Rearing Dragon, shape-shifting beast

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P.S. It takes place in Armada.


I jerked in surprise. "How many times are you going to call me by my role-playing character name, David?" I asked him as a group of kids looked our way, curious at my brother and me. I was on my way to sixth period when my brother called me back so he could catch up with me. I smiled to them and continued walking to science. David caught up with me and followed me. We are both twins, so we are the same age, and our parents told the principle to allow us to be in the same classes together; for fear that one of us might not be able to get back home. Man, our parents are so overprotective! It's like they still see us as little kids that still can't reach the cookie jar on the counter!

"Sorry Flare, I just think you sound a lot cooler with that name instead of Flare." he apologized, smiling a grin with unusually pointy teeth. He likes to try doing a little humor from time to time.

"It's alright. Let's just get to class, or Mr. Simon will give us extra homework like he did to Billy and Fred." I replied as we hurried to class.

Science wasn't all that bad…unless you count the fact that the whole class fell asleep. Mr. Simon was always one to make everyone fall asleep. David and I rushed out of school with our skate-boards and went to the skate park. Even though David is good at skate-boarding, I made up my own moves and every time he tried doing them he always found himself on his rear end.

"Ouch." he said after trying one of my easiest moves, but he fell down anyway. Before I could go and help him up, a kid with blonde hair and a strange looking bike that wasn't in any store I've been in, came up and helped him up. "You okay?" he asked my brother.

"Yeah. Who are you?" David asked.

"My name is Rad," Rad replied, two more kids coming up behind him. There was also a yellow sports car waiting outside the gates, honking the horn. "We better get going."

We watched them go to the sports car, get in, and drive off. Suddenly I felt a tug on my ear. I turned to see a delivery pixie holding out a clip-board. "Sign here, please." he said. My brother and I signed it and received the letter from him, and he flew away. We went into an ally and opened the letter. Out came some powdered dust, but instead of falling to the ground the powder stayed in the air and showed our Grandpa, and he wasn't looking pleased.

"G'reth, Grithal! What are you doing? Get to the shop now! The time for dragon training is now!" he said angrily, before his image faded away in the wind.

We flinched at that. You see, I lied about my name being Flare. And David's real name is Grithal. What our Grandpa meant was to get to the shop so we can learn to master our secret powers. Well, enough about that. You'll find out later.

So we left the park reluctantly and headed to our Grandpa's Antique Shop. We arrived to find no-one there. We only found a note saying to report to the mountains instead, because there were too many people that would see us using our powers.

We looked at each other and headed out again.

As soon as we arrived our Grandpa was standing there with a cat. And the cat stood on two legs and walked over to us. "It's about time you guys came!" she exclaimed at us. "We've been waiting for a while now. Let's get on with the training!"

Before we could do anything there was an explosion that shook the ground beneath our feet. We looked around wildly, but we couldn't see anything. There was a sudden flash of light further up the mountains. "Eye of the Dragon." my brother and I murmured under our breath. Our eyes suddenly changed into red eyes and we saw further than any human could without binoculars.

We couldn't believe our eyes…there were giant robots fighting. About 15 robots about 30 or 40 ft high! We gasped in surprise. We looked at grandpa to see what he wanted us to do. He just motioned us to go. We were about to use our powers when he motioned no. So we just grabbed our skate-boards and went in the direction of the fight. It took us a long time to get there, but the robots were still fighting.

"Wait…what happened to the robot that had helicopter blades?" I mused aloud to my brother as we stopped. A sudden shadow fell over us and when we turned around, that robot I mentioned was there. "Speak of the Devil." my brother whispered to me.

We screamed as he reached down and we took off like a couple of sprinters at a track field. The robot pursued us with giant strides and he caught up with us. Again he reached down and snagged me around my waist and lifted me off the ground. He took off to one of the robots with horns and stopped in front of him.

"G'RETH!" my brother shouted. "G'reth, dragon up!" he ordered me.

Just as I was about to be handed to horn-head I shouted, "Dragon UP!" and I suddenly burst into flames in front of all the robots looking my way. They gasped and blender-butt screamed in pain as the flames burned his hand and he let go. A pair of wings, claws, teeth, a tail, everything that a dragon has replaced my body parts. I became an ocean blue dragon with curved horns that were like a mountain goats.

Just as I fell I opened my wings and flapped them once to get into the air and fly. I swooped around propeller-butt's head and breathed blue flames in his face. He screamed even louder than before and I took that as my cue to get my brother and motor out of there. I swooped again and landed and took off as soon as my brother was seated properly.

To be continued...

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