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She knows she is watching her. She knows that he watches her all the time, and she can't help but wonder why. Why does her watch her instead of Carlotta or Little Jammes or any number of the other girls? After all, wasn't this the man who lusted after Christine, the prettiest girl in the Opera House?She knows that she is not a beauty, far from it. So why is he interested in her?

Faster she turns, watching the colors around her blur. Her long, blackhair fans out around her as she spins, faster still. She can hear him as he moves slowly above her. She stops spinning and she feels slightly sick. But she quickly steadies herself and keeps going. She hopes her performance pleases him.

What? Why do I want to please the Opera Ghost? She thinks, and for a full moment she stops. Not for long, though, because she starts again. He's a cold-blooded murderer. He hypnotized Christine and made her his slave. I do not want to please him.

But he's watching you. Another voice said in her head. He chose you over all the others. And you've met him before. He's not so bad. Meg keeps the raging battle within herself as she leaps into the air and lands, gracefully.

Suddenly, she hears a clunk a few feet away from her. She stops again, and looks at it. Then her gaze is drawn to where it fell. She sees the Opera Ghost, and for some reason, she is not afraid. She smiles a little at him, hoping that he will stay. Why do I want him to stay? He nods at her, as if to say something she does not understand and, to her dismay, he leaves.