(Right! I started writing a fic a while back called birth into darkness and never got round to finishing it. Just lately I've received a few reviews asking me to finish it, so I went back and read through it again and some of it was so badly written. So I have started again and here is the result :) )

Birth into Darkness

Minerva McGonagall stood in front of her full length mirror. Her shoulders were slumped and her cheeks stiff with dried tears, she hated what she saw in that mirror. For years she had been in love with Albus Dumbledore yet not once had he looked at her as more then a friend, not once had he looked at her as if she was a woman. Not that she could blame him. She had worked with him for many years and had naturally noticed the woman he preferred.

All of them were slim but with enough to grip and grope at. All had large breast and wide hips and most happened to be brunettes. Minerva was almost the total opposite. Her hair was pitch black, her hips nothing more then a sliver she was naturally small breasted and so skinny that if she looked hard enough she could make out her bottom two ribs.

Albus would never look at her in the way she wanted him too no man would.

Except… one man had been in love with her. But she had been so confused by what he was by his twisted feelings that she had soon fled. But he had loved her… so much that he had been willing to spend the rest of his eternal life waiting for her. Albus didn't want her and never would. Leonard Four did… perhaps it was time to pay the vampire a visit.