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The bell rang as the class cleared out. "Alright everyone have a good vacation!" the teacher yelled cheerfully.

"Goodbye !" Maddison bowed respectfully and began to leave the room followed by Kayla who gave an evil grin and started laughing manically.

"Yes! Goodbye indeed! Muahahahahahaha!" raised and eyebrow and rolled her eyes.

"Goodbye to you too girls. Be good."

"Oh we'll be good…we'll be good FOREVER! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Madison sweat dropped and dragged her out of the room.

"School's killing you."

"I agree." It finally clicked. "Woo hoo! School is OVER! YEA!" some people in the hallway gave her cautious glances and hurried past. Madison laughed.

"I'm thinking you're the happiest person in the whole school right about now."

"AH WE'RE IN SCHOOL! RUN BEFORE YOUR BRAIN IS TURNED TO DUST!" Kayla grabbed hold of Madison's arm but as she rushed out she ran straight into someone. And as it registered in her mind: someone with brown hair, green eyes, annoying, stupid…

"Watch it Slut!"

And who was about to get a serious ass kicking.


Zach shoved a brown lock of hair from his eyes and stared at the clock intently. 5-4-3-2-1. He jumped up from his seat and dashed to the door.

"Thanksforthegreatyearnothahahanevergonnaseeyaagainhopefullygottagobye!" The teacher blinked as he dashed out of the room and the whole class sweat dropped. The Teacher narrowed his eyes into a glare as the emerald eyed boy peeked sheepishly back around the corner. "How come the bell didn't go…?" The class started laughing.

"That Mr. Granger," The teacher began "Would be because class is not over yet. I thought even you would notice it's slow." Zach nodded in agreement.

"Yes. Class does go by slow. Very slow. Too slow!" At that moment the bell chose to ring. "BYE!" Zach waved out the door ignoring his teacher's glare. Kayla chose to also come rushing out of her classroom at that exact moment and both rammed head first into each other and into a heap on the floor. "Watch it slut!" The violet eyed girl glared.

"What in hell's name did you call me!" He blinked up at her innocently trying to avoid her death glare.

"Um….mutt?" She punched him on the head and started strangling him. Maddison, who was standing only a few feet behind them, shook her head in amusement and annoyance until she saw who was standing behind them. The black haired boy blinked down at the two on the floor then back up at the blonde curiously. A small smile crept over his lips.

"I see they're ready for summer." Maddy laughed.

"Yes I do believe they are Brett." Kayla stopped strangling Zach and looked up at the amber eyed boy.

"…Hi." He smiled down at her, offering a hand.

"Hi." He suddenly started laughing as he dragged her to her feet "VACATION!" Kayla laughed.


"HEY!" A voice came from the floor. All three looked down to see Zach glaring at them. Mainly at Brett. "You coulda helped me up too you jerk!" Brett laughed still staring down at him and making no move to help whatsoever.

"Yes I know I could of. But I didn't. Suck it up."

"Ass." The annoyed boy jumped up off the floor and began walking toward the door.

"Wow what an amazing insult."

"Shut the hell up."

"Zach! Don't talk like that!" He turned as they headed out the door and blinked at the brown haired woman. She narrowed her crimson eyes at him and placed her hands on her hips, then blinked and made her eyes tear up a bit. "I come here to pick up my baby boy from school and instead find him cussing at his friends!" She over-dramatically flung her arms around the struggling boy and pretended to cry.

"Mom cut it out!"

"What's this world coming to?" The others around Zach were laughing and Brett leaned back his head, poking the two girls to show them Zach and his mother did indeed have an audience. More then half the student population had turned to watch.

"Lego! Mom you're Em-bar-i-sing-meeee."

"Awww…. My child is embarrassed! He's growing up! That's so sad! It seems just yesterday he was eating out of the dog food dish! O wait…THAT WAS YESTERDAY! NEVERMIND!"

Everyone burst out laughing as the poor guy's face heated up. His three friends laughed. This was completely usual behavior for his mother when she caught him doing something she didn't like. Over half the time it was in a public place and her punishments were almost always embarrassing on his behalf. She liked making a scene. He grumbled something under his breath and she smiled.

"Well." She let go of him "Don't cuss at people and this wont happen dear."

"What're you doing here anyways Mrs. Granger?" Madison asked, smiling. Zach glared at her for being so nice and the blue eyed girl smiled sweetly back.

"Hmm…let's see. I came here to see if I could find a way to embarrass Zach for one… and…um…"

"Are the hot springs open now!" Brett and Kayla asked enthusiastically. She smiled happily.

"YEA! That's it! You guys wanna come sleep at the dojo?"

"YES!" all but Maddy shouted.

"Not you?" Zach asked sadly

"Aww you want me to come do you?"

"NO! Yes…uh…." She walked up to him seductively and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh really? You know you want me." He blushed fiercely and their two friends started laughing. Kayla was the first to speak.

"I think it's cuuttee."

"SHUTUP!" Zach snapped, his blush growing.

"Ewww….I'm standing right here ya know!" They all turned their glances to Zach's mother who was making a childish face. "I'm goin to wait in the car peeps!" With that she left. Zach sweatdropped.

"I swear great grandpa's having an impact on her!"

"Uh…He's still living with you?" Brett sweatdropped as well.

"He's still living?" Kayla asked in shock

"Yes He's still living!" Zach snapped

"How old is that guy? Last time I saw him I was nine! He didn't look too good come to think of it…how come he wasn't there last time I went?" Bret looked at him confused. Kayla and Maddison shrugged and went to wait in the car.

"Um…last time you went he was sick for one…he's 88 and he's still going like he was 20 years ago! Um…according to my dad anyways. And last time you came He was in Mexico on a 'free' vacation. My dad said he needed to get out."

"Oh." A horn stared honking beside them.

"Let's get goin! Move it! OUTA MY WAY! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"


"AH! That's it!" They turned to look at the car which happened to contain an amused looking Kayla a freaked out Madison and an angry looking brunet. "If you don't move you bastard your gonna find your glove compartment shoved halfway up your a- !" She turned suddenly, blinked at them then smiled. "Highway practice." Zach slapped his forehead and got into the car, followed by Brett.

"Geeze you wonder where I learn the swearing." She just smiled at them as she pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road."So Maddison sweetheart how come you can't stay?"

"Vacation. My grandma's house in California."

"Ah that's good! Well you say hi to Judy for me k?"

"Okie!" The car suddenly swerved and everyone went slamming into each other.

"Asshole! See Zachary I told you I'd need it."

"MOM YOU'RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!" The car swerved again.


"You're gonna get us killed! That stupid saying is right! Women drivers no survivors." Kayla and Maddison glared at him but she smiled.

"If you don't like the way I drive Honey then you can get off the sidewalk cause I aint stoppin for nobody!" Zach's mouth dropped slightly while thetwo girls and Brett started laughing. "Close your mouth sweetheart you don't want fly's in there."

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