Hey all! I know I should be working on Hiccups but I couldn't help myself. This plot was too good to pass up.

Summery: Raven gets in a freak accident and winds up dead! Now she's made a deal with St. Patrick. If she can find someone to fall in love with her demon and her human side as a ghost, he'll give her back her life. The catch, she only has a month. Will she be able to find love, or was she given false hope? BBRAE


Chapter One: Adieu


1. The condition of being deprived or bereaved of something or someone.

2. The harm or suffering caused by losing or being lost.

It was a beautiful day when Raven died.

The Titans had been enjoying themselves very much. The clouds were white and fluffy, like ice cream God had scooped onto hot apple pie. Even the ocean water had been tolerable. No longer was it as cold as ice, but more like a hot bath that had been left alone for too long; cold, but it still held some traces of heat.

It had been Beast Boy's idea of course. It was always Beast Boy's idea when it came to doing something stupid. She remembered the conversation they had had an hour ago.

"I'm bored." Beast Boy moaned to the world…or more like to Raven who sat next to him, and was beginning to regret it.

"Why don't you play a game of the TV?" Starfire asked from across the room. She was currently trying to teach herself how to knit. A book was laid out in front of herwhile she clumsily held two long needles. Her lap was overflowing with different colored yarn that seemed to be more tangled then an actual something.

"I've played all of them like a gazillion times; they're boring!" He whined.

"Why don't you go help Cy wash the T-car?" Robin said lazily from his position on the couch. Usually, they would have been trainingbut, "It was too hot to train," Robin had stated in an 'I'm the boss' sort of way. Then, he had dropped onto the couch, his eyes closed, and his breathing deep.

"Dude, I thought you were sleeping?" Beast Boy asked shocked.

Robin didn't answer, but rolled over so that his back was facing Beast Boy. Beast Boy, in turn, huffed and flopped back into a laying position. Beast Boy laid quietly for a moment, and then, let out a heavy sigh.

"For God sakes Beast Boy, it's too hot to do anything anyway!" Raven finally yelled, giving up all hope for finishing anything with Beast Boy raving on and on. She grinded her teeth as a glass light bulb shattered.

"Hey, that's a good idea Rae!" Beast Boy cried sitting up with his excitement. This, thankfully, distracted everyone else from the light bulb.

Robin rolled over to stare at the two while Starfire stopped her, err, knitting to also stare.

"What?" Beast Boy asked, fidgeting nervously under their gaze.

"What was a good idea?" Robin asked. "She only said that it was too hot to do anything."

"Exactly," said Beast Boy, happy that he wasn't the one lost in the conversation, as he usually was. "It's too hot. So, what do you do on a hot day?" Beast Boy asked the group.

"I know," cried Starfire. "You make lemenkade."

"Uh, that's lemonade Star." Robin said.

"You go swimming!" Beast Boy said, disappointed that no one had guessed the answer.

"Oh!" They chorused in unison.

"Yes, that is a wonderful idea Beast Boy. It is lucky that I purchased a water suit from the mall of shopping." Star cried gleefully.

"Wow, there actually are brains in that head of yoursBeast Boy." Robin joked.

"Ha-ha." Beast Boy said sarcastically. He then turned to look at Raven.

"No." She said tonelessly.

"Aw, come onRae, you never do anything fun. All you have to do is lay out there in the sun like Star does. You can even bring a book." She blinked, was he really that desperate to have her go?

Beast Boy didn't wait for her to answer, but immediately turned into a green kitten.

"Meow!" The kitten cried as it crawled onto Raven's lap. It started to purr and gave her the kitten eyes.

That was how Raven found her self lying out in the sun on the Teen Titan's Tower beach. What was worse was that she was lying in one of Star's new bathing suits. No, it wasn't a suit, but more like a bikini. Raven couldn't help the blush that crawled up her neck and spread out on her cheeks.

Raven had never had a bathing suit, and laying here in this one, she vowed to herself she would never buy one, ever.

"Friend Raven, are you not enjoying yourself on such a beautiful day?" Starfire asked innocently unaware of her friend's discomfort.

"Ah, sure Star." She said softly, her mind was still going over the way Beast Boy, and the others of course, had stared at her when she had gotten to the beach. Shy as she was, she had traveled in her bikini, like Star, but was wearing a towel that covered her whole body.

