Heya! Remember this story? The one deleted? Well its back! bounces I think it might have been deleted cause this one part with the profiles were like chat script. Most likely that's the reason... They don't seem to notice that these are the character profiles and not my actual story... I'm still kind of upset about loosing my 4th chapter of "Breath of Fire" But I'll re-write that eventually. I'm sorry I've left everyone hanging so long. I have the ideas in my head and such but I suppose I lost the inspiration for a bit after they were deleted. Well... I'll keep going now with this story... It's a second generation fic and will most likely be time travel stuff. I started writing it about 2 years ago and had the idea in my head for a year before that. Well I'm hoping this doesn't get deleted again but if it does you can find it on where I haven't made an account yet (though I intend to!) .; Anyways... onto the fic!



Hey I just wanted to let everyone know I'll be starting my first story really soon so I'm gonna write out the profiles for my characters

I actually started writing this story a while ago like in the summer-.- I just never got to typing it out.

Name:Kayla Hiwatari



hair: two-toned blue

bitbeast:Salsa; type:wolf; element:light

bitbeast attack: onigiri demon slash

clothes:black tank top and hiptser jeans tied with a black sash

personality:(same 4 all)i'll let you guys figure this out

Name: Zachary Granger




bitbeast:Rowin; type:snake; element:earth

bitbeast attack:

clothes:blue cargos and a dark blue jersey

Name: Brett Kon

Age: 14

eyes: amber eyes

hair:short black hair

bitbeast:Taketo; type:panther; element:wood

bitbeast attack:mabaroshifalse vision

clothes:black and gold traditonal chinease clothes( a bit different from Rei's)

Name: Maddison Tate

Age: 14



bitbeast : Eckichi ; type:cat; element: physic

bitbeast attack:Ackudama

clothes:red capries and white halter top

The first chappie will be up really soon! Promise!