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Meeting the Queen and The Trial of Dolores Jane Umbridge

Scrimounger tied ropes around his former undersecretary before enervating her. "Madam Umbridge, you are under arrest for using a Level 3 proscribed item on minors in a way that violated its terms of use. Your trial will be in two days, you will be assigned a Ministry lawyer, and you will be held in the Weasly household before the trial because-in Mrs. Weasly's words-you hurt two honorary Weasly's. They have decided which room you will stay in. Don't even bother trying to get your wand"-here he held up said wand-"Or trying to apparate."

Umbridge sneered, before trying to get her wand. "You may try Minister, but you'll find that Fudge authorized my use of the blood quill."

"In writing?" This time, it was Arthur Weasly who spoke up. "Somehow I have a tough time believing that."

Scrimounger looked at Arthur. "You may be right, Arthur. I already have Fudge in custody. We'll do his trial after Umbridge's."

"Thank you, Minister. I'll be contacting Lee Jordon, since he helps the twins with the shop. I believe he is a roommate."

"I'll also send an official letter out to all of the Hogwarts students, especially Mr. Potter. In fact, I'll send Mr. Potter's now. It's the usual notice for witnesses at trials. I'll see you in two days." After duplicating the parchment, he apparated to the Ministry owlry and sent off the letters.

Abigail had to poke Harry several times before he returned to reality. "Yes, Harry, this is Buckingham Palace. The Queen wants to meet you. She has already met Mr. Lupin, as he works for my family."

Harry turned and hugged Remus. "Great job!"

They got out of the limo and walked into the palace. Abigail guided them to the Throne Room where the Royal family awaited. Before they entered, Abigail took a close look at Harry's outfit. "Harry, don't you have anything else to wear?"

"Nothing Muggle. These are Dudley's hand me downs. All the rest of my clothing is my Hogwarts robes," he replied, looking surprised at the looks of shock. "What?"

Before anyone else could respond, a voice called out from the Throne Room, "Don't worry about it for now. I'll be having a talk with those so-called relatives of yours, Mr. Potter. You may come in."

Looking at each other, they shrugged and followed the Queen's order, Abigail entering first. The Queen was surrounded by the entire Royal family. Harry quickly fainted, not truly believing that the Queen wanted to meet him. Before anyone could enervate him, 2 Ministry owls swooped in and delivered their letters to the respective teens-or in Harry's case, on his chest-before leaving. Harry was quickly enervated and he and Abigail opened the Ministry letters.

"That went well," one of the princes muttered before being elbowed.

"Lady Pearanne, what does the letter say?"

"Ours say the exact same thing. Our former Defense professor from 5 year is on trial for using an illegal item on students. Harry is called as a witness. The trial is in two days."

"We have two days to add another charge, though I doubt that the magical world would be willing to accept the charge of attack on a member of the 'Muggle' nobility," Queen Elizabeth said. "Though we could invoke a certain treaty between this world and yours. Mr. Potter, send a reply suggesting that they ward the trial room in such a way that makes any potion or enchantment on people immediately wear off except for Veritaserum. We could not have the defendant not tell the truth." Harry nodded and did as she suggested, also putting in a suggestion for a ward against Occlumency and its counterpart.

The Burrow: Fred and George's room, the day of the trial.

Umbridge grinned as she quickly put on what she thought was the Veritaserum antidote that she had found in Fred and George's room. Little did she know that instead of making her immune to the truth serum for a while, the necklace would make her tell the truth for as long as she wore it, plus the longer she wore it, the harder it was to get off. She quickly tucked under her shirt so it lay right against her skin. Someone knocked at the door. "Come in," she called sweetly.

Rufus Scrimounger, Kingsley Shackbolt, Tonks and another Auror that she didn't know the name of entered the room. "Umbridge, you are to come with us." Ropes came out of his wand and tied her up. "Mr. and Mrs. Weasly are already at the Ministry." With Shackbolt and Tonks holding onto the prisoner, they apparated to the Ministry.

Ministry of Magic, Courtroom 10

Scrimounger took his seat directly across from where the defendant sat. Looking around, he noticed the Wizengamot, practically all of the Hogwarts students, staff, and the families of the students. Bloody Hell, is that the Royal Family? Where is Mr. Potter's family? Shrugging the thought out, he started the trial.

"The trial against Dolores Jane Umbridge has started. Presiding over the trial is Rufus Godric Scrimounger. Secretary is Percy Ignatius Weasly. Defense for the accused is Pius Fortula Thicknesse. The charges against the accused are thus: illegal use of a blood quill on minors, illegal use of the potion Veritaserum, orders to Dementors without authorization, and the use of an Unforgivable. How do you plead?"

Umbridge held her head up high. She did have authorization, even if it was verbal. "Not guilty to all but the use of the Unforgivable." Oh, shit. I didn't mean to say that. She thought, as she heard Scrimounger give the order for Veritaserum.

The Veritaserum was administered. "Umbridge, did you or did you not use a blood quill on Hogwarts students to make them write lines?"

"I did."

"Did you or did you not use Veritaserum on students?"

"I did."

"Did you or did you not order the Dementors to go to the Muggle home of Harry James Potter?"

"I did."

"Did you or did you not start casting the Unforgivable curse Crucio on a student?"

"I did."

"Why did you do all these things?"

"Fudge wanted me to stop the rumors of the Dark Lord being back and basically told me to use any measure necessary. He did not give it to me in writing because of the fact that any Minister of Magic written order is duplicated and goes to all department heads. Since he knew that Mr. Weasly was one of those department heads, he gave the orders verbally."

Doing a show of hands, Dolores Umbridge was found guilty on all counts.

By now, the majority of the people there were shaking in anger. Scrimounger took a glance at the Queen, and asked Umbridge, "Are you aware of the Muggle nobility/pureblood treaty?"


"Were you aware that Harry James Potter is a member of nobility?"


"Then it is up to him to decide your punishment."

Harry, as well as Lee Jordon and Umbridge's other victims, quickly gathered in a corner. Harry soon came out with a piece of paper that he handed to Scrimounger.

"Dolores Jane Umbridge, your punishment is to be the test subject for Weasly Wizarding Wheezes for the rest of your natural life."