Jason woke up to Kate and John arguing bitterly. He grinned to himself. They had always been like this, arguing about this or that. Eventually, he watched as their aunt calmly spoke to both of them in Mandarin, and they retreated, glaring at each other. John came back into the room, while Kate headed into the kitchen to get some breakfast before she went to catch the school bus to her high school.

"Your sister still the same, eh John?" asked Jason, smirking.

John grumpily gave a nod, and crashed against the bed, turning on the TV.

"Hey, check the news-see what's going on right now." Jason said.

John flicked to LCN News, which had just started.

"Breaking headlines this morning-the bombing of an apartment in Chinatown, and three people sustaining minor injuries, and several men killed. But what was the aim of this? A terrorist attack? Hello, good morning, and this is LCN News. Also, Bone County: the mystery of this patch of land in the state of San Andreas? We investigate. And the Liberty City Cocks have taken a 2-1 lead in the finals series against the San Fierro Packers."

John turned the volume up.

"But first, we begin with the horrific bombing of an apartment in Chinatown last night. Eyewitnesses reported a Leviathan military helicopter fly over the apartment at around 11:30pm, and drop a solitary bomb. It was rumoured that shortly after the bombing, four Maverick helicopters flew over the apartment, and men dropped out of them, entering the crippled building. We ask an eyewitness…"

"Well, I happened to be strolling along, when the bomb exploded-it was just a huge blast, and when it blew up, the air just seemed to freeze and warp, I covered my ears and rushed for cover. From that cover, I spotted those Maverick helicopters dropping the men, and a while later, Police Mavericks dropped SWAT off."

"And indeed so. SWAT Teams are still currently investigating the apartment, and that scene is off-limits to the public. They have found ten dead bodies, all riddled with bullet holes, and they were reported to have being armed, and equipped with Russian military-issue weapons. The city's police department believe that they were in that apartment to kill some person, or people."

"That was us." John said.

"Shut up!" Jason hissed, still immersed, despite knowing nearly everything that had happened.

"More updates will come through the day on the extent of the damage, and who may be the culprits, but one of the several Mafia "families" is suspected. And now to Bone County…" Jason made for the TV, but John yelled:

"I wanna see it!"

"Jeez, we got stuff to do; we can't just put your aunt and sis in danger by sticking around. What if the Mafia find where we are? They could just bomb this place. And a house can't survive longer than an apartment." Jason said.

John moodily nodded, and he turned off the TV. They walked out of the house, saying a goodbye to John's aunt, before they walked to their Admiral. Jason and John grabbed their weapons from yesterday, and shoved them under the seat, and both pulled out HK-MP5s.

"Where do you think we should go today then?" John asked.

"Weapons again, money. We need some more ammo, used a lot up last night." Jason replied.

Jason pulled out his wallet. Still $5000 left and John still had $4000. But it should be able to sustain the two of them, with the AmmuNation weapons challenge.

"We should also check your apartment out, Jason." John said.

"Maybe, but I bet the cops have pulled the area off." Jason replied.

"Let's go and see anyway."

Jason had to agree with him, and they found the area bound off, as Jason had said, with thick yellow tape.

"No civilians allowed, please go!" called a nearby cop.

"Come on, I live in that apartment! I nearly got killed last night, yet you cops won't let us two see?" Jason protested.

The cop paused for a moment, and he walked off to consult with other police, before coming back and grudgingly allowing the two to go into the building.

When they headed onto Jason's floor, they found that they were rather lucky. A metal pipe had stopped the spread of flames enough for the fire brigade to come last night, and Jason's apartment wasn't touched. They headed inside the unit, and searched around, gathering up a bit of their stuff. But then, John found the note.

I know that you are trying to take down the Folleni Mafia. Answer at the payphone outside, which has been changed to receive phone calls, the Marty Chonks Dog Food Factory in Trenton at noon, and I can arrange some extra firepower for you. For proof, check under the table of your unit and see for yourself.

"What are we going to do about it?" Jason asked.

"Get the weapons?" asked John hopefully.

"Don't be stupid! This could be a serious trap."

John ignored him and checked under the table, gathering up two Beretta 92s, and two boxes of ammo.

"See? At least we should check it out." John said.

Jason reluctantly agreed.

But making the phone on time was going to be hard, as they were called by the LCPD SWAT Team for information about what had happened on the night of the blast. After hurriedly explaining, and actually telling all the truth, even the fact that they were sons of Triad warlords, except they left the fact that they actually used guns or things like that. But the police department pressed on, continually asking question, trying to get the best information out of the best witnesses they had, who had connections to gangs.

Jason and John eventually exited the police department, with two minutes before the phone call. They sprinted towards the phone in Trenton, and they could hear the phone beginning to ring, and the pedestrians nearby give odd glances, but ignoring the call. Eventually, one guy had enough. He picked up the phone, and swore into it. Jason and John sighed, but they could hear the quiet buzz of words:

"So you have…because…made an enemy…goodbye…freaks." Jason heard, and then he heard a tiny click. The guy, freaked, made a run for it, and seconds after he got out of the possible danger zone, the phone exploded. The answerer of the phone was barely out of the blast radius, and nearby pedestrians screamed in horror. Barely a minute after the blast, as Jason and John went into the middle of the street; three Mafia guys appeared from each end of the street, all with M4s.

"Fuck! It's an ambush!" John shouted.

"What'd you think it was? A gun party?" Jason asked sarcastically.

"Well, we have to get out of here either way."

As far as they could say, they were screwed. But the first shot sent the cars in the area going crazy, and one runaway yellow Sentinel ran over one group of Mafia, and Jason and John took this chance to run and grab their weapons. They picked up the two, and Jason took the third, and they dived for cover behind Joey's garage. Bullets went past where they had just been, and quickly, Jason and John swivelled out, aiming at the Mafia men who had just come around the corner of the street. They were blown back, each picked off with a couple of bullet holes in their face. Jason covered John as his best friend ducked back to reload, and when he was done, Jason dropped back to add a new clip.

When he was ready again, another group had been eradicated, making one hit-group of three remaining. They were no match for Jason and John, and as the last Mafia dropped, ending yet another failed hit, two police cars came screeching around the corner. Jason and John both briskly tossed their M4s onto the dead bodies of the Mafia. They walked up to the policemen, two full squad cars of them.

"So it's you guys," grumbled the cop.

John muttered something about having to be a witness all the time for the police, but Jason whispered him to shut up.

They were questioned right there on the street, and Jason and John finally had their peace and quiet, and they picked up the powerful assault rifles once the police had driven off. The two of them walked back to the Admiral, and loaded the clips of the AK-47 into the M4.

"Guess we don't need to buy anymore then, John?" Jason asked, nudging John in the ribs.

"Yeah, think so." John replied.

They were driving back, when there was a huge explosion behind them. A Sea Sparrow had just destroyed a car with a stream of deadly-machine gun bullets.

"Oh shit, here we go again." Jason muttered.

"Jason, you drive again, just go fast and across the corners." John said.

Jason sighed and he took off. John peered out of the window, and once in a while, fired a burst. But they were still getting lucky. At one point, bullets landed right next to the Admiral. Eventually, Jason heard the cracked whirl of a helicopter going down, and exploding against a building.

"That's it. We're doing this now." Jason growled.

"What?" John asked.

"We're going to go to the Folleni villa, and shoot every last fucking Mafia dude that gets in our way!" Jason yelled.

"Let's get stocked up." John said.

They drove to AmmuNation, knowing that the fight was only just beginning.

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