed comicbook artist who got into fashion design. His "House of Ideas", hecalled made his name by working with exotic fabrics: nomex, kevlar, "unstable molecules", etc. AND he made them all look FABULOUS!

And that's why Fire came to him. She learned about him in her (short) time as a model. And she needed to look fabulous.

Fire was wearing a black leotard and stand in front of a mirror as Joey Q. was fussing around her. Ice and Mary Marvel were sitting in chairs quietly watching this scene before them.

"Honey, you look faboo!" said Joey Q. in a voice that sounded like Vin Diesel with a lisp. "That material is fully 'fire-proof', if you will" Joey Q. giggled at his little joke. He stepped back and admired Fire. "Girl, I'd kill to have a body like yours!" he said as he adjusted his beret.

"I don't know, Bea." said Tora nervously. "Don't you think it's a little...revealing!"

"Hmmmm." said Fire, considering. "That's the problem! It's only a 'little revealing'!" Fire turned to Joey Q. "Do you have anything a little more open in the front?"

Joey Q. smiled. "A girl after my own heart!"

Joey Q. walked over and motioned a "v" in front of Fire. "We can open that up in the front. Down to the navel?"

"Can you make the hip higher?" asked Fire.

"Bea!" said a shocked Ice. "There's not a lot of material there to start with!" Ice swore her friend was an exhibitionist. (She didn't know about yet!)

"I could never wear something like that!" said Mary blushing.

"Oh, honey!" said Joey Q. to Mary. "I think you have just fantastic legs. And your not afraid to show THOSE off!" Mary turned a deeper shade of red.

"Do you have this in green?" asked Fire, admiring herself in the mirror.

"I'm sorry, honey! All I have is black." said Joey Q. "If you could give me more time..."

"No. No." said Fire. "I need this for tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow!" asked Ice. "You're not wearing that to the reception?"

"Well, of course I am!" said Fire. "The reception is 'costumes only'! Why do you think I'm getting a new costume?" She looked at her best friend. "You know, you could use something new. Times have changed since you've been in Hell!"

Joey Q. raised an eyebrow, but, said nothing.

"No, thanks." said Ice. "I've grown to like my costume." It was true. Ice didn't like the costume at first when Fire had given it to her all those years ago. But, since then, she had grown quite fond of it.

"Whatever!" said Fire.

"I'll tell you what I can do," said Joey Q. "I can do the alterations you asked for. Add some green, flame-shaped trim. And make you some gloves and boots in the same material. Then, I can have it all express delivered to you tonight!"

"Perfect!" said Fire. "Wait until they see me!"

"In that outfit, they might see all of you!" said Ice.

Super-Buddies HQ, a strip mall outside of New York. 6:43 PM.

Ted Kord came into the office from the back door. He wasn't in uniform and didn't want to take the chance that someone might recognize him coming through the front door. Ted was tired! Bone-weary (so to speak)! He shuffled to his cubicle to get his uniform and go home. No use in going to the reception tomorrow looking like death warmed over! He was so tired that he never heard the figure come up from behind him.

"Hey, ladykiller!" said Sue.

Ted jumped. He didn't expect anyone to be in the office at this time. "What are you still doing here?" he asked.

"I had a little work to clear up. You guys would be lost without me!" said Sue.

Ted sat down in his chair. "You'll get no arguments from me. Ralph didn't wait around for you?"

"'True Crime' night on A&E!" responded Sue. "He's going to pick up Chinese for dinner. The EXCITING life of a married couple!"

Sue looked at the state Ted was in. "You look like you've been through the wringer! YOU DOG, YOU!"

"Ha, ha, and ha." said Ted, although he was smiling.

"Do you think you'll be recovered in time for tomorrow?" asked Sue with a mischievous smile.

"I plan on going home and going right to bed. I'll probably sleep like a stone."

