A Vega poem thingy Sorta has some hints of Romance to a certain female chinese cop… Enjoy

I wear a mask, The Mask of Agony. It is worn to capture the agony on the defenseless hideous people that try and stand against me. They have never lived, never seen daylight out of the steal cage that they have sold their souls to get into. I release their souls. The blood they shed is such a lovely color. Even if they are ugly, the blood, their own blood suits them so well. The blood of my newly slain victum runs down my claws and mask. The agony in their voices are music to me, as the gag on their own blood.

You may call me a psychopath or a lunatic. But tell me, if they know the consenquences why do the choose to continue to arrive in my cage to challenge me? I know…its because they think that Im a monster. A hideous monster that needs to be taken care of, but it is they who need to be taken care of. They all must be destroyed and never see the light of day again. All they need to see is my claw outstretched ready to send them to where they belong, and end their hideous life.

And to the lovely agent. My dearest opponent, you are the only one to escape death at my hand. Even so, I enjoy our endless game of cat and mouse. How you chase me to any part of the world to get the information you need about Bison. And me the same way, only I wish just to see your lovely face showing so much emotion. I wish you would stop paying attention to the hideous thing and look in front of you and see me, waiting to see you in the next ring. Or where ever we might end up at. I've often dreamt of your soft bare skin against my own, holding each other in an embrace not meant to kill the other. And to hear your voice, ah, I love it, I can tell you enjoy seeing me as well. Though you wont admit it, I can see that you do. No mask can you put up can hide your emotions from me. I can easily read your emotions just like any book.

Inside this insane mind of mine, I can hear a lot. From sides of me I had forgotten existed. That is until you showed me, my dearest ChunLi. I thank you, you have shown me that My Mask of Agony isn't for the others feelings, but for my own. The agony of my own soul that is meant to be expressed and let out. But I cannot show it like you can, I have too much pride in that, if only you would tell me to show you, that's when I could have been able to express my agony, my thought, my locked up words. You my dearest ChunLi have helped me put down the Mask of Agony and face the world, as harsh as it may be. I will live in hope you will love me the way that I have grown to love you, ever since the day I snuck into your room and gave you your first kiss…