But once they had reached the beach, she had dutifully taken off the towel and laid it down onto the sand. As she had stood back up, she caught Beast Boy staring openly at her. She raised her eye brow at him and watched as he turned a bright red, and then, ran off after Cy. She couldn't help the blush that had appeared on her own face.

Why would Beast Boy be staring at her? She kept wondering this over and over inside her head. It was puzzling her more than anything. Why would he?

"Hey Raven?" Robin suddenly appeared next to her. He was dripping wet and had a huge grin upon his face. "How come you're not in the water with the others?" He asked.

"Uh, I'm okay as I am." She said emotionlessly. She pulled her book closer to her so that Robin would drip on it.

"Ah, come on, the water's great." Raven only shook her head and turned her attention back to her book. Robin took the hint and ran back to the water.

Raven couldn't help herself feel depressed as she heard the shrieks of laughter and giggles that came from behind her. She was feeling really hot…and her body was starting to burn from the heat. Getting wet would make it feel a lot better.

Finally deciding, she slowly stood up and, with her arms crossed around her middle, walked bit by bit to the lake's edge. She was surprised to see that everyone was all ready leaving the water.

"Rae, are you getting in now?" Beast Boy asked disappointed.

She realized that everyone was getting out. This made her mood brighten. At least, shewouldn't be embarrassed if she went in.

"Yes, I'm hot and I want to cool off." She said, in a cold tone. Beast Boy shrugged and walked towards their towels. Robin and Starfire were flirting shamelessly while Cyborg seemed to be making a sandcastle.

Raven walked slowly into the water, watching as the level climbed higher and higher up her body. She shivered slightly at the startling temperature, but adjusted quickly.

Leaning forward, she pushed off the sandy bottom until her body was fully submerged. Robin had been right, it was refreshing. Slowly, she swam around the gray water, forgetting her discomfort with the bikini.

"Rae, come back in!" Beast Boy cried from the shore.

Startled, Raven swirled around until she faced a distant green image.

"We're going to eat the lunch we brought." He explained.

Raven shook her head no. Sad to say, the water had her too intoxicated to leave it now. The heat had made her body dry, and the lake water felt wonderful on it. Beast Boy frowned, but made no comment on the subject. He made his way slowly back to the group.

Raven turned back around and began to leisurely swim. Slowly, she was getting farther away from the shore.

Smiling, she decided to dive underneath the water. She blinked open her eyes and saw the murky underworld of the lake. Fish darted here and there, and scattered as they noticed her awkward swimming. Their tails waved back and forth as they went, reminding her of a child waving good bye. Even the sea grass reminded her of someone waving good bye.

She blinked as something shiny glittered from the bottom, as a stray ray of light reflected off of it. Climbing back to the surface she dragged a fresh breath of air, and then, dove back under. At first, she couldn't see where the object had been, but then, it sparkled again, and she climbed further down to the floor of the lake. By the time she reached it, she was nearly out of breath.

Closing her fist around the small object, she pulled it closer to her eyes to examine it. She was so far down there was barely enough light for her to tell what it was, but with a little luck, she caught a stray sunshine beam and realized what it was.

An old bottle cap lid. She threw it down in disgust, and pushed forcefully off the bottom with her feet. Roughly, she was jerked back. Somehow, while trying to retrieve the bottle cap lid, her feet had tangled around the sea grass.

She couldn't help the ball of panic that swelled up inside her. She tugged with her feet uselessly, but they wouldn't give. Suddenly, as if pricked by a needle, she remembered her powers.

Feeling immensely stupid, she concentrated until a barely visible black orb surrounded the sea grass that held her captive. With an inaudible snap, her underwater noose released her from her prison.

Except now, she had another problem. Swimming all the way down to the bottom, and then, with that little fiasco of sea grass, she didn't know if she would have enough air to get to the top. She started to swim quickly.

15 feet left. Her lungs started to burn with the need to breathe fresh air

10 feet left. Her arms and legs were beginning to become heavy from lack of oxygen, making it all the harder to climb up to the surface

5 feet left. She suddenly started to choke; her body couldn't take it anymore. With the last effort she had, her body wretched out the last of her breath. Instinctively, her body sucked in what should have been air, but was dirty water instead.

