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It was just another day of national disasters in Japan. Once again, a giant monster was trashing the cities and the military thought they could take it down. Today the monster was a giant, two-eyed, one horned, walking, purple people eater. UN ships, like flies, screamed by firing missiles and other ordinance, but nothing seemed to phase it at all. The creature continued its path, ignoring the pathetic assaults, and focused all its will on one city, just one. That city was Tokyo-3.

"Hello?" said Sachiel as he answered the telephone. He was at his teacher's house, the place he had been living at for three years now. He had been here ever since he became disgusted with his father and ran away, but now he had to go back. "Okay. Just send someone here. I'll come." He was going to his father's organization: SEELE. As Sachiel sat around waiting for transport, he felt tremors. Ones worse than any earthquake.

The monster had reached its target. It began plodding to the center of the city, as if drawn to something.

A car pulled up and inside it was a woman. At least, that's what some would call her. Others, in a different but parallel, world would call her the 7th Angel. "Hello," said the angel as she stepped out (and hauled out several writhing teenagers without pants on). "You must be Sachiel, right?" She was fairly professional person, and it was obvious she wasn't used to talking casually. "Not much of a talker, huh?"

"…" was all Sachiel tried to say. He hated this.

"Well I'm Israfel! And-" but another tremor cut Israfel off. "Damn. We gotta go. Come on!" She hopped back in her car and Sachiel followed suit.

Meanwhile, the military battle against the monster continued without success. The AT field resisted any means of penetration and the Third Eva continued its path of death. However, there was one last shot of shutting it up.

"What the…" Israfel was taken aback. She was seeing the airships were falling back from the attacker. That would mean…"Oh God, NO! Sachiel, GET DOWN!" She dived down and forced Sachiel to do the same. An explosion erupted from the Third Eva, and explosion that would put a nuclear warhead to shame. The resulting shockwave smashed into Israfel's car, causing it to spin over and over and over again. And despite the blast, the Eva still stood, but at least it seemed stationary now. Israfel seemed a lot more professional all of a sudden. "Those bastards," she grumbled as she tried to upright the car. "Like an N-2 mine would work."

Sachiel just sat there. He was obviously shaken up, but he just sat there.

Eight hours later the Eva was still motionless, and Sachiel and Israfel had finally reached SEELE headquarters. "Here," Israfel said as she tossed the zombie angel a book. "SEELE handbook. Start reading up." She swiped her ID card through a slot and led her companion through.

As the two progressed down an escalator Sachiel actually spoke. "So…am I going to see my father?"

Israfel looked at him for a while before answering. "I'm not-" but she was cut off.

"Hey! Israfel!" shouted another angel that wore a labcoat. She was at the bottom of the stairs, but didn't hesitate to run up to meet them. She was coated in lava, but due to her labcoat, she obviously preferred research to fighting. She looked at Sachiel and smiled, in a comfortable manner unlike Israfel. "So is this the pilot?"

"Yeah, he is. Sachiel, I'd like to introduce to you my friend and head scientist here. Her name is Sandolphon."

"But just what am I piloting?" asked Sachiel.

"The thing to stop the Eva, the Humangelion. Unfortunately, there could be some problems," responded Sandolphon.

"What!" shouted Israfel, "I thought the prototype was fixed!"

"Well, it was, but it isn't combat ready. We have to use the test unit. That's where the problems are. There is only a-" Sandolphon took a deep breath, "0.0000000001 percent chance that someone will be able to sync with it. Not good odds, eh?"

"Sandolphon, the odds really don't matter," corrected Israfel, "considering we don't have much of a choice."

Suddenly warning klaxons blared. The Eva had awoken.

"Damn! Sachiel, follow me!" Sandolphon ran off to were angelkind's last hope of survival rested on this fight's outcome.

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