"Well, no use in hanging around then." Sue walked over to the entrance of Ted's cubicle. "I have to go home to my exciting life with Ralph!"

Ted got up slowly from his chair. "I guess you're right! Y'know, I hope Ralph realizes what a lucky man he is to have a wife like you!"

Sue didn't know how to respond to the compliment, so, instead she pointed to Ted's uniform laying on his desk. "Don't forget your clothes!"

Ted almost had forgotten his uniform! Sue saved him a trip back here tonight. Ted picked up his uniform and joined Sue at the entrance. "'Night, Sue."

"Oh, ladykiller!" Sue stopped Ted. "You know you have lipstick on your cheek, don't you?"

Ted rubbed his cheek and looked at his fingers. "No. I didn't realize that."

"You've got to be more careful!" chided Sue. "If someone else were here they'd have found out about 'the secret'! That's a clue even Ralph would find hard to ignore." she said with a smile.

"Thanks." said Ted. "Going out the back?" he asked.

"You go ahead. I'll clean up here and be right out." said Sue.

"Okay." Ted passed L-Ron, who really didn't have a home other than here, on his way out. "'Night, L-Ron."

"Good night, your ass-draggedness."

JLA Watchtower, the Moon orbiting Earth. 4:01 AM.

"The reception is still on." said Batman.

He had caught J'Onn J'Onnz in mid-bite of an Oreo. J'Onn finished the Oreo and placed his hand out, palm up.

Batman placed a twenty dollar bill in J'Onn's hand. "Don't spend it all on Oreos!" said Batman.

"You should have known better!" said J'Onn, stuffing the twenty in his belt. "Disaster won't strike until after the reception starts."

"It was a longshot, I'll admit." admitted Batman. "Double or nothing that the JLA gets called in before noon?"

"I believe," said J'Onn. "THAT is referred to as a 'sucker's bet'!"

JSA Brownstone, New York, NY. 8:00 AM.

"T-minus two hours and counting." said Green Lantern as he adjusted the ring on his left hand.

"Think we'll buck the odds this time?" asked the Flash as he was polishing his helmet. "And actually have one of these things go off with out an Earth-shattering crisis?"

Green Lantern looked at his longtime friend and raised an eyebrow. "I'd stay on my toes just in case."

Flash put his helmet on. "Best to be prepared." he agreed. "I told Ma Hunkle to keep her rolling pin close by!"

"Everyone here?" asked Green Lantern.

"Yep." said Flash. "The whole roster is either already here or are on their way. Wildcat even got here early, which surprised me."

Meanwhile, in her room, Power Girl was sitting on her bed,starting to feel nervous. "This is crazy!" she thought. "Why are you so nervous? You and Ted have this all planned out! Nothing is going to go wrong. Nothing is going to go wrong." She felt if she kept repeating this like a mantra, it would come true.

There was a knock on her door. The door opened and Hawkgirl peaked around it. "You're not going to kick my ass or anything, are you?" she asked with a smile.

"No." said Power Girl. "I need you looking your best for the reception. After that, all bets are off." She gave Hawkgirl a half-hearted smile.

"Well, okay." said Hawkgirl as she came in and sat next to Power Girl on the bed. "Thanks for the warning."

"Anytime." said Power Girl.

Hawkgirl looked at her friend. "Afraid to have the 'parents' meet the 'boyfriend'?" she asked teasingly.

"Actually... yeah." said Power Girl honestly.

"Oh." said Hawkgirl.

"There's just so much...tradition here. And I get the feeling that a lot of the people here consider Beetle's time in the Justice League as a joke. And that bothers me! Most of them don't even know him. And I was in the League at the same time as Ted. Do they consider my time there a joke?"

"Trust me, Kara!" said Hawkgirl. "No one here thinks you're a joke. Next to Captain Marvel, you're our most powerful member. Hell, you might even be MORE powerful than Cap!"

Power Girl looked at Hawkgirl. "Do you know, when I was in the JLE, I was jealous of the guys in New York?"

