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Iris stared at Kuwabara, Kuwabara stared at Iris. It had only been a few minuets sense Yumi had gone off running and the two were staring at each other in a confused daze.

"So who are you again?" Kuwabara asked breaking the silence.

"My name is Iris; I used to be an assistant to a spirit detective much like Botan is now. Your friend Kurama, you realize could be in grave danger. Do you know where he lives?"

"Yeah sure. You think you can keep up with me in that skirt?"

"Yes." Iris said firmly.

"Alright this way."

The two were in front of Kurama's burning house within the next five minuets.

"What the hell happened here?" Kuwabara asked.

"A fire." Kuwabara jumped at the sound of Hiei's voice.

"What the hell are you doing here shorty?"

"Checking out the damages, idiot."

"Now, now there's no reason to argue, is there?" It was Kurama.

"Hey, Kurama how you doin?"

"Well, with the fact I almost got killed in mind, I'm doing quite well. Has anyone seen Yumi? I haven't seen her?"

"She's not here." Iris and Hiei said in unison.

"Hello there, may I ask who are you?" Kurama asked.

"Iris. Your friends not here. She's-"

"-in the cemetery." Hiei finished for her. "That demon's with her we'd better hurry. It's getting dark."

Meanwhile at the cemetery Yumi felt her hands and ankles being tied. Sure she struggled a bit but after a while she just let him tie her up and go along with it. At the very least she could find out what those plans for her were.

"So," Yumi asked casually "Those plans what are they any ways?"

The demon smirked, "its simple really kill two birds with one stone, or in this case hanyous, or is it three isn't that one called Yusuke a hybrid as well?"

Yumi glared, "So in other by kidnapping me you attract the other and kill us all, how lovely."

"Why thank you fair lady, I expect the young heroes shall be here soon enough."

"May I ask what's wrong with hanyou's any way, that you feel the strongest need to kill them all?"

"You fair maiden as a hanyou yourself would find this hard to understand from a refined demon such as my self's point of view. Sense the dawn of time demons have always been superior to those pathetic beings called humans. TThat's why it disgusts me so to see a demon showing any kind of affection towards human, hanyous are but proof that a demon could love a human, my goal is to rid the world of such proof and any demon who sides with the humans."

"hmm…So was that all my parents did to you? Was that the only reason to kill them and left me to suffer in their place?"

"No fair maiden that is not quite true. You see when I fist met your parents I was going to kill them but instead of killing them right there they promised me an item that would double my power yet when I returned I found that the item was none existent and the time that I had spared them was used to warn other hanyous. So in my rage I killed them. Then I attacked you I only left you alive because I knew the spirit detective would be there soon, so I left you to suffer the world blind and without parents. I'm quite amazed that you would damage my plans so much."

There was the sound of a few thuds of human bodies landing from a jump off some thing and the creak of an Iron Gate opening.

"I believe fair lady we have company."

The demon was right Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, and Yusuke had climbed the six foot gate landing on the other side of the locked gate.

"Umm…sorry Iris forgot you and the skirt were there." Said Yusuke.

Iris smiled, "No problem Yusuke it's far easier to pick the gates lock anyways." She pushed the iron gates open.

Iris pulled out a pendulum the source of her powers of location. It looked as thought it was being pulled by an unseen force. Everyone followed her until in the darkness they could make out the two figures. The one on the ground the assumed was Yumi the other was the demon.

"Welcome, welcome young hero's have thou come to save the fair maiden."

"That and put an end to you!" shouted Yusuke. "Spirit gun!"

A blue light shot through the darkness missing the demon stepped aside missing the shot completely. It brushed past Yumi and the tombstone she was leaning against.

"Watch it Yusuke!" Yumi yelled.

"Yes young hero watch it or you'll end up in more trouble then you bartended for."

Suddenly fire erupted from the ground surrounding them the detectives in a ring of fire. Hiei tried jumping over the flames to no avail because the rose with him. The fire started closing in on them.

Yumi couldn't see the event but she realized it wasn't going in her friends favor. Then she felt the presence of two familiar spirits.

"Hitomi," Yumi whispered, "chew the ropes off. Ryu clamp onto his shoulder."

As Hitomi bit off the ropes the demon gave a cry of pain. The flames closing around the detectives diminished. Once Yumi was free, Hitomi clamped her jaws on the demons other shoulder.

Hiei was the first to attack the demon with his sword, followed by the rest of the team injuring him through there own means till he was a bloody mass barley breathing on the ashes that was once grass.

Yumi stepped forward. "Hand me your sword Hiei." She demanded her voice cold void of emotion. Before the fire demon could respond she took it raised it to about where the demon's heart should be but before the sword plunged into the demons flesh a firm hand held her wrist preventing her from killing him.

"Calm down Yumi," It was Iris holding her. "I know that you hate him that you blame me and yourself for all the deaths but it wasn't our fault it was his and if you kill him now you'll be stooping to his level. Do you think your parent's would want that, do you want that Yumi?"

"No." Yumi whispered her eye widening as she tried hard not to cry yet it seemed useless.

Iris gently took the sword from her hands and handed it to Hiei.

"I'll take him to spirit world you guys take her home." Said Iris.

The boys led the numb feeling Yumi to her apartment and sat her on the couch. She didn't respond to anything. She was to lost in thought.

When everyone left and Hiei was almost out the door Yumi spoke up "Hiei…What's next?" She asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I've accomplished life's goal, I brought him to justice, so now what now?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"I don't know for some reason you seem like the right person to talk to about it."

"Hn. I guess your free to do whatever you want to do, I believe it's what the humans call freedom."


Hiei left Yumi there letting her think.

Yumi's POV

Wow…It's over, I never thought it would be…I never thought what it would be like when it was over…and yet one question plagues my mind…What's next? I reached for Sakura's ball and held it close…I guess that's for time to tell isn't it?