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Epilog: Ten Years Later

Tristan grinned and buried his face in Ana's hair as they lay, spooned together in the early morning hours, listening to the door from their children's room open quietly, and hushed whispers as six pairs of feet padded across the room. He could feel Ana tense in his arms, trying not to laugh, giving away that they were both awake, and not for the first time in the past ten years, thanked the Goddess for all he had.

"Wake him Talia," Magnus whispered to his youngest sister, nudging the six year old forward towards the bed as Ana watched the three of them through her lashes, trying to keep up the appearance of sleep.

The small, black haired, brown eyed girl moved forward slowly and began to whisper. "Daddy, daddy, DADDY!" by the end she was screaming his name causing her two older siblings to groan and cover their faces.

Tristan for the most part did well, groaning to hide the chuckle that was threatening to escape his lips and buried his head farther into Ana's hair. "What?" he mumbled, trying to still sound asleep.

"You promised to take us riding today," she stated, walking forward and shaking the arm that was still wrapped around Ana. "Get up."

"Later," he replied, tightening his grip on Ana, tickling her side slightly, and causing her to finally giggle.

"Mamma, tell him now," Talia pouted, now tapping her mothers cheeks with the palms of her hands to wake Roxana.

"Come Tristan, you know you can deny your baby nothing," Ana murmured with a grin, turning and poking him in the shoulder, gazing into his eyes.

"Wench," he mumbled, a grin on his own face as he kissed her deeply, earning disgusted sounds from the three children.

"Ugh, no one needs see that!" Magnus groaned, covering his face with his hands while Alethea covered Talia's eyes, turning her own head away.

"Dirty," she breathed, finding new fascination with the wall.

"Enough," Tristan said firmly rising and pulling on his shirt quickly, having rose a few minutes before they entered to retrieve his pants. Roxana sat up and leaned over, pinching his ass while he leaned forward to grab his boots. He turned to her and raised an eyebrow, a promise to get her back for her actions later in his eyes. "Have you woke your Uncles yet?" he asked his children, who had climbed up on the bed, as the girls, including their mother, ganged up on Magnus, tickling him mercilessly.

"No father," he laughed as they continued to tickle him. "The others are waking them." Suddenly Talia stopped and leaned forward, whispering into her mothers' ear who nodded and looked to her two other children. A silent conversation passed between them in a way that Tristan would never understand, before they descended on him, pulling him down onto the bed and tickling him as well.

"Enough, enough!" he laughed as they continued to attack. "Or we will not go!" he tried to sound threatening, but it was a hard thing to do considering he was laughing so hard. It never ceased to amaze him how very few others would dare even approach him, let alone attack him, since his reputation as a cold blooded killer had survived all these years, but his family could have him in stitches in the floor in a matter of minutes.

"Alright, alright," Ana giggled slightly. "Lets let Daddy up. I am looking forward to the peace today while you are all away," she smiled and they released their father who sat up, straightening his cloths before winking at his children, turning the tides as they attacked Roxana, their laughter echoing down the hall.


Sometimes I don't understand how it all came to be this way. Like now for instance, as I watch my husband ride out of here, our three children near his side, I cannot help but wonder how I deserved them, and the large family we have earned by staying in Britain.

I used to curse the Romans every day I woke for taking my husband from me. For forcing him into service, and making him kill for the better part of fifteen years. For giving men like Marius power and money, and for the pain I suffered due to Cornell. Pain that would have never happened had Tristan been allowed to stay with me. For the death of the child that had yet to leave my womb. Now, I see it as one of the best things that could have happened to us. Without it, I do not think we would be as happy as we are now.

As I watch the men ride off, a heard of children following after them, all of those belonging to one of them or the other, the other wives by my side, I cannot begin to comprehend how much has happened these past ten years.

Lancelot and Brenna for one, the change there was dramatic. After the birth of their first daughter, Hope, Lancelot was almost a completely different person, doting on his wife and daughter, and fiercely protective of both. Even Brenna softened, and by the time Serenity, Patience and Charity had arrived, they were the most loving couple and now family that any of us had seen. That is not to say they do not still have their scrapes, especially when it comes over the girls finding men, it won't be long now for Hope, the boys already watch her as she passes, blessed with a mixture of both her father and mothers dark good looks; a few more years at best. And they still both have that fiery passion about them, which has made many of us wonder how they have made it this long without killing one another, but they seem happy and content and have never looked more in love.

