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They were outside near an archway. Nearby were pillars and a covering that created darkness. There seemed to be no one around. Jacqueline looked around her at all the structures that seemed to be made from some type of metal. D'Artagnan next her sighed loudly as he took her hand and started toward the darkness.

"Where are we?" Jacqueline asked him. Before he could respond they heard voices. Male and female voices coming from the shadows.

"Five months. Five months—how could they do that to us?" The female voice said. The reply was muffled and could not be heard.

D'Artagnan turned to look at Jacqueline, "I have no idea."

As they got closer they could here the male voice, "No here! Exactly here. I'm tired of the deception…"

Jacqueline turned to d'Artagnan, "An argument?"

D'Artagnan shrugged and the male voice was continuing. "…And we are married."

Jacqueline frowned suddenly, "Maybe we should turn around."

D'Artagnan and her started to back up when the female voice rose telling him to stop. D'Artagnan fingered his rapier and they went back getting closer. It took them a minute and by the time they got there the voice was back to soft tones. "We're going to be happy. That's what we're going to do. And we're going to be together, all three of us," the male voice said.

The woman turned sensing them, her face showing panic and tears rolled down her face. "Anakin! What are we going to do, they've seen us!" She cried into the man.

Jacqueline wanted to turn; she was embarrassed now at being caught spying.

Anakin turned to them, "Who are you?" His voice was hard and his eyes glowered at them.

"I am d'Artagnan and this is Jacques," Anakin turned and stared at Jacqueline a minute before frowning.

"Funny name for a woman," Jacqueline's face now showed panic and she shook it away. "How did you know?"

Anakin walked out of the woman's embrace and over to them. He was tall, and wore what liked like a monk robe. The woman followed him and Jacqueline could see she was beautiful. She wore clothing that wrapped all the way around her, like a dress but it was heavier material. Her hair was done up in an extensive braid on either side of her head, and it looked funny to Jacqueline. "I could sense it through the force," Anakin told them.

D'Artagnan and Jacqueline exchanged glances. "The force?" Jacqueline asked confused.

"Padme, you should go."

Padme turned to them confused, "You're not from around here are you?" Padme asked them as if sensing something.

Anakin stood with his eyes closed for several tense moments, "They are from another galaxy, one we have yet to see, and another time."

Padme stared up at Anakin shock on her face," But how?"

Anakin shrugged, "Yoda might know how or why."

D'Artagnan now frowned, "Who is Yoda?"

Padme glance around them suddenly as if remembering something, "Anakin, we need to get them out of here. It is dangerous, if someone sees them…"

Anakin nodded to her, "Take Jacqueline with you. Give her some more proper clothes." Anakin gave her a look as Padme motioned for her to follow.

Jacqueline started then stopped and turned. D'Artagnan was not following; he was going in another direction behind Anakin. "Padme, where are they going?"

Padme turned back, "To get d'Artagnan clothes, and see Yoda."

Jacqueline sighed and continued to follow her, "Your husband…"

Padme cut her off, terror in her eyes, "Please, no one must know about that."

Jacqueline nodded and then spoke quietly, "I can keep a secret, and I have some of my own." Padme gave her a grateful smile and they walked on. Jacqueline had never been more confused her life.