Water War

Mimi: I was totally bored (until my cousin hit me with a water ballon -twitch, twitch-) and after I creamed him( pools come in handy) I typed this fic...

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Mimi: I don't own Beyblade...If I did, I'd be rich!

Water War

Chapter 1

I make a deal with a Neko

"Come on Ray!" I yell at his door.

"No! Cats hate water for a reason." is the firm reply.

" Pretty please? A sundae with whip cream and strawberries on top?" I use the puppy dog eyes, even though there's a door dividing us.

" Are you saying, if I win, I'll get a sundae with whip cream and strawberries on top, Mimi?" His no wetness policy is slowly fading. I do a little victory dance.

" Yep." I grin as a flash of black and white runs by me.

" What are we waiting for!" Ray is already at the front door.

" Kai." I slyly say, " If he doesn't join, no fight."

" Why?" He tilts his head to the side.

" Odd number if he doesn't" I simply explain. There is anouther reason, but I'm not telling Ray!

" Your cousin will never join..Talk about mission impossible!" Ray says

Mimi:I know! Very short chappie! Don't kill me!