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Once upon a Time- a standard fairy tale

Once upon a time in a land far away there was a beginning author who was really bored. She suddenly got kicked in the ass by a mallet of inspiration. Thus, she began to use her might author powers to create an alternate universe and shamelessly insert her self into the fanfiction so she can imagine first hand what a typical fairy tale would be like if the Gundam boys were the characters. And our story begins!

Kaylie scampered from tree to tree, careful to stay hidden behind brush and other misc. woodland objects/creatures. She was on a mission. Watch the handsome prince Duo and all his adventures. It had been five whole minutes and so far so good.

Duo walked along a dirt path in the middle of a beautifully poetic Forrest whistling cheerfully. He was on his way to meet his future bride-to-be Hilde and hopefully get some before the wedding. Yes indeed it was a fine day.

Then a shadow lunged from the underbrush, a veritable blur of motion pouncing into the light. Duo quickly and expertly tried to evade. Tried being the operative word. He found himself knocked down by a young girl with brown eyes and reddish brown hair who was chasing a butterfly.

"Hey, you there!" He called to the chick. The girl realized what she'd done and her eyes widened.

"You never saw me," She said firmly and scampered off into the woods.

Duo shook his head and resumed his track. We're going to skip the rest of his trip because the only eventful thing that happened was that Duo was cursed by a Forrest spirit for inadvertently bathing in it's water. Duo will now slowly morph rather humorously into the rare species known as Chibius Duous. (a.k.a. chibi duo) So you see why we can skip that part right? Good.

Duo soon arrived at a simply perfect castle complete with moat and surrounding town. Villagers bustled hastily to and fro getting on with their simple lives. Duo walked up to the guard and demanded passage into the castle. After a very thorough customs check, which robbed Duo of all his pocky, he was admitted and escorted to be presented to the king.

Duo barely had time to clean himself up before he was ushered into a grand throne room that was done up all in pink. Duo shuddered at the pinkness of the place. 'Twas scary. A blonde boy with bright eyes sat serenely on the throne. He had a brown haired adviser standing rigidly to his left.

"Presenting to His Majesty, King Quatre, Duo Maxwell representative of his kingdom and future hubby of Princess Hilde." Rang out a voice. Duo looked in the voice's general direction. It looked suspiciously like the butterfly chasing girl he'd seen earlier. Duo proceeded with long list of formalities that were about as interesting as watching hair dye work. It was all pointless, but it Duo messed up his dad would be pissed. He'd gone through the whole 'You shall represent our county with dignity' speech over and over again until he was sure that Duo would remember every word of it.

Finally the advisor, Treize, leaned to whisper something in Quatre's ear. Quatre nodded and then stood, which signaled the end of the ordeal. Duo sighed. This was going to be hella boring.

Prince Duo was shown to his room by a servant. It was a plush and comfortable looking room. Duo should have been satisfied if it hadn't been bright purple.

"These people have the worst color taste."

********************* Meanwhile...Elsewhere******************

"Damn! I've got to figure out how to get close to Duo with out being suspicious," Thought a very distraught Princess Hilde. How on the colonies was she supposed to get some without getting caught? She sighed as she pondered her problem.

************** Yet another nearby place**************************

"Damn! I've got to figure out how to get close to Duo without being suspicious," Thought a very distraught authoress Kaylie. How on the colonies was she supposed to view the antics of the fairytale Prince without getting caught? She sighed as her pondered her problem.

*************** Hmmm, this can take place in the servants's quarters***********

"Damn! That prince is HOT!," Said a young clumpy-banged servant boy loudly in the middle of dinner. Everyone stared. He sighed as he pondered his predicament.

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