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/blah/ thoughts

"Thank you Hermione, for finally hooking up this bloody computer! Could you have taken any longer?" Harry shouted into the Griffindor common room.

"Harry James Potter! Don't you take that tone with me. I can take it down much faster than I put it up." Hermione yelled back at him, reminding him vaguely of a mother hen chirping at her chicks.

"NO! I'm sorry! You're the bestest person in the whole wide world, I love you Mione," he pleaded with her in mock whining.

/Now, where to go first. I already have an email account, thank you muggle studies. Lets search for the Harry Potter books, I did write them so lets see what the muggles think of them/

He typed the titles into yahoo search engine and came up with a fanfiction site, after determining that fanfiction is just the muggles re-writing their favorite stories to suit their needs he clicked on that site and gave it a browse. He noticed that there seemed to be quite a lot of pairings, not all of them straight either.

"Hey Ron"

"Yeah Harry, what to you want?" Ron shouted back not moving from his comfortable position on one of the common rooms chairs.

"You have got to see this site. They have me paired-up with the strangest people."

Ron grudgingly got up and walked the half meter to where Harry was sitting at the computer, yes he knew what a computer was because he, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George and Harry all took a summer computer course with Professor Snape. "Who all do they have you with Harry?"

"They've put me with Hermione, Ginny, Cho, Luna, You, Draco and practically every boy in the Griffindor house."


"I know Ron, calm down you're scaring the first years." You can see most of the first years cowering in a corner, having already learned that when Ronald Weasley turns that particular shade of red it's better to run and hide then to stay and fight.

Taking many deep breathes Ron was able to revert back to his normal color, "Ok, Plus if you ever dated Ginny, I'd have to kill you. It would be entirely too strange, same for Hermione. We're all one big happy family and dating each other would mean incest which is gross!"

"To true Ron, to true. But what about Draco? Do you think I have a chance with him?"

"WHAT, OF COURSE YOU DO! HE'D BE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU THAT UNGRAETFUL BLOODY BASTERD!" Ron took another minute to regain his composure and started again, "If you like him like that, that is. I think it's fine if you do. The wizarding world is pretty lenient about that because otherwise there would be too much inbreeding, which would lead to more squibs than we have now. If you do like him I think you should give it a go. Hermione was just talking to me about how Draco has been glancing your way. I was actually going to mention it to him at dinner, make sure he wasn't planning anything." With that said Ron walked back the half a meter back to his chair and proceeded to take a nap.

/Ron does have a point; Hermione was mentioning that to me the other day as well. And he hasn't had a girlfriend since Pansy, and lets face it you couldn't really call that dating because nothing was ever rumored to have happened. Maybe I will send him a note to meet me after dinner tonight/ with that settled Harry saved the site to his favorites and logged off the computer, and presumably went to write a note to Draco.

Dear Draco Malfoy,

I would sincerely appreciate it if you would meet me down by the lake after dinner tonight. This is not a prank and I will not harm you, I just wish to speak to you about something.

Thank You,

Harry Potter

/So that's who owns the snowy white owl I've seen flying around Hogwarts. Well it could be interesting to go and meet him. I can defend myself if the need arises and I might even be able to get up the courage to talk to him about going out with me some time. Maybe, if he wants to that is/ Draco mused from the confines of his prefects bedroom in the dungeon. He was getting ready for dinner when the letter arrived and has decided to take some extra time with his wardrobe. Finally settling on a slightly silver tee, with semi-tight black plether

pants. Making it to dinner on time and sitting down in his normal spot.

Dinner in the great hall was uneventful, well to a degree. Some of the Third and Fourth Years though it would be funny to change everybody's hair color. The Griffindors to blue hair, the Slytherins to yellow hair, the Ravenclaws to green hair and the Huffelpuffs to red hair. Most of the teachers were given a grayish color hairstyle; thankfully the pranksters left Professor Snapes hair alone.

After Draco finishes eating dinner, he walks the short distance to the lake and sees Harry pacing by the lakes edge. Walking closer he can hear a mumbling sound coming from him.

"Wonder if he'll show up? I hope so. Dear God I hope so. What will he wear, am I over dressed?" a quick glance down at himself in his black leather pants and a semi-tight emerald green dress shirt, "I don't think so, what if I under dressed! No I should be ok, Mione helped me and she has good taste, right? Yes, she does. Does seem like she has a leather fetish however.."

"Who does, not Ron I hope?" Draco comented, startelling Harry.

"I said She not He, Draco." Harry retorted, after a moment.

"I stand by my previous statement."

"Thank goodness he isn't here to hear you say that, we'd have a good old fashioned brawl on our hands."

"Only if he could catch me. Look Harry, much as I'm enjoying the small-chat here, why did you ask me to meet you here?"

"Well, I was thinking earlier today.."

"And the world didn't end, Wow" Draco teased.

"As I was saying, I was thinking earlier today and I was wondering if, well if maybe you'dwantogooutonadatewithmebecauseIreallylikeyouandwanttogetto

knowyoubettersowouldyoupleasegooutwithme?" Harry asked hurriedly.

"If I heard you correctly, you like me and want to go out on a date with me sometime, like a date date, with dinner and flowers and a movie. Right?"

Harry just nodded his head, to embarssed and afraid to look up at Draco and answer him.

"Then my answer is yes, I would love to go out on a date with you." With that Harry was so overcome with emotion that he jumped on Draco, hugging him tightly and lightly giving him feather like kissed all over his face, which Draco enjoyed emensely. They proceeded to turn their playful kissing into full on snoging and it was getting pretty heavy when they broke apart for air.

"What are we going to tell people Harry?"

"Nothing to nobody we don't want to. I'll have to talk to Mione and Ron and you can talk to your friends, but other than those people I don't want anybody to know anything because my personal life is PERSONAL and I get so sick of everyone thinking they can just ask whatever they want because I'm the Boy Who Lived and they think they have a right to know, when they don't." pausing to breath and see what Draco had to say Harry stopped ranting.

"I agree with you whole heartedly Harry."

With that decided upon they walked back to Hogwarts. Harry sent a magical message to Hermione and Ron asking them to meet him and Draco in the Great Hall because they had something to talk to them about. When they arrived Draco started talking before anyone had a chance to say anything.

"Look, I know that I haven't been the nicest person to you, to put it mildly, but I really like Harry and would like to get the chance to make up to you both. I was a product of my up bringing, which is no excuse I know that, but you are both a product of your up bringing as well, you just had better parents than I did. Over the last few years I have come to realize that my parents were wrong and being a muggle born or muggle loving wizard doesn't hinder your magical standing or ability. I would also like to appoligize for my behavior and ask that you both give me a second chance so that we may be able to become friends at some point in time."

"Ok Draco, may I call you Draco," seeing his head nod in the afermitive Hermione continuts, "We'll give you another chance, but if you hurt Harry or any of our other friends you will reap the consequences, mark my words."

The conversation goes on for a while, nothing of importance was said and eventually they drifted off to bed, plans made to spend time together tomorrow.

A Few Days Later, Everyone Has Become Friends (because I said so and I don't care if it doesn't make logical sense its my story and I will write it the way I want to)

Draco walks up to the Griffindor common room, gaining axcess from Ron and looks around until he finds Harry. Seeing him sitting in front of the computer he walks behind him and casually leans on his shoulders.

"Hey love, what cha doing?"

"Looking at some of the stories on why did you need something?"

"No. Just curisous."

"They have some pretty interesting stories about you and me on here Hun, want to try some of them out?"

"I'm game when ever you are."

And the two lovebirds walk down to the dungon, hand in hand, almost skipping really.

The End!

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