"Why?" asked a perplexed Hawkgirl.

"It's funny, but, if you looked at the JLE, we had all the really powerful members: Hal Jordan, Wally, Captain Atom, Doctor Light, and myself. But, we were like the Oakland A's of the '70's. We did our jobs and all went home in different cabs. But, Beetle and Booster and Fire and Ice- even Guy Gardner!- they all seemed like a family!"

Hawkgirl understood now. How appealing that would look to someone who never had a family. Having people you might not even like- like Guy Gardner- but, you'd still be willing to do anything for them and knowing they'd do anything for you.

Hawkgirl patted Power Girl on the knee. "Don't you worry." she said. "If anyone even looks like they're gonna cause you a problem, I'll take one of Carter's maces and take care of them for you!"

Power Girl just had to laugh at that.

Super-Buddies HQ, a strip mall outside of New York. 8:49 AM.

It was decided that all the Super-Buddies would meet at the office, and that Blue Beetle would ferry everyone to the JSA Brownstone in the Bug. Team unity was a big thing in Maxwell Lord's book. And, quite frankly, he was afraid some of them wouldn't find their way there unless escorted.

Booster Gold had used an entire bottle of Shinola on his suit and it was gleaming.

Mary Marvel and Ice were dressed in their costumes, looking lovely as always.

Sue, ever fashionable, was fussing over Elongated Man, making sure his longish hair wouldn't fall into his eyes.

L-Ron had put a new coat of Turtle Wax on his metal body, and much like Booster, was gleaming.

Max was his usual sartorially splendid self.

And Beetle was...well...annoyed!

"If Bea is just trying to be fashionibly late, I'll kill her!" thought Beetle, as he sat in a chair, sipping his coffee with one hand and tapping the table nervously with the other.

Fire was indeed late. She was suppose to have been there ten minutes ago. And Beetle, under a lot of pressure, was not happy in the least. He was thinking of sadistic, horrible ways to torture Fire (which Beetle realized he'd never do, but, it made him feel better) when Fire finally did enter the office.

"Sorry, I'm late!" said Fire quickly. "But, y'know, I don't look THIS GOOD right out of bed!" Fire was wearing a raincoat, but, everyone was so pre-occupied with their own thoughts, no one commented on it.

Except Ice and Mary, who exchanged worried glances.

"Okay." said Max. "Now that EVERYONE is here," he directed that to Fire. "Are we all ready to go?"

"Just a second!" said Fire as she removed her raincoat.

Beetle did a spit-take with his coffee that just missed L-Ron. Elongated Man's jaw hit the ground... literally. Booster had a smile that Ajax couldn't wash off. And Max almost lost his cigar as his jaw went lax.

"Oh my!" said Mary blushing. "I didn't think it would be that...small!"

Beetle was coughing hard on the coffee he nearly choked on. Ice was patting his back, trying to help make sure Beetle didn't choke.

Sue elbowed her husband in the ribs- HARD!- to make him stop staring.

Booster, being Booster, said loudly, "BEA! LOOKING GOOD!"

Max had regained some of his composure. "New costume?" he asked Fire.

"What?" said Fire innocently. "This little number?" Fire modelled her new costume. It was a black leotard trimmed with green flames near the collar. It was cut very low (to the navel) and was very, very tight (and the room must have been cold!)! It barely contained Fire's...charms. And the back, everyone realized as Fire spun around, was almost as revealing as the front. The hip was cut high and the back, while not a thong, wasn't very far off from being one! Over-the-knee boots and long gloves, both black trimmed in green flames near the cuffs, completed her ensemble.

"Do you like it?' asked Fire. "It was Ted's suggestion!"

Beetle had almost recoved whenFire's commentset off another coughing jag.

"Beetle..." started Max, who was at a loss for words.

"You'll get the Nobel Prize for this!" said Booster to Beetle, putting his hand on Ted's shoulder. "They give those out for helping mankind, don't they?"

