Chapter 3

Freedom, the exquisite taste of mortal's happiness and fears carried through the wind. The soft mutters of longing and anger that vibrated through the ground. The smell, that smell! The stench of life, death, suffering and love. It had been more then five years since he had smelt and tasted such freedom. Life or death rather was wonderful! Minerva McGonagall a most beautiful and strong woman was currently curled up in his bed and if she was to awake the first thing on her mind would be him. Perhaps she would even become worried that she could not find him. The thought of Minerva worrying about where he was sent shivers up and down his spine. Deciding to hurry Leonard quickly chose the ageing man walking slowly across the opposite side of the street. He was polluted with a fatal disease one that would kill him before the
doctors could realize what it was that was wrong. At least this way would be quicker. Stalking the ageing man was easy he didn't move particularly quick, not that a mortals quick was anything compared to a vampires but Leonard preferred not to have to move faster then a brisk walk. The dark alley way he cornered him in was perfect for a perfect place to feed.

"Good evening." Leonard greeted the old man softly, his charm instantly kicking in.

"Out of my way!" The old man answered grumpily, he was tired perhaps slightly drunk. Just one look into the mans mind told the young vampire all he needed to know.
"Oh Frank there is no need to be so rude." Leonard continued as he closed the distance between himself and the man.
"How do you..." The man trailed of; a vampire's beauty is totally unearthly no matter what sex or kind they were.
"That does not matter." Leonard whispered softly as he closed the distance between them and started to whisper into his ear. Leonard could never understand why he felt such compassion towards the lowly mortals. He would miss the innocence and mortality of his Minerva when he changed her but it was a sacrifice that must be made. Feeding that night was easy, the old man was satisfying and the look of sheer pleasure that filled his face before he passed onto the undying mortal paradise was enough to ease Leonard's guilt.
He often wondered what it felt like to die and not be reborn in the arms of a vampire. Sadly it was not a feeling he would ever feel now. He wanted Minerva, his secrets needed to be unloaded he needed to take her. Dumbledore was looking for her and naturally he would find her, but she would be changed before that happened Leonard would make sure of it.