But wherever the stories were spread, no matter who shivered in dark corners after the telling, one fact was expounded on more than any other. Konoha's sun had returned.

End of Book two


Blink, Blink

Slowly Naruto opened his eyes.

The sun. Damn you! Why must you always shine directly into my eyes when I'm trying to get a decent sleep? Also why don't you stay down for a few more hours until I can be bothered to get up?

Naruto opened his eyes.

"Well, I guess that there is nothing I can do about it."

Looking around the first thing Naruto noticed was.

"White… White and sterile, and that can only mean…"

Damn, I'm in a hospital again.

Sighing Naruto tried to sit up, only to realize that there seemed to be something lying across his body.

What the? This is a rather heavy blanket. It's nice and warm though. Perhaps just a few more moments rest wouldn't be such a bad thing, I'm just so… tired.

With that Naruto drifted back off to sleep. Unknown to him Hyuuga Hinata was lying on the bed next to him. It was still early morning, and she was asleep. It was all very innocent really; She had managed to talk Tsunade into letting her stay at nights on the premise that if Naruto woke up he really shouldn't leave until he could be checked out. Tsunade had known the real reason of course, but she had let it slide. Hinata had been sitting and talking to him all of last night, around two or three o-clock she had gotten a little bit sleepy, slowly her head had drooped forward as she nodded off. She had woken again probably and hour later, but because she was still tired she had assumed that she had fallen asleep while saying her prayers. For a moment she had been tempted to just strip down and climb under the covers without her pajama's, as she did when truly exhausted after a hard day's work, but in the end it had seemed like to much work. Instead she had just climbed onto the bed (Onto, not into, he's under the covers, she's on top of them) and fallen asleep hugging a big stuffed animal that she couldn't remember buying. At the moment she was dreaming. It was one of her favorites,

'Sigh,' "The garden is so lovely today."

"But not nearly as lovely as you are Hinata- Chan"

Startled she turned around, and then blushed, Her beloved Naruto-kun was sitting up in the tree behind her, as she watched he jumped down and flourished a bouquet of flowers.

"These my dear, are for you. I have meant to tell you for so long, how I have watched you from a distance, How I have hoped against hope that perhaps you have done the same for me, It has been the one thing that has…"

"Well, I guess that there is nothing I can do about it."

Dream Hinata shook her head, and thought

That doesn't belong there

The dream continued

It has been the one thing that has always urged me forward, you have been my guiding star, and I should tell you that...

"White… White and sterile, and that can only mean…"

Dream Hinata shook her head again, and thought

Oh well, let's just skip ahead to the good part

Hinata slowly leaned forward her lips parted slightly her voice a nearly non-existent whisper she murmured


Smiling she leaned forward, and she closed her eyes, waiting for their lips to make contact.

"Wake up Hinata"

? He's not supposed to say that.

"Come on Hinata, Tsunade is going to walk in soon and you'll never hear the end of it if she sees you like that"

There was a bright flash, and then Hinata Blinked a few times in the early morning light that was streaming through the window. She closed her eyes again.

Something is a trifle odd, why is it so warm? And why does it smell like.

Hinata sniffed the scent that had been tickling he nose for a little while now.

Meadows and Raman? But that's…

Hinata sat bolt upright and looked down, lying next her was her beloved Naruto-kun. Seeing him laying there brought back the memories of the last week. The talk with Sakura, Naruto appearing in a blinding flash at sunset with multicolored flames dancing around his body, Sakura appearing with Tsunade, the tense surgery, the explanation to Sakura about why he wasn't dead, all of it.

"I'm sorry to wake you Hinata-Chan, but if Tsunade-hime had come in and seen you laying next to Naruto with your head buried into his shoulder like that you would never have heard the end of it."

Hinata swung her legs off the bed and quickly tied her shoes back on.

"A… Argito Sakura-Chan, I…I really didn't m… mean to, it just kind of… H… Happened."

