Oblivion's-Will tnxs to 'amazed by angel' for the review of my works.

WEIRD,because we had expected an angel,

Armed with a shield and a deadly sword.

Instead, she came to us as a fragile GIRL,

As soft as she can be with a trembling word.

Her PSYCHE slowly shatters in this world,

While a fake RELIGION tries to grab her spirit.

A DISTORTION cause the laws to be bent,

And thus the KIDS are sacrificed in a minute.

An image appears high above in the sky;

The SOCIETY thinks that it is made by a sorceress.

But the learned men knew more than that,

So they spread the RUMORS that it came from a goddess.

"Lain, Lain, it came from Lain."

"Lain, the goddess of the WIRED and the REAL WORLD."

The PROTOCOL was said to be the law,

But even that can't stop the LOVE that they gave to hold.

"What is INFORNOGRAPHY?" they asked.

By then she saw the LANDSCAPE of this world,

"Your technology; your science." She masked.

Then she left without a presence along with our EGO in this world.