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It was a cold night. Thunder boomed lightning crashed. In a small apartment in on the rough side of a town that's name has long since been forgotten a young girl at the age of five slowly slipped out of bed. She was seeking the comfort of her parents as the storm raged on. She did not know at the time or comprehend the misfortune that was about to befall her.

She slipped out of her room closing the door quietly. She got down on the floor trying to hide herself. Her parents weren't the only ones in the room. There was another man. Her parents and he were yelling at each other.

"You did what! We had a deal you low life mutts!" The man yelled.

"That's exactly what we did!" her father yelled.

"Please just don't hurt Yumi-chan!" her mother pleaded.

"Hurt her! After what you've done you have no room to plead with me!"

Suddenly the other man pulled out a knife and tried to stab the women in front of him but his knife ended up in the heart of her husband. The Women screamed at the bloody sight. That was her last breathe. The man had pulled the knife out of the dead mans body plunging it into the women's heart.

The man pulled the knife out of her body throwing it on the ground. It stood strait up and suddenly flame the carpet around the knife erupted in flames.

The man walked calmly towards the girl. The girl was frozen in fear her heart boomed, her whole body shaking in fear of a single being. He grabbed the grabbed her by the collar of her night shirt.

"You wretch. Do you know what your parents did to me? Do you! You're going to pay for them."

His free hand was engulfed in flame yet it didn't seem to hurt him. He placed his flaming hand across her face, burning her eyes and the rest of her face. She let out a scream of horror. Then the man flung the girl across the room into the nearest wall.

Then he left her there and walked out as the fire burned. Burning her parent's bodies, burning her home, burning all that she had come to know and love. Soon it would burn her if no one came to save her, and all she could do was cry.

Soon she heard the door fling open. "Damn it. We're too late. Is anyone alive Iris?" said a man.

"I think so. Look Over there." The girl heard a woman say.

The fire crackled and suddenly the girl felt her body being lifted by someone. She could hear his heartbeat.

"At lest now Koenma has something to be happy about." A man said sarcastically. That was the last thing she heard before she started to drift into unconsciousness.

When the girl awoke she found herself in a strange bed. She couldn't see she felt her face and across her eye were bandages.

"Oh don't do that dear," said a woman's voice "The doctor's put those on to help your eyes heal."

"Oh." The girl breathed. Her eyes would never heal and the last images she would ever see would be painful memories. That's when hate and darkness started growing with in her heart.

Chapter 1: The blind dragon girl:

Yusuke walked into Koenma's office late as usual. Everyone was there Hiei, Kuwabara, Kurama and…wait who was that. Over leaning on one of the walls was a girl. She wore a white turtleneck shirt with a black tank top over that a pair black jeans and a pair of sunglasses that were so dark Yusuke couldn't see her eyes behind the lenses.

"Koenma Who the hell is she!" Yusuke exclaimed pointing to the girl.

Yumi's POV:

Their all here now I'm worried about the fire demon though. He's not sending out the friendliest vibes ever.

It's strange I can't see any of my new 'teammates' faces yet I can see there spirit energy in a way. You see spirit energy stays in a sphere close to the person's body depending on the color of the sphere is how you tell how strong they are sort of like an H-R diagram. Red being the weakest (or normal people) and blue being the most powerful. Everyone here is in the blue range. Now all I have to worry about is do they have a couple of brain cells we should be fine.

Normal POV:

"Nice of you to join us Yusuke now we can start going over the mission." Said Koenma obviously.

"That still doesn't tell me who she is!" Yusuke whined.

"We're getting to that, SO SHUT UP AND LISTEN!" Yelled Koenma.

"Now then here's the background on your mission. You see ten years ago there was a serial killer on the loose in the human world. He killed many hanyou who were famous in their own respects. Unfortunately he's back. So far only two of his victims have survived. The latest one is Yuki Hunter. He's the author of Life out of kindergarten. The other is Yumi Niniwa. That Yusuke would be the girl to your right."

Yusuke smirked "So…were just going to interrogate her and then wipe her memory and send her back home?" Yusuke asked.

