Kit: (Has an ice cube in mouth) Poury AI bidinp Uppate por fo bowng! Wikeers bowk!

Tyson: (is finally out of closet) What in hells name are you trying to say?

Kit: Poury AI bidinp Uppate por fo bowng!

Tyson/Kai: T.T




Kai: what in bloody hell….?

Tyson: you fricken moron! WE DON'T UN-DER-STAND-YOU!

Kit: POO! (spits out the ice cube)

Ice cube: (hits Tyson in the eye)

Tyson: AH! MY EYE! (starts running around screaming)

Kit: heehehe...

Kai: now what were you saying?

Kit: I SAID: sorry I didn't update for so long! Writers Block! (puts another ice cube in mouth) MWAK PANKSWIP!

Max: (suddenly appears out of nowhere) she said Max Translate!

Kai: uh yea I think I got that one… how'd you get translate out of pankswip?

Max: Talent from birth!

Kai: uh huh….-.-U

The evil Disclaimer: Ai ponte done n e phing! Poe fonte poo vee! GOS PIP?

Max: she said: I don-

Tyson: AH MY EEYYYEEEE (runs into Max)

Max: ungghh mommyyy? XD

Kit: T-T porfowns…..

"Breath of Fire"

"Chapter 3"

Kai slowly walked up to the front desk, deep in thought. Nothing made sense to him anymore when just a couple of days ago everything seemed so clear to him. Now it was more confusing then it had ever been in his life. The bartender stared down at him in a seemingly bad mood and waited for him to say something. Kai didn't notice. "Yes?"

(Kai's P.O.V)

Why is it so familiar? "Yes?" Why are they all familiar? "Um…hello?" What's going on with me? These people…this place…everything! What's going on! "Hey buddy are you gonna just stand there all day or is there something you want!" I stop thinking and stare into the annoyed pudgy face of what is probably the inn's owner. I'm not exactly sure how but my feet managed to carry me to the front desk while I was thinking and judging by the look he's giving me he's been trying to talk for a while now. Either that or he's extremely impatient.

"Oh! Um…sorry…" I force back a blush. Too unlike me. "I was wondering how much it costs to stay the night?" He pauses looking me over. This guy kind of creeps me out. He's tall. He beats me by about 3 inches and he's very pudgy. He's balding and has a bushy brown colored mustache growing out underneath his nose. I figure he's the bartender because he definitely doesn't look like the kind of guy to be bossed around by anybody. That and I think I heard a girl run by and call him boss. He stops staring at me and instead looks straight into my eyes.

"You sure you've got enough kid?" I growl. What's his problem?

"Maybe I could tell you that if you tell me how much it is first." He gives me an evil eye which I return with a death glare. He seems to back off a bit.

"Well then…" He drones on going over all the prices and I let out a small groan. I have no idea what he's going on about. A sneer creeps over his features "Don't have enough do ya?"

"Not the kind of money you're talking about. I'm not from here." I sigh. Between Tyson, Rei, Max and I we've probably got about 9000 yen. That's not an awful lot but enough to pay for a place to sleep. Stupid money systems. I don't see why it couldn't be the same everywhere. It would make things a lot easier.

I turn my head to look at Tyson and Max. I think they're imitating Rei's dancing because they're up on the table stumbling around like they're drunk. I see Rei and the blonde girl blushing furiously but she's smiling and her friends are laughing so they obviously find it funny. I suppose after the first couple of times it'll get pretty dull and I try to assure myself that they'll stop after that but I'm not getting my hopes up. The bartender turns his head to where I'm looking and growls.

"Are they your friends?"

"Regretfully I suppose they are." I can see Rei look this way, look at the bartender then roll his eyes at Tyson and Max knowing full well they were about to get in trouble. "Do you want me to get them down?" I hate asking people things. I was brought up to ask no questions and that's how it's been almost my whole life. Yet it's like I've known these people a lot longer and I don't feel as uncomfortable around them as I would someone else. That brings me back to my first thought why do I know how to act around these people? What is it exactly that makes my instincts so much sharper when I'm here? The guy paused.