"I...I...I told her she might want to get a new costume!" Beetle tried to explain as he brushed Booster's hand off his shoulder.

"Did you design it?" asked Ralph with a big smile.

"NO!" said Beetle.

"Well, there goes your Nobel Prize!" said Booster.

JSA Brownstone, New York, NY. 9:54 AM.

"Well," said Green Lantern to the Flash, as they both looked upwards."At least they're prompt."

"A little early, actually." countered Flash.

The Bug settled down for a landing on the roof of the brownstone.

Inside the Bug, Max was hovering behind Beetle. "Are you sure this is safe?"

"The JSA's roof is reinforced for vehicle landings." said Beetle. "I checked. I wouldn't want to pull any 'Miracles'!" Beetle smiled. To this day, he still razzed his friend about that unadvised landing he made on the roof of the old Justice League Embassy.

Once the Bug had completed her landing, everyone disembarked. Green Lantern and the Flash shook everyone's hand and welcomed them to the JSA headquarters.

"Ready to go inside?" asked the Flash.

Once inside, introductions were made. Pleasantries exchanged. And chit-chat ensued. Little groups formed around the room (Fire's seemed to have a large number of MALE JSA members!), talking amongst themselves. Somehow Beetle got stuck with Booster.

Booster, uncharacteristically acting as a wallflower, was already starting to complain to Beetle. "Man, this is so lame! I don't even know why I agreed to..." Booster stopped when he spotted Power Girl.

Power Girl made her way toward Beetle and Booster. "Ted!" she said happily.

Beetle, standing next to Booster, quickly motioned with his thumb, close to his thigh and away from Booster's sight, toward Booster.

"And BOOSTER!" she smoothly caught herself. "It's so good to see you!" She hugged Booster.

There are few words that could describe the sheer joy on Booster's face when Power Girl hugged him. His face lit up! NIRVANA! If Booster had a tail, he'd be wagging it!

Power Girl, on the other hand, had a look of "can we get this over with already?" as she looked at Ted. Beetle just shrugged his shoulders. Power Girl patted Booster on the back, signifying the end of the hug. Booster didn't let go.

"Okay. Okay. Break it up!" said Beetle.

Reluctantly, Booster let go of the hug. But, he was still happy.

"Can I ask you a really big favor?" Power Girl asked Booster sweetly. "Could you get me a fruit punch? I'm parched!" She touched her throat to sell her thirst.

If Power Girl had asked Booster at that moment to dress like a schoolgirl and dance the funky chicken, he would have (and would've added the Bat-tusi, for good measure). Fruit punch was not a problem! "I'll be right back!" said Booster as he hurried off.

"Take your time!" said Power Girl.

Once Booster was out of earshot, Beetle said with a smile, "I think you have a fan."

"Great!" said Power Girl sardonically. "I should have asked for more than a 'Canary cameo' for this!"

A pained look crossed Beetle's face. "Aw, ssshhhhhhhhhhhhoot!" he exclaimed as he pulled out his cell phone.

Power Girl looked disbelievingly at Beetle. "Don't even tell me! After THAT, and you forget!"

"It's not like you didn't have me distracted yesterday!" said Beetle as he dialled. "Don't worry! I'll handle this!"

"I hope." Beetle added quietly.

"You'd better!" said Power Girl.

"What are you gonna do? Spank me?" asked Beetle as he looked up from the phone. Power Girl gave him a half smile and a raised eyebrow. Beetle reconsidered his question when he took Kara's strength into account. "Forget I said that!"

"You wish!" said Power Girl, making a mental note to add that to her repetoire.

As Beetle brought the phone up to his ear, he said to Power Girl, "I'm about to do a really crap thing now!"

Before Power Girl could question what he meant, Beetle was talking on the phone. "Oracle!" he said quickly. "Send Canary! JSA headquarters! There's..." And he hung up and turned off the cell phone.