"That'll happen over my cold, dead, bloody body, partner." Said Yumi in a cold voice.

"What dose she mean 'partner'?" Kurama asked suspiciously.

"She means Kurama that you'll be working with her on the investigation. She's been aware of the spirit world for a long time now and she's been studying this case for years. So whatever she's says goes. Got that?" Koenma asked.

"Hey, why do you where those sunglasses Yumi?" Kuwabara asked.

Yumi scowled as if he had insulted her in someway.

"Because baka, by wearing them I'm doing you a favor." She stated her voice full of harsh anger.

"What do you mean 'favor'?" Kuwabara asked.

"I'm blind and I just kind of stair into space so if I look in your direction I won't freak you out. Now unless you got any other idiotic questions, I've got to talk to Koenma here so, get lost!" Her voice was full of anger and hate that she stored in her heart letting it takes form when ever, it didn't matter who it hurt just as long as it was out.

"And what if we want to stay here?" Asked Yusuke in a rebellious voice.

"Hitomi, Ryu!" Yumi called out and suddenly two dragons appeared by her side.

One was pure white with the exception of her gentle brown eyes, and two brown horns. The other was pure black except for his gleaming white teeth and mischievous brown eyes and the same brown horns as the other.

Both had sleek bodies like the Chinese dragons, and the two shared the same mocking smile of an alligator. Other features that the boys noticed were their sharp claws, razor like teeth, and they also noticed the more delicate side of these creatures, the way they were always in motion, not a very energetic movement but slow and graceful. (If anyone has seen Haku in dragon form in spirited away they kind of look like him with a few differences.)

"Please show our partner's to the door." she said in an evil tone of voice.

The two dragons shot forward after Yusuke and Kuwabara baring there teeth yet stopping inches from the two and watched with their smiles, and the glints in there eyes showing their amusement. Then they did the same thing to Kurama and Hiei but neither flinched at this. They simply turned around and walked into the hall the two dragons gliding in the air after them.

Once everyone with the acceptation Koenma and Yumi were out of the room Yumi pushed herself off the wall she was leaning on and walked over to Koenma's desk. She slammed her hands down on Koenma's desk.

"I do not want to work with the fire demon." She stated her voice commanding.

"Yumi I'm sorry but you're going to have to work with Hiei weather you like it or not."

"I don't trust him. I will not endanger this mission by letting him on this case."

"Yumi, Hiei is a spirit detective and I have trusted him with many important missions."

"Yes but, do notice that on all of those occasions he always had someone with him, keeping him in line and because they were with him it's not like he'd do anything that he could get in serious trouble for. We both know on this mission there will be times where he's by himself and could do whatever he pleased. I don't trust him enough for things like that."

"Well I do trust him Yumi."

"With your life?"

"Well…maybe not with my life but-"

"Forget it we're wasting time. So those pathetic beings you call your spirit detectives can whine about me for a few minutes then we can get on with investigation in the human world."

Yumi headed for the door stepping on loose documents as she went. She pushed the large double doors open looked in the direction that Yusuke and Kuwabara were being cornered by Hitomi (the white dragon) and Ryu (the black dragon).

"Hitomi, Ryu leave the baka alone." She commanded.

The two dragons backed off and faded away. At first most people would think they were seeing things as the two creatures gradually got fainter but soon enough they were gone. Yusuke and Kuwabara hurried into Koenma's office.

Yumi heard Kuwabara mutter. "She's an evil, blind, dragon girl. She's like a taller version of Hiei. I don't like her one bit."

Yumi leaned on a wall next to Kurama and Hiei. There was a bit of tension between the three. So Kurama trying to break it tried to start a friendly conversation.

"So…you seem to have good control over your dragons."

"It's a symbiosis. They feed off my spirit energy and they do what I ask of them. Neither side has control." She said her voice with out emotion. The tension remained.

Finally Yusuke and Kuwabara came out. Complaining obviously they didn't get rid of Yumi.

"Are you quite done wasting time?" Yumi asked in a harsh voice.

The two murmured a small simultaneous "Yes."

"Good let's go before the trail goes cold."

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