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Kit: yayayayayayayay! christmas! Where the heck is the snow?

Kai: its not even winter yet officially

Kit: sourpuss! its Christmas be happy!

Tyson: him! happy! O.o

Kai: me happy?O.o...

Kit: Kai can smile see! (pulls the corner of Kai's mouth up)

Kai: moves away leave me alone...

Kit: ...come back here!

Kai: no!

Tyson: hahahaha its like a game of cat and mouse except its the physco bitch chasing the sourpuss!


Kit: T.T wat'd he call me?

Kai: uh...physco bitch?

Kit: thought so...oh Tyson


Kit:what's that on your face?

Tyson: wat? (starts wiping his face)

Kai: hmmm...(smirk) this should be fun

Kit: no its still not gone...(pulls out a chainsaw) here allow me to get it off for you!


Kit: chases him call me physco will you!Get bak here and I'll show you physco!


Kai:(pulls out a bag of popcorn) ha I was right!

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"Breath of Fire"


Kai stared out the plane window and down at the beautiful ocean water below him and the other bladebreakers. They were supposed to be set on a trip to an Australlian tounament in Sydney but something didn't seem...right. Half the passengers on the plane were asleep, that including Tyson. The other half was trying to sleep but couldn't because of the other passengers snoring, that also and mainly including Tyson. Kai who was sitting behind Tyson finally got pissed off enough that he kicked Tyson's chair, hard

"ARGH!" Tyson awoke with a jolt as he fell out of his chair and the other passengers started cheering.

"What was that for!" Tyson growled picking himself up off the floor. Kai just smirked malicioucly as Rei and Max started laughing

"you needed that! I couldn't sleep!" Max told Tyson after he had finished yelling

"yea right! wat's so appealing about sleeping on a plane anyways?"

"I dunno you did it!" Rei chuckled silently at the two younger bladers before he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Kai, who had gone back to looking out the window suddenly jumped in his seat.

"something wrong Kai?" the other two Bladebreakers turned to look at Kai as well but only got theusual answer.


Kai's P.O.V

I turned away from Rei and the others with my usual glare but my heart was still racing, what caused me to jump just then? something was deffinately not right, but what was it? a gut feeling. 'everyone will die' a voice hissed in my head. what's making me think these things? somethings not right ' Everyone will die! ' I turned away from the window groaning as a migrane suddenly hit me. ' This is a bad time to get a hedache Kai! think! ' The other 3 members of my team were around me suddenly asking me questions but I couldn't hear them. Just that voice ' suffering. They'll all die. Everyone here and you know that.'

"no.." I heard myself mutter. that brought up more questions from the group around me but I couldn't understand. that voice was drowning them all out. other pepole too had started to crowd around me too but a stewadass was pushing them back to there seats. Should I warn them? they'd think I was nuts...'it wont matter!' the voice hissed more harshly 'they'll all be dead in a matter of minutes!' why are we going to crash? A picture of the dead piolt popped into my head suddenly and my eyes shot open. I was finally aware of the talking around me.

"Kai are you alright!" that was Max

"yo sourpuss wats up with you?" that was Tyson. where was Rei? he was there I could see him now, in the seat next to mine. I gave another gasp of breath and inhaled deeply groaning at the quickly fading hedache." what was that about?"

"I..." the words caught in my mouth until that picture reappeared in my head "shit" Max gasped at me wide eyed and the other two just stared a bit shocked. I'd never really said many words like that around them, not even when Tyson pissed me off. I gave up because I knew it was gonna keep coming back to me until I said something. " they're gonna die"

"who's gonna die?" Rei asked confused. I hesitated before telling them

"everyone on this plane."

"What!" Tyson had started to yell but the plane gave a horrible jolt and everyone fell out of their seats screaming. the stewardess yelled at people to calm down but of couse no one listened. Rei gave me another look like 'how did you know?' and then it happened. I noticed something huge and black hit the wing of the plane knocking it straight off. Whatever it was it was big enough that the whole plane got shadowed over before plumiting to the water. No one even had time to scream as it hit head on, the water felt like conctete and the plane started breaking apart around me and then everyone was gone.

Rei's P.O.V

am I still alive? I'm underwater, i know that right away considering I can't breathe, which means I still might die anyways. Panic overtakes me until I see a light above my head and remember that saying "when you're lost go toward the light." In this case it was right! I intoke breath, something I never thought I'd be so glad to taste, and gasped at what I saw. Dead bodies. Everywhere. It was enough to make anybody sick but what worried me most right now was everyone else. I could see Max, somehow he made it to a shore nearby, and then Tyson floating close to shore on a piece of metal from the wreakage most likely in a bit of shock, But I couldn't see Kai. finally, as I decided it would be best to help Tyson get to shore, Kai's head appeared up above the water, him gasping for breath. He looked around and spotting me gave a signal to head for shore. I first went to help out Tyson since, I was closer, then followed after him. Tyson finally sanpped out of it as we reached shore.

"What's going on?" he demanded from Kai " How did YOU know this would happen!" I was wondering that myself. I looked at Max who was staring out at the water a forelorn look on his features.

"I don't know" Kai said softly also looking quite forelorn himself "I just did." looking at his face I realised he was telling the truth. He really didn't know.

"yea right! wat're you physic! or did you know about this all along!"

"Back off Tyson!" I heard myself yell "You know Kai wouldn't do something like this!" to my small delight Tyson looked at the ground a bit depressed

" ya I know he wouldn't but Kai...um" Kai just glared and Tyson, taking that as a hint left to see if Max was alright

"come on, there's nothing we can do here and It'll be night soon. Lets find a place to camp out for the night and we can find help in the morning." I turned back to him

" why can't we get help now? there should be a house nearby or..." Kai cut me off

" no. I've been to Australlia before. we wern't going the right way at all. I think it'll be best to wait. "

I paused

"we wern't..." I finally realised we were actually on a small beach and there was a forest behind us. Kai was right. "Alright lets tell the other two. Max, Tyson?"

"yea?" Max replied in his usually cheery voice. He was obiously trying to keep our spirits up. Tyson too, was smilling.

"Lets go find somewhere to rest ok? We'll find someone in the morning to help us. By tommorow it'll probably be on the news anyways."

"alright!" we ended up following Kai aound through the brush. I didn't know about anyone else but I wasn't that sleepy.

Kai P.O.V

I knew they were upset about all this but I had to get them out of there before nightfall. Whatever did attack us would come back, I knew it. It had been bugging me, how big it was, and it was big. Not that it was something I couldn't handle. But I knew what It was, It was like me. I never have been a normal human and I don't know if that thing knew what I was either but it wouldn't have mattered either way. It was hungry and by morning there would be no bodies left at all. I had no other choice but to lead the others out of there or they too would die. They still might. But this was my secrect and unneccesary. I would tell them when they actually needed to know. 'hopefully they'll at least last until lunchtime tommorow.'

I finally realised how dark it was getting and sped up the pace, we needed to be out of the forest. tiredly Rei pointed out a cave to me. Not the most glamorous thing but it would have to do. I headed up in that direction. Max was slowing down ,beginning to nod off and set off a yawn that went between the three bladebreakers over and over again. Smiling slightly to myself as we reached the cave I started a tiny fire and even though I knew they had promised themselfs they wouldn't sleep they all were out in a matter of seconds. With that I went to sleep outside. I felt more safe out there and I could protect them too.'I guess I wont sleep too well tonight but at least I know I won't wake up tommorow to find myself dead.' I luaghed trying to sort that out as I walked outside.


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