Power Girl just stared at Beetle in disbelief. Beetle looked down as though he were ashamed of himself. "I told you it was a crap thing!" he said.

"Dinah's going to rush here thinking there's an emergency!" said Power Girl. Kara thought about this for a second, then, she smiled. "Good! I hope she makes a spectacular entrance!"

"You've had people fooled all these years." said Beetle. Then, he smiled wickedly and said, "You're really a BAD GIRL!"

"Don't you forget it!" said Power Girl.

Booster came back with the punch. Power Girl was less than thrilled by his return. Then a thought occured to her.

"Booster," she said. "See that girl over there..." Power Girl turned Booster and pointed someone out.

"You mean the one with the wings and the smoking heinie?" asked Booster.

"She didn't want me to tell you this, but..."

"But what?" asked Booster.

"She's a really big fan of yours!" said Power Girl conspiatorily.

"NO!" said Booster.

"Yes!" said Power Girl. "And she thinks you're HOT!"

"Really?" asked Booster.

"I shouldn't tell you this," said Power Girl. She looked around quickly and whispered to Booster."But, she has a Booster Gold poster in her room!"

Booster looked over at Hawkgirl again. He seemed to be thinking (Beetle flinched away reflexively). But, Booster hesitated. Power Girl surreptitiously signalled Beetle for help.

Finally, Beetle chipped in. "I think you should go over and introduce yourself."

"But, she already knows who I am..." started Booster.

"Don't let her know that!" said Beetle as he placed a friendly arm around Booster's shoulders. "Be cool! Go over there and introduce yourself. You can fake sincerity. I've seen you do it!"

"You're right!" said an inspired Booster. "Who am I to deny any lovely lady the thrill of meeting Booster Gold!"

As Booster walked over toward Hawkgirl, Beetle turned to Power Girl and said, "What did we just do to that poor woman?"

"Nothing she can't handle." said Power Girl with a smile. "Or deserves!"

"Well," said Beetle. "All things considered, this isn't going too badly!"

Just then, the door to the study was flung open and everyone went silent. A man in bad polyester and a flaming orange Moe Howard haircut was standing in the doorway. He smirked at the scene around him.

"GUY GARDNER IS HERE!" he announced. "Let the party begin!"

As Beetle put his head in his hands, Power Girl said, "You couldn't keep your big mouth shut, could you?"

JSA Brownstone, New York, NY. 10:32 AM.

"Tap the keg! Let's get this party rolling!" said Guy Gardner, former Green Lantern and current pain-in-the-ass. "They all thought they could keep this little shin-dig secret from me!" thought Guy. "If there's a party, GUY GARDNER knows about it!"

Actually, L-Ron had let it slip during one of his many intermediary trips over to Guy's bar.

"Who invited HIM?" asked Power Girl, less than thrilled by the unannounced appearance of Guy.

"Don't ask me!" replied Blue Beetle. "I'd sooner walk through Hell in a gasoline suit than invite Garner to ANY party, much less THIS one!"

"HEY, SWEETIE!" Guy yelled at Ice. "Wanna relive some old times?" Guy made some pelvic thrusts as he asked the question. That was the thing about Guy: nothing but class (all of it low)! Thankfully, Ice had the good taste and sense enough to distance herself from Guy.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the reception, Hawkgirl asked, "Who's the loudmouth in the bad suit?"

"Guy Gardner." responded Booster Gold. "Maybe if we all ignore him, he'll go away!"

"Does that work?" asked Hawkgirl, desperate for any way to rid the room of the newly arrived "loudmouth".

"Hardly ever." replied Booster, his voice tinged with remorse.

Hawkgirl smiled at the little joke. She didn't know what to expect from this Booster Gold. The way Power Girl painted the picture, Booster was an ignoramous whose only guide to life was his libido. But, Kendra found him to be charming and funny. Handsome, too! She'd been around enough masked men to know what to look for, and she could tell that underneath the goggles and mask that Booster was knockout!

