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Chapter 12

Ending...Or is it the End?

one month later...

Mimi flops onto her bed as she emails her cousin.

Hilo cousin!

Just me again. Thought I should tell you I have a bf, Kai does too, and all his friends are hooked up! Isn't that awesome! I mean, people seem to not find true love these days and we did...Anywho, I miss you and I wish you were here! Bye bye...


Mimi frowns as she shuts her laptop. ' Tomorrow I go to Austrillia for my concert, what will become of Max and me?' Mimi feels a tear roll down her cheek and she twirls a curl of her hair between her fingers. 'What am I going to do? I'm leaving tomorrow!'

Normal Pov next morning

Max yawns as he comes down the stairs and grins. 'Mimi will be up by now for sure!' Max couldn't help but be cheerful, today is the one month anniversary of him and Mimi getting together, along with Kai and Rei, Tyson and Zeo, and Kenny and Emily. Max pauses and sees a rose on the counter next to a note (AN: Please don't kill me!) Max scans the note.

Dear Max,

I know today is our one month anniversary, but sadly this also marks the day I have to leave...I'm so sorry and I will always miss you and long for you to be with me. If words could describe how I feel now, I'd write them down. I love you Max.

I will always love you and no other,


Tears splatter the note as Max falls to his knees.

On the airplane...

Mimi stares longingly at the terminal as she sits in her seat waiting for departure. Mimi feels tears again and lets them fall like her heart.

'My heart will always belong to you Max...'

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