"Asshole!" Jason yelled as a Banshee swerved in front of his taxi.

It had been six months since his father had been killed and he had gone over to San Fierro. From that time on, he applied for a taxi driver, and had managed to supply for himself, earning a steady cash flow. Actually, he was a freelance taxi driver, parking his taxi outside his acquired-house, and gaining all the cash he made just to himself. He drove into Easter Basin, looking for a fare.

As he drove, he thought of getting back into the gang business again. It had cost him his father, and might as well cost him. But he had to gain revenge on the Mafia, and the only way was to fight back. His thoughts nearly cost him just then, as he crashed into a Da Nang Boy, standing right next to a whole group of the Vietnamese, all holding Micro-Uzis.

"Oh crap." Jason muttered.

They began opening fire on the taxi, and soon, Jason had to bail. He made a run for it, trying to hide from the chasing Da Nang Boys. But they converged on all sides, but just as Jason thought he was dead, two Da Nang Boys dropped dead from several bullets that flew out.

The Triads had come to his aid. Noticing that he was probably a Chinese, three of them had come to help him, and they opened fire with their Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles. Several of the Da Nang Boys were dropped, and Jason, picking up one of the Micro-Uzis, helped take the rest down. He thanked the Triads, and headed back to his taxi, but one of the Triads continued following him.

"Good work back there. Have you ever been a Triad before?" the Triad asked Jason.

"I used to be, in Liberty City, but after my father was killed, I moved over here to San Fierro. Are you guys Triads?" Jason replied.

"Yes, we are, but it is complicated. Would you like to be part of the organization? We will take you back to the boss and explain everything."

Jason slowly nodded, and the three Triads got into the taxi and with their instructions, Jason drove over to see one of the leaders of the branches, Wu Zi Mu.

Wu Zi Mu turned out to be a polite Chinese man, who had abilities that most blind men didn't. He could fire a gun pretty well for someone who couldn't see, and he greeted Jason.

"Welcome, Jason. Please refer to me as Woozie. I am the Dai Dai Lo of the Mountain Cloud Boys Triads, who operate in the country as well as in San Fierro. The Mountain Cloud Boys are only one of the minor branches of the San Fierro Triads. The main branch is known as the Red Gecko Tong. There are other branches, such as the Blood Feather Triads. And here is one of my assistants, Suzie, Su Xi Mu."

Before Suzie could shake Jason's hands, and before Woozie could continue, a couple of Sentinels pulled up, and Da Nang Boys came out, firing their Micro-Uzis.

"Attack!" one of the Triads yelled.

"Here, you better take this." Woozie ordered Suzie to get Jason a Kalashnikov.

Jason gripped the assault rifle, excited. He hadn't used this sort of heavy firepower before, and the AK-47 felt heavy, but deadly in his hands. He squinted, and aimed carefully at one of the Da Nang Boys, and fired. The recoil caught him by surprise a bit, but one second later, a Da Nang Boy was on the ground and refusing to move. Two seconds later, Jason had fired another burst and taken down two more, while the other Triads finished them off.

Cursing slightly, Jason handed the Kalashnikov back to Suzie. Woozie began speaking again.

"Well done, Jason. You have been a Triad before, I presume?" Woozie asked.

"Yeah. In the east. Then my father got killed by some Mafia guys and he told me to move over here." Jason replied sadly.

"Well, would you like to join our organization?" Woozie asked.

"I don't know…I came here to avenge my father, because I think the Leone Family did it."

"Wait. Jason, we will try our hardest to find which Mafia syndicate did it. But, although it is not for us Chinese to make deals, I wish you would work for us." Woozie told Jason.

Jason thought for a moment. Slowly, he nodded.

He was back in the Triads.

End note: Yes, very short. But I'm trying to relax back into my rhythm, with a new story and all, and hopefully, if writer's block doesn't reach to me, the next chapter, maybe will be better. I have no guarantees.