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Megatron: (is covered in teeth and claw marks from ferret) You do know that I'm going to get you for what you did to me, right?

Me: Yeah, that's why I've got a barricade and other things necessary to keep me safe from you. (is seen behind said barricade)

Megatron: (rolls optics) You think that is going to stop me? (walks forward)

Me: Did I mention that there are hoards of ferrets and creatures that I made up that will attack as soon as they sense any Decepticon nearby?

Megatron: (optics are wide as he sees said creatures) No. I believe that you left that part out. (runs away screaming as some of the creatures start chasing him)

Me: Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter! There are going to be a few familiar characters! ;3

Chapter 9:

Flare's POV:

I watched from my cage in a strange room while my brother was on the other side in his own cage as Sideways leaned against the wall, keeping an eye on us. Cables were attached to our cages and seemed to be draining our energy slowly, making us sluggish and clouding our minds with confused thoughts.

"It's nearly time," Sideways said as he watched our energy travel through the cables. "Soon you'll be able to give Unicron more power than even Primus has."

I growled slowly as I watched my brother slump against the cage, his eyes dropping in exhaustion as his energy left him more quickly than mine. "You're making a mistake," I said softly, pressing my snout against the cage as if trying to transfer some energy to him.

"No one is making any mistake," Sideways said as he appeared in front of my cage. "You two are just fulfilling the destiny that Primus set for you."

My eyes widened as I backed away from Sideways and asked, "What are you talking about? What destiny?"

Sideways leered at me as he said, "Primus had planned on you and your brother to keep the peace in the universe. If something ever happened to either of you, then the order of balance would be thrown off balance, therefore everyone will be doomed to an eternity of chaos and destruction."

I tried to keep away from the former Decepticon, but my cage was too small, so the further I wanted to be away from him, the closer he was.

Sideways them straightened up with an unnatural gleam in his optics as he said, "It's time."

A terrible chill of fear washed over me as I lost consciousness.

/Space: The Autobot spaceship/

Optimus looked out into space as he thought about the twins and everything that had happened to them. 'They've been through so much. Much more than I can imagine,' he thought. They needed a real family.

Optimus' optics flashed in a blink. Where did that come from? They had a real family back on Earth. Why would they need a real family if they already had one?

"Optimus?" came a small voice next to him. He looked down to see the kids and the Mini-cons standing there with worried eyes. "Are Flare and David going to be alright?"

Optimus smiled softly under his face-plate as he knelt down to be close to their level. "I'm not sure, but we'll try our best to get them back. No matter the cost," he said gently.

"Don't worry," came a new voice as someone stepped out of the hallway. "We will get them back if me and Haley have anything to say about it."

Optimus looked at the young man that stood there with a girl around sixteen years old standing next to him. "Thank you Jake. I'm glad that you came when you did," he said.

Jake just shrugged as he stepped forward. "It's our job to protect other magical creatures," he replied softly.

Optimus nodded in understanding as he looked back up at the window into the vastness of space. 'I hope that we aren't too late,' he thought slowly.

/David's POV/

I don't know how long I had been out, I just know that I woke up to find myself with wires attached to my body to keep me from moving. Not that I would be able to move any part of my body anyway. The only thing I could move was my head to look around.

My sister was in the same position as I was in, only there were more wires holding her down. She didn't look too good at all. Her ocean blue scales were now a pale blue, her wings were nearly tattered beyond repair, her goat-like horns had been filed down to stumps as well as her claws, and her tail was as limp as a dead snake. She looked absolutely terrible in that state.

I moved my head to look at myself and saw that I was in the same condition, only my wings were still in one piece and my scales were slightly brighter than my sister's at the moment and my claws still had a point to them. I couldn't see my horns, but I knew that they were filed down as well.

Turning my head back to look at my sister, I nearly screamed out in shock as I saw her condition got worse. Her scales were turning a pale white, making her look more like the skeleton of a dragon rather than the actual dragon herself.

"It's amazing how quickly her energy is fading to give Unicron the power that he needs," I heard Sideways say from somewhere behind me.

"Leave my sister alone!" I growled as I tried to move my body. The wires just tightened around me to keep my body from moving as far as a twitch.

"Don't worry, she'll still be alive," Sideways sneered. "She'll just be in stasis until she has served her purpose as well as you have."

I only growled as I tried harder to escape and get to my sister, my strength being sapped away the more I struggled.


"What the-?" Sideways exclaimed as the room started to shake. "Well, well. It seems that the Autobots have come to rescue you two. How touching," Sideways said in a fake touched tone of voice. "Pathetic."

I couldn't move my body anymore now that my strength has been sapped, so all I could do was watch as my sister's condition got worse the more her energy was sapped. 'Hang on, Flare,' I thought softly. 'The Autobots will help us out. I promise.'

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