"No that's alright I'll do it." Is it just me or is he acting a lot nicer. I look at his features which have suddenly gone to a lot madder then I think he really is. "Hey you stupid monkeys! Get the hell off the table!" Tyson, who stopped to see who yelled rams into Max and both of them go tumbling off into a heap on the floor. Everybody stops and either laughs or starts clapping for the two morons.

"Tyssoonnn…" I hear Max groan "You're crushing me… Get off you pig!" Tyson gets up.

"That's it!" he yells so his voice echoes off the walls. "You, Sir" He points accusingly at Max "Have insulted my dignity…Thumb war!"

"You're on!" a lot of the people stop to watch and I turn back to the bartender.

"My names Ban" He tells me simply ignoring the fact I didn't ask "Yours?"

"Kai." I reply hesitantly. He smiles and laughs.

"Sorry I was in such a foul mood before, Working all day can do that to ya. I guess your friends snapped me out of it." There's a pause "Well Kai let's see what you've got in the way of money there eh?" I hand him over a couple of coins. "Yea well you were right about one thing. I've never seen money like this in my life. I'll tell ya what. I'll let you and your friends…um how many are there of you?"


"Perfect. You guys help me out a bit 'round here and I'll give ya the rooms for free. How's that?"

"Thank you." I give him one of my rare smiles. I guess I misjudged this guy.

"But," he sighs "I can't let you stay long. A dragon's been attacking near the west and a lot of people are getting as far away from there as possible. Abandoning their villages and such. A lot of them pass through here so I don't have much space left Kay?" Did I hear him right? A…dragon? Maybe it's the name of some gang or something. I decide not to question further. We'll be gone soon anyways. I think. Ban's voice snaps me out of thought. "I thought I told you two ta get off' a the table! What part of that do you not understand!" I'm guessing they got bored of the thumb war.

"We're not breaking anything!" 'Crash!' "Never mind!" Ban tosses them a mop.

"No more monkey business!"

"Gotcha!" He sighs and turns back to me while I grumble out the word "Morons." Ban laughs.

"Well ya know they're good for some things at least." He cocks his head at the two scrubbing the floor. Apparently Rei is telling them off because he's standing there too and he doesn't look pleased. But I suppose Ban's right. They did put him in a pretty good mood after all. Actually if they didn't goof off we probably wouldn't have gotten a room. "Suppose I should put em on mop duty?" I smirk.

"They are pretty good at that. Knowing them they'll probably break anything they touch with that thing though." As if to prove my point there's another loud crash from that general direction then Max's voice

"Sorry! I'll get that!" Ban grumbles and tosses them another mop which Rei catches. Max sweatdrops at the glare Rei gives him as he hands it over, quite frustrated. He's really lucky he didn't look over here. I probably would have scared him half to death.

"Well are ya gonna sit 'round here or do you want your room now?" Ban asks as he goes back to polishing a glass. I look outside and sure enough it's dark out. How long have we been here anyways?

"Um…maybe it would be a good idea to see exactly where we're staying." I look at Max and Tyson. "Maybe I'll wait. You never know what they'll do next."

"Aw I wouldn't worry. Looks like your cat friend over there's got it covered." True enough Rei seems to be handling them well. They're at least cleaning up but I think the glares are what's doing the job. "Just check out the rooms and get your friends in a bit."

"Alright. Or I can make them find it themselves." Ban laughs

"Whatever works best for you I guess. Marina come here" A short girl with curly brown hair that comes to her waist and aqua blue eyes bounces over.

"Yes boss?" hmm…she looks too young to be working here. She looks like she's about seven.

"We're renting out two more rooms K?" He nudges in my direction and she smiles sweetly at me.

"This way!" Marina yells and starts leading me up the stairs. She leads me up to the second floor and shows me two empty rooms. "They're not very big" she sighs and her smile fades "But they'll hold 2 people each. How are they?" her smile comes back.

"They're good. At least we have somewhere to stay tonight."

"Aw Ban's a sweetie. He would never turn anyone away." I sigh and ask the question that's been bugging me.

"How old are you?"

"13." She replies smiling then bounds back downstairs. I stare after her. Still looks too young. After that I go inside the room.

