The floor was cold as X and Zero was pushed to the floor. Both sat up slowly looking about. X looked over at an unconscious Megaman, Protoman, Roll, Bass, Dr. Light, and Dr Wily were also shoved to the floor. X felt quitly his friends were in trouble and there was nothing he could do about it. X and Zero looked up at Sigma who stood next to them his face very pale. Vile walk toward what was a large bed covered by a huge slightly see-through curtain which was blowing in the wind that was coming through a huge open window. They could barely make out the figure of a woman smoking a cigarette.

Vile approached the bed slowly and cautiously as if he was slightly afraid of something there. She was hidden in the dark but X and Zero both saw her head turn in Vile's direction. Vile bent on one knee and bowed his head. She continued to smoke her cigarette and sit quietly on the bed. A small groan made every one look towards the unconscious ones they were all waking up but Roll was the one who had let out the groan of pain. The girl took a long drag before letting out a deep breath. Everyone looked at the woman. Vile brought his head up. She took and another drag and when she let out a breath she said

"What is it you want Vile?"

Her voice was low but it struck something in the back of both X and Zero's mind as if they had heard this voice before. Vile looked at Sigma who stood stone still. Vile stood and approached her

"I need you to do some thing for me."

"Payment?" she said turning away still smoking.

"You know those will kill you."

It was Roll who was now fully awake but still lying on the floor she couldn't seem to get up. The woman said nothing. Vile reached into the curtain and started to take the cigarette from her. She yanked away hissing at him.

"You know she's right so give it up." Vile said.

Sigma coughed into his hand as if impatient.

"Leave Sigma find Carrie she's probably waiting for you. Vile and I will continued our business and before you leave unlock the cuffs from our "guests" please." She said.

Sigma did as he was told. X, Zero and the others found themselves able to stand. Bass reached for the door.

"I wouldn't do that." The woman said.

Bass just gave her a hateful look and grabbed the door only to find a 1000 voltage run through his body and was thrown back against a wall.

"BASS!" cried out Roll as she dashed to his side. "Bass are you okay? Answer me!"

"He'll be fine." Vile said

"Dammit, what the fuck was that!"

"Bass watch you fucking language." said Dr. Wily. The woman just laughed.

"You think that's fucking funny bitch! I'll show you funny!"

"Bass! NO!"

Roll cried as Bass jumped up and tore the curtain open. Every one but Vile gasped at as the woman's face was raveled.

"It can't be."

X said taking a step back. Her face was torn on the area of her right eye revealing a scar that sunk in. The rest of her face appeared perfectly ageless. But it was unmistakable who she was.