Sakura gave her a smile, not one of the nice ones either; this smile said 'I'm not likely to let you forget this till the day that you die'

"And I suppose you didn't mean to mumble his name in your sleep either."

Hinata eeped and then blushed the color of the sun. Luckily for her she was momentarily saved from further embarrassment by the arrival of Tsunade.

"Good morning girls"

Tsunade had a slightly frazzled look to her face, as though something had been keeping her running around for the last few days.

"A... Are you alright T… Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade gave Hinata a small and tired smile.

"Not really, I thought one pervert was bad enough, but now it appears that Kyu…"

She hesitated for just a moment

"Kyubito and Jirayia-san have taken to collaborating. It appears that Kyubito found out that Jirayia is the Author of the Icha-Icha series. So no sooner do I have Jirayia chased away from one bath house then I get a runner from the other saying that a foxy looking man dressed in black has been seen peeking into another. Even worse is that I found out that they have been swapping notes. It turns out that Kyubito- san is the author of the

Elemental paradise series."

"Elemental series?"

Queried Sakura

"Another series of dirty books, He's set one in each of the country's, apparently all he has left is Ho-paradise."

Sakura paled just a little

"You mean…"

" Yes," said Tsunade "He's already released Fuu, Dan, and Sui- paradise."

"Damn Perverts," Muttered Sakura.

" You don't know the half of it" Murmured Naruto

"I bet" Said Tsunade

"Anyway, as soon as I get a chance to look at Naru…. What on earth has gotten into you Hinata?"

Hinata, Blushing like the sunrise was trying to hide behind Sakura.

"You only act like that when… Wait."

"Good Morning Tsunade- Bab… err Nee- Chan, Sakura- Chan, Hinata- Chan."

Tsunade turned around and grinned,

"Good morning Naruto, How are you feeling?"

"Honestly? Like crap, I ache, I'm tired, hungry, and all of a sudden, cold."

Although Tsunade didn't hear or see it, Sakura gave and evil grin before she leaned over and whispered to Hinata

"I wonder why he's cold don't you? Perhaps we should find him a pretty little blue haired blanket."

Hinata's blush deepened.

"Well, I suppose we can get you some food, that would probably take care of the cold and hungry part. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do for the aches; it took most of my skill to keep you alive in the first place. You were quite a mess you know." Said Tsunade

Tsunade and Sakura couldn't hear it, but Hinata gave a little gasp when she and Naruto heard the voice.

"Use the feather stupid, the boss gave it to you for a reason."

All Tsunade and Sakura had heard was a brief burst of THE most beautiful birdsong. All four of them looked over at the window, and there sitting on the sill was…

"Kenchei?" Said Naruto. "What are you doing here?"

"I decided that traveling with you would probably be more exciting than sitting around in the great hall talking politics with the elders."

So saying he flew over and perched on Naruto's headboard.

"On the other hand this place is pretty boring to. When can you get out and start training or doing missions or something?"

"Um Naruto,"

Said Tsunade

"I can get rid of that bird if you like."

Kenchei glared at Tsunade,

"Err, Actually this is my P…"

Kenchei's glare shifted to Naruto

"Err, Traveling companion, Kenchei. He's fine where he is."

Hinata had caught the glare and giggled a little bit, Kenchei looked up and winked at her.

Sakura and Tsunade didn't know what to make of this bird, it had apparently appeared out of no-where, and then had glared at Naruto, and apparently (and neither could quite bring herself to believe this) Winked at Hinata.

"Err, alright then, I get some food sent to you then. We should probably do the check- u…"

"Tsunade-sama, that old Hermit has been spotted peeking into the girls bathhouses again."

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temples,

"I guess the check-up will have to wait"

"I'll take care of the food Tsunade-sama, don't worry about that" Said Sakura.

"Thank you Sakura"

"No problem Tsunade-sama"

With that Tsunade left, followed closely by a grinning Sakura

"I'll be right back, you two… Make yourselves comfortable"

With that Sakura swept out the door as well, leaving two blushing ninja behind her.

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