(Normal P.O.V)

Rei watched Kai head upstairs figuring he was being showed the rooms and smilled. He did get them somewhere to stay for the night after all. In that split second he turned away there was another crash. "I'm sorry!" Rei turned expecting to see Tyson and instead found a white haired little girl sniffling.

"Hey you two get that will ya?" Ban yelled from the other side of the room.

"But it wasn't us!" Tyson protested. Rei glared

"It's the least you could do for already breaking two glasses Tyson." 'serves you right too.' Rei didn't add that last part though he was thinking it.

"Last one wasn't me. Last one was Max, come to think of it, first one was you too. Wasn't it MAX?" Tyson asked emphasizing Max's name.

"Eh heh." Max sweat dropped.

"You're so dead!" Tyson yelled as he started hitting Max over the head with the wet mop.

"Tyson cut it out you're flattening my hair stupid!" Rei turned back to the little girl only to find her gone. He cocked his head to the side in a very confused animal like way.

"Hey cat boy c'mere!" Rei turned to meet the bartender's eyes and marched over. "Get them outta here will ya? They're gonna break something else I just know it." Rei laughed.

"So I see. Don't worry I'll finish cleaning and get the other two upstairs." 'Crash'

"My Bad!"

"Tyson!" Rei snapped.

"Sorry!" He looked back at the bartender who was glaring profoundly at them and muttering something.

"I'm so sorry" Rei bowed and Ban smiled at him.

"No worries…just…get them out of here PLEASE!" Rei nodded in agreement, grabbed both Tyson and Max by the arms and began dragging them upstairs. "Marina!"

"Yessss?" The bubbly girl bounced over again, looked at Max whose hair was indeed flat and burst out laughing.

"It's not that funny is it?" Max grumbled. Ban glanced at Max and he too stared laughing.

"Same room as the last one Marina." She stopped giggling long enough to mutter an 'okay' but then giggled the rest of the way upstairs.

Kai stared out the window of the room completely lost in thought. There was no electricity but a fire was going in the fire place lighting up part of the room. The light did not, however, reach the window where he was sitting. Instead it shadowed over his face as he stared over the landscape. You could see a lot from here really. Rolling hills, mountains, a forest outside the village, scorched trees. That was the most unusual thing about the landscape along with the deep groves implanted in the ground.

He averted his eyes and turned to the door which the Bladebreakers walked thorough. He glanced at Max, turned his eyes back to the window and burying his head in his arms, started shaking with silent laughter. Usually he could keep his emotions in check so yes, something was seriously wrong with him.

The door closed and Tyson, who could see Kai's shaking form in the moonlight, asked if something was wrong. Kai propped his elbows up on the window sill and rested his head on his palms. Not being able to hold it in any longer, he burst out in a fit of laughter. Everyone in the room jumped and stared at Kai as if he was insane. And at the moment it seems he is.

Kit: OOOKKKAYYYY that was a crappy chappy….. It's just I've been on a writers block for so long and I felt so bad for keeping my reviewers waiting….. I had to write SOMETHING! I'm sorry this chapter's so long and boring. I promise (And hopefully I can keep my promise) that the next chappie will be better (starts crying) I need to hit something!

Kai: (backs away)

Kit: Where's Tyson? Come to think of it… where's my chainsaw? I haven't seen it since the last chapter… I've been loosing track of a lot of things…you know…exams and all. .

Kai: You're chainsaw's missing…and Tyson's missing….that's not a good thing….

Kit: yea…my ice cubes went missing too….and my sugar…and my pellet gun….


(sound of evil laughing and a chainsaw in background.)

Kit: carp

Kai: carp?

sound of hyper laughing and a pellet gun

Kit: Maybe it wasn't a good idea to invite Max…at least I know where my sugar went…

Kai: T.T where'd your ice go?

Pellet gun: (shoots a big chunk of ice)

Big Chunk of Ice: (breaks through window and hits Kai on the head)

Kai: X-X

Kit: (sees Max staring evilly at her through window followed by a crazed looking Tyson)Ah cheese slice on rye! (hides)

Tyson/Max: -.- sweatdrop


Ja Ne