I asked Lancelot once if he had wished he had a son and he merely grinned back at me and answered. "Serves me right, the ladies man with four daughters," then he sighed and became very serious and replied that he wouldn't trade his daughters for all the world and I know that Brenna feels the same. All four of their daughters have their parents' dark hair and eyes, as well as their wit and strength. They make me proud to be their aunt every day.

Dagonet and Eirwen welcomed Sean not long after Hope was born and two years later, little Flora came along. Both children look up a great deal to their big brother Lucan, who still watches them like a hawk. He wed one of the local girls about four moons back and the two of them couldn't be happier. It is our latest jest, asking Eirwen when she will be a grandmother. She is blessed though, as all three of her children earned her and her husbands kindness. The fort is blessed for that as well.

Sybil and Gawain were only given one child three years after they were wed. The trauma from the birth left her barren, but they were both content with their son Jonas, although I can still see the pain in my sisters' eyes from time to time as she watches the children run about the fort. Gawain often teases however that he needed no more children as Bors had enough for them all. Jonas is a brave little boy, with his fathers' blonde hair and his mothers' dark eyes as well as a kind, patient nature.

Bors and Vanora only had one more child, only three days after Sean was born, when an infection left her barren as well. After Merlin told her the news, she threw the biggest party the fort had ever seen. They started naming their children finally and the eldest three have been married off. Bors, being the old softie he is, cried at each ceremony, although he swears it was only dirt in his eyes.

Jols and Afon have six children now. Three boys and three girls. I love to watch him chase them about the fort. They often help him in the stables and they serve to lighten their fathers' workload as well as his heart.

Gabrielle died three winters ago of fever, leaving Galahad and their three-year-old daughter, Megan. For the longest time we thought he would follow her and Sybil lost her husband for three months while Gawain tried to pull his brother through. In the end it had been little Meg, asking her father when her heart would die too so she could join them that pulled him from his depression. From then on he has doted on the girl, making her his entire world. His wife's death has forever changed him however, making him older, even beyond his years perhaps and it is very apparent to anyone who knew him before. For some time Bors and Lance tried to find him a new woman to help ease his grief. They stopped when I asked them if they could so easily love again had it been their wives. He still takes Meg to see his wife everyday at the grave, and I think that helps him to deal. And as he finds his friendship with Gawain, she seeks hers with Jonas. There is talk that by the time they are ready to wed, Galahad and Gawain will be made family officially.

After four years of trying and all but giving up hope, Arthur and Guinevere's son Bogdan was born. His name means gift of God and rightly so, as that was exactly what he turned out to be. His younger sister Zora followed two years later and is the prim and proper warrior princess, with her fathers wish for peace and her mothers temper. Baby Remus has just turned two and is curious of everything, and Guinevere is forever having to chase him about the fort. Our King counts his blessing s daily and there could be no better mother than Guinevere has been to her children. And for that, we are all certain that Bogdan will one day make as great a king as his father.

As for Tristan and I, we thought the twins were the end of our little family. So you can rightly imagine our surprise when Talia came four years later. Time it seems, and three active children, have changed us. Our hair has grayed and Tristan has little wrinkles about his eyes, but we are truly blessed. And as in love as we ever could be.

The children get bigger everyday and they can have entire conversations without words. Alethea and Magnus are the best at this, but Talia has caught on and sometimes they let me take part. Magnus has become as silent and deadly as his father was at that age, and already earned his first tattoo. It was when a band of Saxons attacked two years ago, and I could not have been prouder when Tristan placed it on his cheek. I am sure one day he will be just as formidable on the battlefield as his father is.

As for Alethea, if it were not for the fact that I carried her in my own womb for eight moons, I would think she was not our daughter. She is quiet true, and a skilled fighter, and patient as her father, but a natural healer as well, and peacemaker and she seems to have a bond with nature similar to Merlin's. Sybil says she will one day be a great priestess to which my daughter will smile knowingly. I sometimes wonder if she has vision as well but do not ask. All girls must have their secrets.

As for my Talia, she is a force of nature and every bit her mothers daughter, and her fathers princess. She already keeps the other children on their toes and has befriended Bors Eleven, which worries Tristan. She is very much his baby although, truth be told, he spoils all three of them equally.

As for the knights, and sad to say, their women as well, we are all aging. Most of us are over forty summers and soon it will be our children out, fighting battles against attacking forces who dare threaten Arthur's dreams of piece.

May the Goddess have mercy on Arthur's enemies.


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