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Broken Illusion

Rain poured down on the rooftops of Prontera's houses. Prontera. The central city. The main kingdom in all of Rune Midgard. Now, plunged into the sunken weather with all the dark clouds that loomed over the city. Lightning struck making a loud explosive sound. Pronterans hurried by and fought their way through the heavy rain. Windows were closed, doors locked. Everyone was shut tight in his or her homes, all of them waiting for the rain to stop.

A hooded rogue sat in a corner in one of Prontera's famous pubs. Next to her was a novice, about ten years of small boy looked up to his mentor, taking another pull of her drink. She looked back down at her apprentice huddling close to her, put him on her lap, and patted his head. The small boy slept in her arms. It seemed that he, too, was scared of thunder. His appearance of fear reminded her of her own experience, how she had lost her family…

I sat on my mother's lap while listening to the rain and thunder outside. When thunder struck, my mother would do me a favor and close my ears so I would not listen to it and be frightened. I miss those days, those rainy days, when my mother would hold me close and somehow, make me fall asleep in her arms. But that was so long ago… So begins my story…

A small girl of five sat on her mother's lap, playing with dolls her mother had gotten for her. The rain outside was heavy, and thunder and lightning struck so hard the little girl was so afraid. Bryna, her mother, covered her daughter's ears. The fatherless child had lived with her so peacefully for five years. The huntress recalled the wretched day her husband had left her while Luna slept peacefully in her room. Luna was too young to know anything, then. It was raining just as heavily…

"I can't!" Leon cried. "I just can't do this! I can't take care of her! What kind of life could I offer her? I'm going away. Don't bother looking for me."

"Leon, you can't leave now!" Bryna screamed. "What about Luna? What about her future?"

"To hels with her future!" Leon spat. "Who cares if she lives or dies? Who cares if she succeeds or fails in life?"

"I do!" Bryna replied with tears in her eyes. "She's our daughter! You can't just walk out on her!"

"I can, and I will!" Leon screamed and burst the front door open. Bryna was dragged out to the front yard, screaming for him to stop. Luna, in her room, started crying loudly. Leon turned around, furious, and slapped her hard. She fell onto the muddy ground, sobbing. The rain fell continuously and heavily…

Bryna was awoken from her daydream when Luna tugged against her sleeve.

"Mama!" Luna cried, while pointing to the front door. "There's someone at the door!"

Bryna placed her daughter on the chair. The knocking on the door did not cease, so Bryna had no choice but to open it. Standing on the other side was a blacksmith, an axe hanging on his back. A deep, tenor voice spoke.

"Long time no see, Bryna," he said. "May I come in?"

The huntress did not move or step aside.

"Leon. State your business," she replied sternly. "And leave."

"I'm here on urgent matters," he said again. "I don't have time for silly questions or any of your petty games. It's concerning Luna, our daughter…"

"My daughter, you mean," Bryna hissed. "What do you want with her?"

"May I come in first?" he asked again, this time politely. "It's hard to talk like this." He gestured to the wind and the heavy rain. Reluctantly, she took a step back. The blacksmith entered the house and looked around. He spotted Luna, sitting on a chair, staring at him, obviously frightened. He made his way toward the small girl, but was stopped when Bryna stood in front of her protectively, holding up her crossbow with an arrow cocked in it.

"Not another step," she threatened. "Or this will go right through you."

The little girl behind her whimpered, and peeped from behind her mother's skirt. Leon held up his hands in defeat. There was no way this woman would miss her shot. She had been awarded first place in a sharp shooting contest, back when they were younger. He decided not to take his chances against this huntress. He took a few steps back, not taking his eyes off Luna.

"Luna," Bryna said. "Up to your room. Your father and I have something to talk about." She spat out the word 'father' to show her ultimate hatred for the man. Luna obediently nodded and ran towards the staircase. However, instead of going up, she sat at the foot of the stairs, peeping at her mother and the man whom Bryna had called her father. Then, the argument started…

"What do you want, Leon?"

"I want to talk about Luna. I have applied Luna for custody, so she can choose whom does she want to live with."

"Custody? She's living fine with me! Much happier than before, when you left us!"

"I didn't know what to do! I couldn't take the responsibility as a father! I was just not ready!"

"You're never ready for anything! You've never tried anything! You've always been afraid of everything and anything!"

"Watch your mouth, woman! I have been through a lot more than you have. I know what's right and what's wrong for Luna!"

"You think everything is wrong for her. What do you plan to do with her anyway? Even if you take her, what would you do? Make her your personal slave? Just like that disgrace to man, Helios Denizen. He treats anyone like his slave! He's got hundreds of girls working for him!"

"No! Tomorrow we'll take her to the court and she will decide whom she'll live with!"

"No, I'm not letting you! She belongs to me now! You left her, you left us! You don't belong here anymore!"

"She is still my daughter! There's no proof that I have left this family. Whatever you have is still mine."

"You have no right to even step through that door. You shouldn't even be here! Don't you have any other girlfriends to run to?"

"I will not leave until I take what's mine."

"Which is? You can take away my house, you can take away my pride, but you can not take my daughter from me!"

"I can, and I will!"

Bryna froze. That was what he had said the last time.

"I can, and I will!" Leon screamed and burst the front door open.

Her eyes welled up with tears. He was serious the last time, why not now. The blacksmith strode toward the staircase before he spotted Luna sitting at the foot of the stairs. The helpless huntress screamed at him to stop. She tugged at his untucked shirt. She pulled against the sleeves of his shirt.

He turned around and backhanded her, leaving her sprawled helplessly on the floor. Without a second thought, Leon whipped out his axe and slammed its sharp edge right through her. Before the axe met with her flesh, she gave a small smile to her daughter. The axe slammed down hard as the bow her mother was holding released the arrow and planted itself in Leon's neck.

Luna, who sat at the foot of the stairs, witnessed the death of her mother. Her little heart was pumping fast as tears started rolling down her rosy cheeks. She made her way over to her mother's side. She looked at the axe, embedded in her mother's side. Plastered on her mother's face was a smile, the one she had given Luna before she died.

Luna watched the sad, empty look in her mother's eyes. Luna would never know how much her mother loved her. She would be left alone in the world, frightened and all alone. Luna, not knowing what to do, sat next to her mother, took her hand, put it round her shoulder, and fell asleep next to her, not caring about the blood splattered on the floor. She was awoken when her neighbors came in through the open door.

The lady rogue sitting at the table, looked down at her apprentice, silently breathing slow and even. Outside, the rain slowly stopped. Holding the boy in a piggyback style, she tossed a few coins on the table and walked out the door. Outside, she was greeted with the sun's rays. She smiled slightly.

After the rain, there's the sun. And to get the sun, you've got to put up with the rain…


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