Title: What if Fred found I own nothing to do with Harry Potter of I just own the plot line.

Note:This is the second part of the Weasley Twins finding Hope you enjoy. Ok so I lied, two chapters in 1 day. It's a new record.

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Later That Week, Fred Re-Takes the Computer!

Fred was finally able to get back into the computer, all the students went on a Hogsmede trip leaving him alone and without the worry of being caught hanging over his head. He logged on and went straight to see, done that prank. That one too. Well, that's bloody ridiculous if you ask me. Well, well, well, that looks like a doozy. Might have to give it a try./ He thought after the search engine brought up: Weasley Twins Pranks. He continued browsing around, stopping occasionally to read a more interesting story. After a couple of hours he logged off and being planning his new found prank.

"Hey Harry, do you have any construction paper?"

"I think so. Why?" Harry responded, with a slight hesitation in his manner, after all the Weasley twins were not to be trusted when asking for something.

"Muggle Studies project."

"Sure let me go grab it from my trunk," after a short while Harry returned and gave Fred the paper.

"Hey Hermione, you got any balloons?"


"Muggle Studies project."

"Actually I don't, but I believe there are some in the common room cupboard. Check there."

"Thanks Mione."

/Now that I have the Balloons, Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue and my wand I can begin/ and with that final thought Fred started working on his prank.

The next morning at breakfast

The Great Hall was packed. Students were just waking up and beginning their day with breakfast. The morning owls had already flown in and the students were talking amongst themselves.

"POP!" a loud popping sound was heard and dozens of balloons began appearing. Red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, white, and pink ones hovered above the students heads, one balloon per student.

"Bang!" the balloons exploded spraying the students with color matching confetti. At first nothing happened, but with in a few minutes you could see the students beginning to change color. Their entire bodies changing to match the color of their correspondent balloon/confetti.

"WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS?" Professor Snape yelled following his hot tempered red color, "I DEMAND TO KNOW AT ONCE!"

"My dear Severus, do stop shouting. Cbhaacnkge" A green Doumbledore calmly stated. But when nothing happened after uttering the change back spell he began to chuckle, "Students, I think that we are stuck like this until the spell wears off. Please proceed to your morning classes, I am sure that the spell will wear off by tomorrow."

The students, giggling madly and laughing loudly, left the Great Hall and worked their way to their morning classes. Only three students hesitated, glancing at Fred as they walked out.

Later that night, in the Griffindor common room

"Fred can we talk to you for a minute?" Hermione asked, gesturing towards Harry and George.

"Why certainly, lead the way," Fred replied and followed them to a secluded spot in the common room.

"Were you RESPONSIBLE for the prank this morning?"

"Way to subtlety lead into the question Hermione."

"Well I want answers, why beat around the bush Harry?"

"Well brother dear, are you going to answer or just stand there watching Hermione and Harry bicker amongst themselves?"

"I guess that's for me to know and you to guess," with that final statement said Fred sauntered away, twinkling in a Doumbledore type fashion.

The End

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