Oblivion's-will I think I made this up from my dream.

A Definition of the WIRED

WEIRD it seemed 'coz it came from a GIRL,

Using a mail with an address of URL.

She said that the PSYCHE led her there,

To where RELIGION could not dare.

She says that DISTORTION is frequent here,

But it only causes the KIDS to be drawn near.

The SOCIETY doesn't care for its people,

For the people spread the RUMORS so simple.

"Lain, Lain, who is LAIN?"

"Pain, pain, was she in PAIN?"

A PROTOCOL was made in that world,

For her to have the LOVE that she ca hold.

On that world lies the web of INFORNOGRAPHY;

But it sometimes misleads teenagers to pornography.

That world was created as a LANDSCAPE of our world;

An altered reflection of our EGO in this world.