And he was SINCERE! Really sincere!

In another part of the room, Green Lantern was standing next to Flash at the refreshments table.

Flash pointed toward Gardner. "Isn't he one of yours?"

Lantern was shocked! "God, no!" he stated. He thought for a second. "What do you mean 'one of YOURS'?"

"A Green Lantern." said Flash simply as he picked up a cookie.

"He was one of theirs." said Lantern. "Until Hal took the ring away from him!"

"'One of 'theirs'?" asked Flash as he took a bite of the cookie.

"Yeah. The blue skinned fellows. The Guardians of the Universe!" said Lantern as he pointing up.

"Oh." said Flash. "So, Gardner WAS a Green Lantern?"

"Yeah." said Lantern.

"So." said Flash, finishing off the cookie. "He was one of yours."

Elsewhere at the party, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Star-Spangled Kid, and Jakeem Thunder had unwittingly set themselves up as the "kiddie's table" of the party.

"THIS is a real group!" said Cap to Mary. "You could learn alot about how a team SHOULD work here."

"Whatever you say, Billy." responded Mary. Mary didn't like to be lectured by Cap. Mary was also too polite to hurt her brother's feelings, so, she let him have his say. But one day...POW! ZOOM! Right to the moon!

Star-Spangled Kid was too pre-occupied to pay attention to the conversation. She was looking accross the room toward Blue Beetle and Power Girl. She couldn't get the conversation she "overheard" out of her mind. And Beetle did have a cute butt, too!

Sue and Ralph Dibny were having a conversation with Hourman and Mr. Terrific.

"You should talk with Beetle." Sue was telling Mr. Terrific. "He's quite the inventor, too."

"I'll have to corner him sometime today." said Mr. Terrific, always looking to compare notes with a fellow inventor.

Hawkman came over to the group. "Sue. Ralph." he said. "It's good to see you both again. It's been too long!"

"It's good seeing you too, Carter." said Ralph. "We should find a corner and talk about the old 'satellite days'!"

Hawkman smiled. But, it was a smile tinged with a little sadness. "Maybe a little later, Ralph. I have to pull that Gold fellow off of Hawkgirl before something bad happens."

"Still the 'Gloomy Gus'! Eh, Carter?" said Ralph light-heartedly. "Still think bad things happen at these mixers?"

"If that guy keeps hanging on Kendra, I can GUARENTEE something bad is going to happen at this mixer!" responded Hawkman levelly.

"Booster?" asked Sue. "Booster's harmless! He's just talking to her."

As luck would have it, Booster picked that time to hold Hawkgirl's hand in his, as both laughed the carefree laugh of the oblivious.

Both Sue and Ralph saw the veins stick out of Hawkman's neck. Hawkman clenched his fists and was about to walk over. Sue put her hand on his arm to stop him.

"Carter! Stop!" said Sue. "Think! They're only talking. Don't go over there now and cause a problem. Take five minutes to cool off."

Hawkman looked down at Sue. He visible looked to unwind. "For you, Sue, I'll cool off. But, I'm going over there in five minutes. If this Booster is smart, he won't be there!"

Hawkman turned and walked out of the study.

Sue turned to Ralph. "Promise me that you'll never get that way!"

Ralph smiled. "I don't ever have to get that way! I don't get jealous! OTHER PEOPLE are jealous of ME!"

Sue sighed. "Yes, Ralph." she said as she rolled her eyes. "Everybody's jealous of your keen analytical mind and detective skills." She said like she had a lot of practice saying those words.

"No." said Ralph, correcting her. "The main reason everyone's jealous is because I have the most wonderful wife in the world!"

"Oh." said Sue, still touched by her husband's sweetness, no matter how corny.

"The analytical mind and detective skills are the secondary reasons everyone's jealous of me!"