She couldn't make it. She could feel the murky water gushing down her throat and into her stomach. She was becoming heavier. Without air in her lungs to keep her a float, she started to sink.

Slowly, random thoughts started to glide though her head.

She would miss seeing Robin confess his feelings to Starfire. Or Cyborg finding love with Jinx, who she knew he was crushing on.

She'd even miss Beast Boy. This, she thought sadly, would affect him the most. He would lose two people in less than a year. Though, she knew she wasn't anything to him as Terra had been, it would still hurt him.

Looking up at the surface, that was slowly sinking farther and farther away, she could catch sight of birds dimly flying though the air. The deep, cold water was slowly embracing her body.

The last thing she saw was the sun twinkling above her, before her eye slowly slid shut into the darkness.

"Wow, Star, are you sure you made this sandwich?" Cyborg asked, while piling in another sub.

"Well, Raven helped of course. She's much better at making sandwiches than I am. I brought the drinks." Robin suddenly spit out a mustard color liquid. In his hand was a can labeled Yum Yum Juice.

"Ah, Star…why did you put mustard in Robin's drink?" Cy asked his eyes wide in disgust.

"I was watching the channel of food the other day, and it told me that a good sauce needs a thickener. Is not a drink just another form of sauce?" She asked her eye's innocently wide. Both boys stared in wonder at her. "Mustard tastes so good with anything; I thought it'd go wonderful with Robin's drink."

She took a quick swig of her own drink. Mustard colored liquid ran down the side of her chin. She pulled the can away from her lips and smacked them presently. "Mmm." She hummed happily.

"Dude, I think Robin needs to teach Star some more things." Cyborg said leaning over to Beast Boy as if it were a secret. Beast Boy didn't reply. In fact, he hadn't said anything since they had started the conversation. He turned and blinked at him.

Beast Boy was staring, obliviously ignoring everyone, at the flat lake surface.

"Dude, are you okay?" Cyborg asked in concern, lightly tapping Beast Boy on the shoulder. Robin and Starfire turned around in disquiet-ness.

"Huh, what?" He asked, snapping out of it and looking over at the trio.

"Are you all right?" Star asked from across from him. "You are acting pecklular."

"Ah, Star that's peculiar." Robin filled in. Star blushed.

"I'm alright." Beast Boy said softly. "It's just Raven." Robin and Cyborg grinned at each other, knowingly.

"Not like that." Beast Boy cried out as his ears turned red. "She's been under the water a long time."

"Well go see what the matter is." Cyborg said reaching over for another sandwich.

Beast Boy nodded his agreement and headed over for the edge of the lake. He waded in until the water was level with his waist. Then, he smoothly shifted into the form of a porpoise. He then swiftly dived under the water with a flick of his green tail.

"How long can humans stay under water for?" Starfire asked curiously. No one answered her but all shifted uncomfortably.

"Help!" They heard Beast Boy scream as his head broke the water's surface. Everyone started and rushed to the water's edge. They all stopped dead, shocked beyond belief.

Beast Boy's head was bobbing slightly from the motionless figure he was carrying closer to them. Her purple hair spread out in the water like angel's wings.

"Oh God." Robin whispered in fear.

That shook Cyborg out of his shock, and he shot forward to help Beast Boy. Robin and Star knocked themselves' out of it and watched apprehensively as they approached.

Raven lay limply in Cyborg's arms. Her own arms hung stretched towards the ground, and her head was bent as far back as it could go, revealing the soft curve in her neck. Her skin was an awful shade of blue.

"Lay her on the ground, Cyborg." Robin commanded, shooting into leader mode. He bent down on his knees and waited. Cyborg did as he was told and bent down along next to her. Starfire stood along their side, holding her breath, while Beast Boy was silently thanking Robin for making them take those CPR classes.

Robin gently shook Raven's shoulder. When he got no response, he yelled over at Beast Boy to call an ambulance. Beast Boy more than readily complied.

He then turned over so that his ear was down by her mouth. He couldn't feel her breathing.

He suddenly tilted her head backwards and leaned down to pinch the bridge of her nose, and covered her mouth with his own. He blew until he saw her chest rise. He tried it again, and nothing happened. He pulled away and turned to Cyborg.

Cy got the point and nodded his head. Placing his palms so that they overlapped, he began to pump, 15 times, in the canyon between her breasts.

