A Sight to Behold

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Summary: At a party, Russo oversteps the line.

Pairings: Russo/Christie, Jim/Christie.

A/N: It's supposed to be a 100 world ficlet. I'm at 105. Oops. Also, I have no problem with Russo; actually, I love the guy. This story just happened.

Over the rim of his wineglass, Russo drinks in the sight of Christie's exposed neck as she flips her raven hair. She's a glorious woman. Her intense eyes, curvaceous figure, and sensual confidence are a sight to behold.

And Jim has no idea.

When she finally wanders from Jim's side, Russo introduces himself. He offers his most charming smile and a drink. She accepts the champagne and his compliments, but when he casually asks her out, her passionate eyes chill.

"My husband's blind. Not a eunuch."

She leaves Russo, sashaying over to her ignorant husband.

Jim is vigilantly staring at him from across the room.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!