Royal Guest

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Letters and visitors

"NO! SIRIUS!" Harry Potter woke from another nightmare. One that had been plaguing him since school let out, along with it, the death of his godfather, Sirius Black. As he got out of bed, he heard a tapping noise at the window. A very majestic and royal looking owl was at the window. After Harry opened the window, the owl flew in and landed on Harry's desk, much to Hedwig's annoyance. It held in its beak a letter sealed with the crest of a noble family. Harry relived the owl of its burden.

Wondering what they would want with him, Harry broke the seal, opened the letter, and began to read.

Dear Mr. Potter;

My granddaughter will be arriving shortly before ten o'clock this morning. She is a student at Hogwarts with you, and in Gryffindor. She is to be given respect and if I hear of any mistreatment by anyone, rest assured, I will be at your house personally to deal with the person or persons involved. Tell the same to your aunt, uncle, and cousin, as well as any visitors. Send a reply with Zeus.

John Pearanne

Looking up at Zeus, Harry said, "I'll give you my reply as soon as I've spoken with my uncle, which shouldn't be long." Zeus hooted his approval. Harry didn't have to wait very long to talk to Vernon Dursley.

"Uncle Vernon?"

"Yes, boy?" his uncle growled. Uncle Vernon was NOT in the best of moods. He normally wasn't when he woke up. Much less when he had to deal with his nephew.

"I just received this"-here Harry held out the letter-"and thought you should read it." Uncle Vernon took the letter. Moments after he began to read, his face went from red to white to an unnatural shade of green.

"Seeing as I have no choice, she'll stay here until those freaky friends of yours come get you. She's supposed to stay with you right?"

"From the sounds of things, yes."

"You'll have to have to think of a cover story for her. Marge is coming for a visit again and there better not be any more of your tricks this time." Vernon threatened.

"All right. I'm supposed to reply. I'll place that in." was Harry's reply. He returned to his bedroom, took out a quill, some ink, and a piece of parchment. He thought a while about what he was going to say, and began to write.

Mr. Pearanne,

I talked to my Uncle and he said that as long as your granddaughter stays with me, he would not have a problem. I thought I would let you know that his sister Marge is coming for a visit today. She'll be staying about a week. As she believes I attend St. Brutes Center for Incurably Criminal Boys (which I do not, I go to Hogwarts), it might be a good idea for your granddaughter to have a cover story as to why she is going to visit. In addition, I may be moved from my aunt and uncle's house to the house of a friend during the summer while your granddaughter is here. I wonder if it would be permissible for her to come with me.


Harry Potter.

That done, Harry tied the letter to Zeus's leg and watched as the owl flew towards London. Getting another piece of parchment, he began a letter to Dumbledore.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I thought you should know that someone named John Pearanne is sending his granddaughter to stay with me. I do not know much about him or his family. I would appreciate some information on his family. If I should leave the house for whatever reason, including going you know where, she should come with me. Please send a reply back with Hedwig.

Harry Potter

After tying the letter to Hedwig's leg and watching her fly off, Harry got dressed. He made sure to dress nice as a guest was going to be coming, along with Aunt Marge. He hid his belongings so that if Aunt Marge came into his room, it would look like a Muggle room.

Going down for breakfast, he noticed that Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were also dressed in their best clothes. They obviously wanted to make a good impression. Wondering why, he sat down to breakfast. Before long, his aunt spoke up.

"There is something you should know. The girl that is coming, Abigail Pearanne-Potter, is your cousin. Your father's family is one of the five oldest families in your world."

"And you didn't tell me this before because?"

"Because that headmaster of yours wanted to wait to tell you when you were old enough."

Thank you for not telling me, Professor. Harry thought, than remembered that he had asked for information about the family from the headmaster. He began thinking about what Aunt Petunia had said. One of the five oldest families in the wizarding world. This will be something to hold over Malfoy's head once I get back to Hogwarts.

"Five oldest families? What does that mean, Mum?" Dudley asked. "And why would Harry be a member of one of those?" He added with a sneer.

Before Aunt Petunia could answer, the doorbell rang.