Author's Note: This is the last chapter. Look for my new episode edition story in the next few days titled 'The Aftermath' post Invincible Sword. Thanks to shoshana my beta. Feedback as usual.

Jacqueline's head throbbed as she sat up. Where am I? She looked around. Her clothes were her musketeer uniform and she touched her hair to find it pulled back as normal. Anakin and Padme… she looked around. She was back in France, obviously. She remembered being on patrol a good distance from Paris with d'Artagnan when she had been thrown from her horse and then she had waken to a strange place with Anakin and Padme. She frowned slightly. She seemed to be right where she left. Were Anakin and Padme real? Or was it a dream? She pondered it until she heard a groan and looked back to see d'Artagnan on the ground several feet away and she got up and walked toward him.

D'Artagnan woke suddenly and his heart ached. Disappointed he did not get to kiss Jacqueline. He studied his surroundings. His memory told him he was where he had been before; they had both been thrown from their horses. He searched with his eyes for some sign of his horse. Great, we will have to walk back. He sighed and got up. He looked up and noted the sun was going down. Best to find shelter and start in the morning. He knew there was a deserted barn nearby he had seen it earlier. They could rest there. He then turned to find Jacqueline coming toward him.

"D'Artagnan, our horses seem to have left us." He nodded. "There is a barn no one seems to use close by, we will stay there and walk back tomorrow." Jacqueline went silent as she followed him.

"What did you and Padme talk about?" He asked her.

Jacqueline's face shown confusion. "Padme? Or you mean you had the same dream?"

D'Artagnan now looked confused. "Dream? It was real."

She shook her head. "Are you sure?"

He started to speak, and then stopped. No, he was not sure. He thought it happened, but he could not prove it. They got to the barn and settled down. They were silent for about half an hour and then Jacqueline could stand it no longer. She had to know if Padme was right, if her dream was correct, or if it was some trick. "When you asked me to go with you, when you said we could get married. Was that because of the baby, or did you mean it?"

D'Artagnan stiffened as he remembered the exchanged. "Why do you want to know?"

Jacqueline stared at him. "I must know."

D'Artagnan sighed and then all was quiet. It was tense as she waited for him to speak. "I never say something if I do not mean it." He stopped. "Of course, I meant it. I asked from my heart, not out of desperation. I could have raised that baby on my own." She heard the hurt in his voice now.

Jacqueline heard Padme's voice. You must trust your heart. Let go of your fears. Jacqueline took a deep breath and did just that. "The dream, or if it was real does not matter. The lesson they gave us is." She paused watching his growing suspicion. "If they could be happy, and secretly married for three years, then we can have a relationship and not risk my life."

D'Artagnan looked at her shocked, but then a smile formed and he came near her. "I will protect you and our secret." Our Secret he has said. He then leaned down and kissed her as they sealed the promise without words.