Somewhere in the distant sirens could be heard.

Robin checked again to see if she was breathing on her own…she wasn't. He again tried to breathe for her, and again nothing worked. Cyborg pressed down 15 more times.

Still, she wasn't breathing. Behind them, they could hear the faint sobbing that was coming from Starfire. Beast Boy had just came back and was looking paler than anyone had ever seen them.

The sirens seemed to be getting closer.

"Come on Raven, you can make it." Beast Boy started to softly chant to himself. She couldn't give up on them, she wouldn't! Raven wouldn't give up on her friends so easily. They had been having so much fun. She had actually come with them to the beach. This couldn't be happening, he thought to himself.

"You can make it." He whispered.

An ambulance suddenly pulled up from seemingly out of nowhere. The EMT grabbed a large gurney that seemed to be as tall as Beast Boy's waist, and pulled it down onto the beach.

Not one of the Titan's noticed the large crowd that was beginning to pack around them. Or the way the whispers seemed to hiss throughout the mob. 'Those are the famous Teen Titans' they murmured. Or 'I wonder what could have happened?' Even 'she was a pretty young thing.'

All of the Titan's noticed, for a very long time, was following Raven into the ambulance, and darting off to the hospital.

The Titans' waited impatiently in the Hospital's sitting area. Every now and then, one of the Hospital's staff would come hurrying past the door, making Beast Boy jump up, and then sit down in disappointment when they didn't stop.

Cyborg was pacing fretfully on the other side of the room while nervously chewing a finger. Every time a nurse went by he'd stop and hold his breath in fear.

Robin and Starfire sat huddled together. Star was crying out her eyes on Robin's shoulder, while Robin chewed nervously on a finger nail. Every now and then, he'd whisper soothing words to Starfire, just to calm her down.

It was nearly a half an hour later before the doctor came in to see them.

He was an old man, slightly balding and a bit round around the middle. His face was long and his jaw squared, giving him a misshapen look, but his eyes seemed kind enough and seemed to bring some hope to the miserable teenagers.

"How is she doctor?" Robin asked, only because he was the first one who could find their voice.

The doctor looked down and fidgeted nervously. They were too young.

"Doctor?" Beast Boy choked out.

The doctor looked up at the three tear streaked faces and took a deep breath, for he was going to shatter their world.

"I'm sorry about Raven." He said softly. "We did the best we could."

Starfire's legs no longer supported her, and instantly, she dropped to her knees. Her hands covered her face, but they did no good to muffle the sounds of her crying. Her whole shoulders trembled with the force of them.

Robin's eyes immediately succumbed to the urge to cry, and he let them willingly. His whole face seemed to crumple, and he went to sit down before his own legs gave way.

Cyborg instantly turned his back on them. His whole body was quivering for his dead friend, and he couldn't fight it. The pain was so much; he slowly sat on a chair and started to quietly sob.

Beast Boy stood there stunned. Dead? Raven couldn't be dead. She was too full of life. She wasn't dead. Not Raven.

The doctor stood still at Beast Boy's unreceptive expression. He knew what was going to happen. Before the doctor could react, Beast Boy had, from years of practice, dodged around him and ran out the door. He heard voices calling back to him, but didn't bother to stop and listen.

He turned a corner, and then another, until he saw the door he was looking for. Pushing it open, he stopped dead in his tracks.

A bed stood in the middle of the room. On the bed was a person with a white sheet covering their whole body. Beast Boy suddenly reacted violently.

'She can't breathe!' His mind shouted out. He hurried over to the bed and pulled down the sheet. He felt his breath hitch, and he stopped to stare at her. Her face was pale, and her lips were as blue as ice. Her chest wasn't rising at all.

Suddenly, he heard the screeching of shoes coming to a sudden halt outside the room. Looking behind him, he saw Cyborg staring, bug eyed, at Raven's body. Slowly, Cyborg walked into the room and over to Raven.

He watched her silently for a few moments before he turned to look at Beast Boy.

"She's dead." He said softly, so softly that Beast Boy would never had been able to hear him without his animal hearing.

Beast Boy only shook his head as his eyes filled with tears.

Cy gave him a comforting, brotherly hug.

Then, he left Beast Boy in the dark, cold room to grieve for their dead friend.

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